Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Basi-Virk pre-trial hearing today - another hearing the publication ban prohibits reporting on it

Today at 10 a.m. in BC Supreme Court there will be another pre-trial hearing in the Basi-Virk/BC Legislature Raid case - it's open to the public and media but no one can print or broadcast anything said there - because of Justice Anne MacKenzie's publication ban.

To make matters worse, I was aware of the hearing because I attended the previous one on March 29, where it was scheduled, but could not report that until now, when the BC Supreme Court website announced the hearing was on.

At that hearing on March 29 I also learned about a possible hearing on April 15 - but couldn't report that.

If I know of other pre-trial hearings from being at the past one or if I learn of new hearings by attending today's session - I am prohibited from reporting that to you, faithful readers, until it's posted on the Court website.

And I can tell you what happened at these hearings until the trial concludes, not begins.

I deeply regret the nature of this publication ban but with the trial starting on May 3 there is little one can do about it.

But I may not even bother going to court - this is a rather frustrating situation.



DPL said...

If no one goes, nobody knows. The Judge sure wrote a tough ban, but hopefully when the case actually gets underway the people interested will be kept up to date. I got a real kick out of Mike DeJong and his" opening up the courts" comments. Maybe sometime later.

Evalynn said...

Welcome to the state of BC. Police state that is. We need to stop complaining about it and start acting before it's too late. DPL is right. Maybe we should all go. Is there any chance that if there is enough public interest demonstrated by hundreds or thousands showing up to watch, that the court could be swayed by public opinion to open up the reporting end?

Gary E said...

Bill, I urge you to keep attending this kangaroo court. You know that if I had the means or lived in Vancouver that I would attend. SOMEONE needs to be there if only to report to us what happened while we couldn't read about.
I can only guess at some of the frustrations your having now that we can't see what's going on. But we need you and Robin and anyone else there to witness what exactly is happening.
In my opinion what is now transpiring is directly related to the delays and manipulations we have withstood for the past 6 years in this case.

Anonymous said...

Another whine fest on this?

No it isn't a Police State, it is the decision of the Judge and people should respect that.

Not a supporter of Basi or Virk, but the judge's decision like or not should be respected.

Besides, Bill will be able to write a book about the trial once
it is over and there's lots to connect the dots to.

The book will be affordable, probably $16.95, including HST.

Bill Tieleman said...

Don't worry about the book Anon 5:19 pm - I've already written it on this blog and not only no HST - it's free! I have no plans to write a book, by the way.

As to another whine - call it what you want - I disagree with the learned judge and others do too. It's a free society - other than to tell you what happened at these hearings for a few months.