Friday, April 23, 2010

The Wine Barbarian's Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival top picks!

Bill drinking Rose in Chateauneuf-du-Pape last summer

To whine or to wine?

Okay - it can't be all politics all the time!

Some of you may and others may not know that in my almost non-existent spare time I am a wine collector and enthusiast.

I also run a wine, food and restaurant blog called The Wine Barbarian that offers advice based on my drinking and eating experiences - it's nowhere near what I'd like it to be but I hope you might find it useful to have a look.

And particularly if you are going to the Vancouver Playhouse's International Wine Festival on Friday or Saturday night - because I went on Thursday night and tasted and tasted and tasted wines in order to give Wine Barbarian readers the fruits of my labour without the after effects

So visit The Wine Barbarian blog for my picks that click - even if you aren't going to the Festival many of the wines there and others on my blog are readily available at your local liquor or wine store.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure it out till this morning when I was looking, once again, at you holding a glass of red wine in your grip, that I realized what was bothering me so much....... its the VAT, you know, not the keg that the wine is held in but the VAT, which is just another name for HST.

From Wikipedia on the subject of VAT:
"Critics point out that it disproportionately raises taxes on middle- and low-income homes."



And then there is "carousel fraud" and maybe this is why BC Business is so much in favour of the HST.

Source for carousel:

Now, of course, we all know that because the BC Liberals have divested themselves from being involved in collecting the PST, which is now embedded in the HST, it will be up to the Federal government to corral all the bad guys who will be in a prime position to rip off the government big time.

Any guesses on whether the Feds will claim that the ripped off monies was the PST portion or the GST portion?