Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vancouver-Point Grey anti-HST public meeting - come sign the citizens Initiative petition, hear Sue Hammell MLA, Bill Tieleman speak on HST

Vancouver Point-Grey anti-HST meeting with MLA Sue Hammell & Bill Tieleman from Fight HST - Wednesday April 14 at 7:30 p.m. at St. James Community Centre - 3214 West 10th Avenue at Trutch in Vancouver.

If you haven't yet signed the citizens Initiative petition to stop the Harmonized Sales Tax yet in Vancouver-Point Grey - or if you want to learn more about the negative impact of the HST - come to a special town hall meeting this Wednesday night.

I'll be speaking there and taking questions along with NDP MLA Sue Hammell - Surrey-Green Timbers and registered canvassers from Fight HST will be in attendance to get signature for the petition begun by Fight HST leader and former Premier Bill Vander Zalm.

Here's your chance to tell Gordon Campbell you don't want him to impose the harmful HST on British Columbia - right in his own home riding!

All are welcome - the event has been organized by the Vancouver-Point Grey NDP constituency association.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Bill youre in the lime light and don't be discouraged all the hero's I've known were outcast's before they were hero's,, can't you feel it? SHINE ON BRO IT'S youre time GRASP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crankypants said...

Things are looking up on this initiative and once this is accomplished we can move onto "RECALL IN THE FALL".

We have to show Campbell and Co. that screwed us over too many times and refuse to capitulate any more.

Anonymous said...

So Bill T. honks against the HST in Gordo's riding.

Didn't we go through this last week?

When do we see him out there collecting signatures like the rest of us?

Preaching to the choir isn't going going to win over new believers.

DPL said...

In all campaigns there are those who organize and the others are the foot sloggers, who without them nothing would work. I sort of wonder why someone who claims to be a collector of names doesn't identify him or herself. The NDP Opposition keep bringing in petitions against the HST , at the edn of question period, and mention as well that other petitions are coming around as well. People are fed up and are doing something about it.

Bill Tieleman said...

I have put in my application to take signatures and when it's approved I'll do whatever I can to make it a success - but I am strategist for the Fight HST campaign based on my experience and that's where most of my time is spent.

If you really are a canvasser - and I somehow doubt it - post some information that only a canvasser would have and I'll thank you sincerely for all your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign for Vancouver south?

Anonymous said...

A strategist ??? Oh please you are a spin doctor. At least call a spade a spade Bill.

Anonymous said...

how many from the min of forests will be signing?

the vote is not secret

why not?

why does our constition protect our right to privacy?

DPL said...

Hey Bill
in question period today the opposition was dragging Hanson around the floor. He asked who runs the NDP, maybe Tielman. The guy has a mean mouth and of course everyone else was wrong but him. Even the funeral home folks got it all wrong, plus the strata associations . The speaker finally made him retract the bit about all "the lies on the NDP website". They are getting a bit frazzled. The trained seals thumped as loud and long as possible each time Hanson tried his excuses. Brought back the usual. What is the position on the HST according to the NDP? Wonder who writes his stuff. Their head man was absent.

Anonymous said...

"NDP Beer Tax Will Increase Consumer Costs and Threaten Jobs
The NDP’s new tax on beer, wine and spirits is yet another sign that the NDP is putting their high-tax policies and anti-private sector ideology before jobs and fairness for consumers, said Minister Rich Coleman today.

May 1, 2009"

"A BC Liberal government will maintain the current discount rate for independent liquor stores and will not impose any new taxes on beer, wine or spirits."



Anonymous said...

Bill, please audition for BCNDP Leader - you did well on YouTube for the other side from my team: . Heaven knows Gordon Campbell and Mary Polak and Kevin Falcon need someone who can play at their level.

Damn, you're good.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad hansen reads this blog so now he knows that he's one f#*@ed up dude and political party and by the way hansen the majority hate you campbell the drunk and the rest of your cabal,and all awards handed out by your party to anyone are null and void do you have a gordallion around your wife's neck at night?

Anonymous said...

Might be a good idea for Tieleman to run for leader. Would bring the NDP back to where it was in the 1980's. Hating anything to do with individual or business success, or opportunities, enjoined with Socialist International and of course the labour unions would love a tall verison of a Dave Barrett to call their own.

But one thing Tieleman will have to set as his major platform.

Remove the HST entirely. 100%. No conditions, nothing.

DPL said...

we were over at the hall in James Bay today to sing the petition. (Couldn't go last weeked due to memorial for the Polish leader). well organized and a good crowd a few choice comments about Gordo as we were hanging around outside the building. The No HTS guy Bill T. was on the radio as we were on the way home. Sounded pretty sensible to me.