Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fight HST launch citizens Initiative petition April 6 - former Premier Bill Vander Zalm in Premier Gordon Campbell's riding of Vancouver Point Grey

Lillian and Bill Vander Zalm with Bill Tieleman at September 19, 2009 rally in Vancouver against the Harmonized Sales Tax - never anger the Dutch!

Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm will launch the Fight HST citizens Initiative petition campaign to stop the Harmonized Sales Tax in BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s own riding of Vancouver-Point Grey on Tuesday April 6 at 7:30 p.m. at Kitsilano Secondary School, 2550 West 10th Avenue at Larch Street.

The public rally April 6 marks the beginning of the 90 days Fight HST has to collect the signatures of 10% of registered BC voters in each of the province’s 85 constituencies for the Initiative petition to be accepted by Elections BC, says Fight HST Lead Organizer Chris Delaney.

Vander Zalm says it was important to launch the campaign right in Premier Gordon Campbell’s own riding to send a clear message to the BC Liberal government.

“British Columbians don’t want Premier Campbell’s HST – not even in his own riding,” said Vander Zalm. “If Premier Campbell and the BC Liberal MLAs don’t listen to the people and drop the HST, he and his party are finished.”

Vander Zalm says he is confident British Columbians will make the Initiative a smashing success after drawing huge crowds as he toured across the province over the past two weeks.

“British Columbians are fed up with the HST and fed up with the undemocratic way Premier Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen are imposing a tax after promising they wouldn’t do it,” said Vander Zalm. “This citizens Initiative petition is the people’s chance to tell Premier Gordon Campbell they want him to drop the HST – and demand that he drop it.”

“The HST is the most hated tax ever because it is a cruel tax that takes money out of people’s pockets but doesn’t put a dime into healthcare, education or important services,” said Vander Zalm.

In addition to Vander Zalm, speakers at the rally will include Delaney and FIGHT HST Strategist Bill Tieleman, founder of the NO BC HST Facebook protest group with over 131,000 members.



Anonymous said...

Petitions, the legistlative process, the courts and the ballot box mean nothing to the Campbellite regime.

BC is, like Vichy France was,a reactionary occupied state . . . so anything you or anyone else does along democratic means is an illusionary exercise.

If you want change, you need to get your "petition signers" to march on mass down Granville to the real seat of power in BC . . . the PacPress Tower and the Premier's executive offices at Canada Place.

Unless you are prepared to wage economic warfare on the Campbell Evil Empire you have zero chances of changing anything.

Also, get rid of the idiot the NDP call a leader!


Gantry said...

The GREAT SATAN is on the right track but needs a more defined purpose.

"anything you or anyone else does along democratic means is an illusionary exercise"

Correct but "march on mass down Granville to the real seat of power in BC " ? And then what ? If you're just going to have a typical BC protest then this is also an exercise in futility.

Economic warfare? Absolutely but that may not be enough. The government will not be going anywhere just because we say we don't like them whether with our wallets or our words. Physical resistance will be necessary at some point. How much will depend on how arrogant they get and how angry we get.

As for turfing Ms. James, that accomplishes as much as getting rid of Campbell. Get rid of one scam artist, another will take their place. Get rid of either party and the other is still there to wreak havoc.

Sorry, but the solution must be permanent termination of all that is Liberal, NDP as well as Conservative and (in the near future) Green. Bring on the Communists or the Anarchists. Something, anything is better than what we have now.

Anonymous said...

all we have now is corporate Communism,you need cash to be free no cash no freedom,you don't have cash you depend on the state you work and make a good wadge,the state depends on you to pay more than your fare share, so what your not a corp,people have to start to realize that government is not our rep,it's there to screw us out of what they can for the backroom boy's (the corp) is that plain enough for you ?Government has been her from the start,they are the biggest failures imaginable,who else can run a company with failure as a requirement they make us pump money into start up government entities invest our tax dollars for decades our sweat and the sweat of our forefathers into railroads telephone companies gas companies ferries systems hydro etc. and for what?to give them all away to backroom boyz well I say enough is enough what do you say?GENUINE.

Anonymous said...

The answers to Gantry's questions are simple and direct . . .

Start with these simple actions and prepare to escalate if necessary.

Acquire the list of business donors to the BC Liberals and organize across BC boycotts of the fiscal supporters of the Campbellite Filth.(remember the only God a BC Liberal knows is the dirty-dollar, so wage war on their bank accounts)

Instead of just picketing the offices of the Campbellite MLA fart-catchers 5, 6 or 7 days a week, take the picketing to their homes. (make them feel your pain)

Any time there is an photo-op for Campbellite butt-kissers and their running dog friends in media . . . protest it. (let Bill Bad and Pammy Botox know how you really feel)

Also don't let those fools in the NDP get away with doing nothing, show Carole (Neville Chamberlain) James what you think of her and her dead-weight-president Motor-Mo-Sihota.

But most important once you start, don't stop, don't let go.
Democracy means more than blowing farts into your beer.


QueenOfKings said...

Hold on, did I miss something? I just read a Times Colonist article by Andrew Duffy basically saying the restaurant industry has given up the fight against HST. 5 days before it starts in earnest?

(said Stephen Regan, president and CEO of the Council of Tourism Associations.) "We never officially said we were against [the HST]."
"Regan says tourism is continuing to work quietly "behind the scenes" with the Ministry of Finance..."
"The restaurant industry, which ran a $250,000 campaign against the HST, admits the fight is all but lost."

(said Don Monsour, vice-president of the B.C. Restaurant and Foodservices Association.) "The HST is pretty much a done deal at this point."
"Monsour said they've exhausted all avenues to fight the tax."
"We're still trying to meet with the finance minister to see if there's any mitigation..."

Is it just me or does it sound like some kind of dirty back room deal could be happening? Are either of these guys possibly aiming at a political future?

DPL said...

The Chillliwak nespaper reports the very large crowd that showed up to listen to Bill VanDerzam. I rather doubt that city is a bastion of left leaners.

Anonymous said...

Citizens must understand, our Canadian Constitution is dead and gone. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away. Democracy and Freedom, is null and void. Campbell and Hansen and their lies, deceit and treachery, proves the point, our good country is no more. Decent citizens do not think the same way, as criminals do. Canada is far down the list of, the most corrupt country's, in the world, and falling more every day. Canada is the same as, communist Russia.

Anonymous said...

Community's are setting up an underground and, the barter system. BC, has the highest number of homeless people. That number, has already begun to skyrocket. Campbell and Hansen have taken away, the $75 housing allowance, from the people on welfare. This will put hundreds to live on the street. With no address, they get no checks. This is a smart move of Campbell and Hansen's, they will save a bundle of money for their coffers. Those citizens will have nothing, and they will need to be fed as well. Our system will be up and running by fall. We will be able to feed everyone, within a 100 mile radius year round.glusych

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a bad idea for someone to consider the results of a successful Fight HST campaign.

Here's one possible scenario:
The HST gets struck down, the province goes broke and government employees get no pay cheques.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:27am
There of course is another outcome.

We defeat the HST, but instead of just going broke we default on all the "dirty" Olympic debt Gordo and his Howe Street plutocrats have dumped on us.

We would being doing exactly what CanWest/Global and those putz Winnipeg GR-Asper punks have been doing since 2000.

And what will the banks do, take back Whistler??!!

Wait a minute they already have.

So just go and tell the Vancouver Board of Trade to FUDDLE DUDDLE!