Friday, April 16, 2010

Protest BC Liberal government cuts to Vancouver kids and schools - Sunday April 18 2 pm - John Oliver Secondary School

Please come out and oppose devastating provincial government funding cuts that will force the Vancouver Board of Education to slash its budget by $18.2 million.

This will mean program closures, the termination of hundreds of teachers and support staff and eventually school closures.

Go to Stop School Cuts for more information.



Anonymous said...

This is a sad sack item. Wasn't it the NDP that did the same thing to Vcr. School District when they were government?

Why not put the blame on the administration? Surrey is doing fine and has more kids in the system than Vancouver does.

Bill Tieleman said...

What garbage Anon 7:21!!

The Surrey School Board is facing a $12 million deficit - despite enrolment rising by 1,100 students.

The Richmond School Board just announced almost 100 teachers and staff will be terminated to deal with a $6 million deficit.

Langley has a $13.5 million deficit.

Kelowna - $4.7 million deficit.

Get your facts straight - Surrey is NOT "doing fine"!

Anonymous said...

Surrey is doing better than Vancouver is, more students, but lesser deficit. Even though Surrey will have to deal with theirs like every other district.

Saw the news item about the Stop the School cuts.

Seems more of an NDP regional meeting than anything else, with
Shane Simpson, possibly Jim Sinclair and Joy McPhail along with Jenny Kwan being there.

The speech by the female student was a real hoot. Blaming the Olympics for a mess caused by spending too much on administration within the Vancouver School District.

Has the VSB actually trimmed their
administrative costs by a huge amount?

and Bill your NDP governmment had to deal with exactly the same dilemma with the VSB.