Thursday, April 08, 2010

Blogger problems posting comments

UPDATE - Blogger is working normally now and comments are being published as usual

Thursday I posted this comment and will leave it up, as others indicate they are having problems.

THURSDAY APRIL 8 - Unfortunately Blogger is having some serious problems allowing comments to be posted - I have a number waiting but cannot publish them - hopefully this will be resolved shortly - please be patient.



Bill Tieleman said...

Now seems fixed but has been on and off all day.

The Pundits' Guide said...

Bill, Blogger recently announced they're de-supporting FTP publishing on May 1 due to on-going problems.

This is forcing me to migrate to Wordpress by the end of the month.

I wonder if problems with Blogger comments could signal other service changes coming down the pike?

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to have fun, Bill.

Anonymous said...

I am also finding, comments are disabled on other sites as well. Perhaps the internet is considered media, and, controlled as some newspapers are, so I heard by jungle telegraph. My sons friend said, he must have got too close to the truth, his whole web page vanished.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware, there is a panel of 4, who are examining: The Auditor General, Chief of Electoral Officer, Conflict of Interest Commissioner, the Information and Privacy Commissioner, the Ombudsperson, Police Commissioner, the Rep, for Children and Youth. This panel is supposed to report it to the Speaker, April 15th. Vaughn Palmer has a blog about this. How quiet this has been kept.

Anonymous said...

Bill, are you sure this is a blogger technical problem ? It could be the work of Campbell spies or PABOTS who have secretly infiltrated Blogger just to attack your website from within. Thinking about, it must be part of a vast Gordon Campbell conspiracy against you. First the infidels try to delete your blog and now they are going after the comments section. Have they no decency? Will they stop at nothing in their quest to silence the legendary, most incredible, sharpest political mind ever to grace the face of the earth as we know it? They will stop at nothing.