Saturday, June 04, 2022

Bill Tieleman announces candidacy for TEAM For A Livable Vancouver City Council nomination

Bill Tieleman says soul of Vancouver is at stake in critical municipal election on October 15 

It's time for a change at Vancouver City Hall and Mayor Kennedy Stewart and this council have to go, Tieleman says

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               Saturday June 4, 2022

VANCOUVER – Communications, strategy and political consultant Bill Tieleman announced today he is seeking nomination as a Vancouver City Council candidate with the TEAM For A Livable Vancouver party, led by Mayoral Candidate Colleen Hardwick.

“Vancouver citizens deserve better and on October 15 they can vote for a new TEAM City Council that will make affordable housing, public safety and city services and livability the priority, led by experienced City Councillor Colleen Hardwick as Mayor,” Tieleman says.

“Despite city tax increases above inflation, public safety is at risk, with four stranger attacks a day in Vancouver – and our streets are crumbling in disrepair – it’s time for a change at City Hall and Mayor Kennedy Stewart and this council has to go,” Tieleman said.

“The soul of Vancouver is literally at stake in this critical election, with the Broadway Plan putting over 1,000 high-rise towers across 500 blocks of our city and demovicting thousands of renters from their affordable low-rise apartments,” he added. 

“The choice for Vancouver voters will be clear – four parties that all support the Broadway Plan’s 500 blocks of rental apartment demolition for replacement with two towers of up to 40-storeys per block – or TEAM For A Livable Vancouver – that stands for ensuring neighbourhoods across the city have a voice that will be heard at City Council.”

“But whether its towers from Clark Drive to Vine Street and from 16th Avenue to False Creek or a 39-story tower at Broadway and Granville or towers at Commercial Drive and East Broadway or 38-storey luxury high-rise towers on the Jericho Lands – one thing is clear about Mayor Kennedy Stewart and his Forward Together party or the NPA, COPE, Green and ABC party City Councillors – they all want enormous towers all over the city – TEAM does not,” Tieleman said.  

“TEAM wants affordable housing for diverse requirements that meets the needs of neighbourhoods. There couldn’t be a clearer choice possible in this election.”                                                                                                   

“Councillor Colleen Hardwick has consistently stood up for Vancouver residents and offered common sense alternatives that have been sadly lacking – so I’m pleased to work hard to see her become Mayor with a TEAM majority on Council for a better city,” he said.

Hardwick welcomed Tieleman’s candidacy for a TEAM nomination, saying he brings experience working with all levels of government, not-for-profit groups, labour unions, businesses and indigenous organizations.

“Bill Tieleman is one of the most respected strategists and communicators in the province and has a wide wealth of experience to bring to City Council – Bill would be a welcome replacement as we face enormous challenges getting Vancouver back on track again,” Hardwick said.

TEAM For A Livable Vancouver will hold its nominating meeting for Council candidates on June 11 at 2 p.m. 

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Bill Tieleman is one of BC’s best-known political strategists and campaigners; running his strategy and communications consulting firm – West Star Communications – since 1998.

Bill is a very successful campaigner – playing leading roles in winning four consecutive BC binding referenda – as president of the opponent group that defeated Proportional Representation in 2018 with a 61% win, following twice defeating pro-rep in 2005 and 2009; and as Strategist for Fight HST, the Harmonized Sales Tax was eliminated in a 2011 binding referendum, after BC’s only successful Citizens Initiative Petition across the province.

Bill served as Communications Director to then-BC NDP Premier Glen Clark in his upset 1996 election victory and also as BC Federation of Labour Communications Director and Assistant to then-President Ken Georgetti.  For over 16 years Bill Tieleman wrote a weekly politics column in 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper, The Tyee online magazine and the Georgia Straight newspaper; he does regular political commentary on television, radio, online and in print.

Bill provides strategy, communications and government relations advice to a wide range of clients, including labour, business, indigenous, environmental and not-for-profit organizations.