Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bill Tieleman debates the HST with corporate tax lawyer David Robertson - Friday 7:10 a.m. on CBC Radio AM 690's The Early Edition

I will be debating the HST with corporate tax lawyer David Robertson on CBC Radio's The Early Edition - AM 690 - with host Rick Cluff at 7:10 a.m. Friday - tune in!


Anonymous said...

Considering how pro-Campbell CBC and Rick Cluff have become since the Olympics blew into town you may want to take some real back-up with you.


Anonymous said...

I noted from this morning's program that the Campbellite fart-catcher tax-lawyer would not commit to lowering any of his fees 7% to reflect any savings to him that the HST would generate.

WE ONLY CHEAT WHEN WE CAN'T WIN . . . the motto of the Liberals in BC


Anonymous said...

You did well Bill. A clear win in fact

BC Mary said...


There was a Pre-Trial Conference for Basi, Virk, Basi in BC Supreme Court yesterday (April 15, 2010) at 10:00 AM

and we know this because

it was listed in the official online BCSC calendar.

If you'd like to know what happened (and who wouldn't?), drop in at my place.

I.m.o., it's a shocker.

DPL said...

Front page article in the T/C today says the Zalm had around 300 folks in the ocean Pointe Hotel as he was discussing the hated HST.

Anonymous said...

My SO & I signed the HST petition yesterday... it felt good.

From what I saw the folks behind the desk seemed to be very conscientious and detail orientated; this is good news for when the petitions reach the Elections BC examination phase.

Anonymous said...

Time and again the B.C. Liberal Party state that the HST will be good for business.

While as a business person one sells a product or a service, how does business benefit when the consumer that these businesses rely on has less money to spent?

In fact I believe that this tax will make B.C. Business less competitive.

Last week my wife had a telephone with Revenue Canada representative

Under the current tax system if a B.C. business sells a product or service to an Alberta company only the GST is charged.

However on July 1st Revenue Canada stated that when the HST becomes law any B.C. business selling a product or services to a business in another province will have to charge the 12%,despite the fact the goods are being delivered to another province such as Alberta.

Revenue Canada stated there was no way to separate the two taxes.

This of course puts B.C. business at a disadvantage,
The trade between B.C. and provinces without the HST could be seriously affected as our goods and services are now more expensive.

One final thought I think the planned LIberal mailout to corect HST misinformation will be a foolish move.
Trying to promote the HST using citizens tax dollars will not be kindly looked upon.
The arrogant Liberals better review Canadian political history, remember 1993, Brian Molroney 151 seat majority reduced to two!
Almost 20 years later and people remember the GST.

Anonymous said...

1037. obviously you're not a business person. The Alberta company would get the HST back as an input tax credit, so prices won't be any different. By the way, Alberta has been discussing bringing back PST to their province. Value added tax will be reality sooner or later. The US is reforming their tax system and value added tax is high on the agenda.