Monday, November 07, 2011

Vancouver Non-Partisan Association council candidate Bill McCreery lives in Richmond!

Non-Partisan Association candidate Bill McCreery wants to be a Vancouver City Councilor - but he actually lives in Richmond!

Richmond's Bill McCreery
That's what McCreery's own nomination papers say.

And what's more, NPA candidate for mayor Suzanne Anton signed McCreery's nomination papers twice!

Again, check the document at line 25 and again at line 29 - same Suzanne Anton, same address and signature.  I guess that's how the "Common Sense Team" works.

McCreery's online NPA biography has lots of information about the candidate - but no mention of his Richmond home address.

Should a Richmond resident represent Vancouver voters?  I think not.

Surely there are enough capable right-wingers in Vancouver to find one more worthy NPA candidate for council. Including one to replace Jason Lamarche, the would-be councilor who set up a rating system online for his ex-girlfriends, including their performance in bed.

Lamarche is one of the only NPA candidates to get any media - but it's all bad.

And surely there are enough citizens willing to nominate a Richmond resident for a Vancouver council spot without Suzanne Anton signing twice.

But apparently not.

And of course McCreery couldn't sign his own nomination papers - because he doesn't live in Vancouver!

There is one change the NPA could make to fix this however.

Change their party name to the Non-Resident Association!



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tieleman,

What a nice bunch these NPA types are. Role models for children. I trust them to run Vancouver City government.

Yours truly, Richard M. Nixon.

DPL said...

Same thing happened over here in the little town of Victoria. A Victoria by election a year ago was won by a woman who lives in Saanich. Political folks should live in the town they want to represent. A number of years ago, the Mayor didn't live here either. His excuse was he owned a business in Victoria.

RonS said...

Actually Bill she signed it three times. Again at line 29. Well nothing like making sure he meets the quota! LOL

Anonymous said...

McCreery has met the qualifications to run as a councillor in Vancouver under Sec. 38, which reads:

"38. (1) A person is qualified to be nominated for office, and to be elected to and hold office, as a member of Council if at the relevant time the person meets all the following requirements:

(a) the person must be an individual who is, or who will be on general voting day for the election, age 18 or older;

(b) the person must be a Canadian citizen;

(c) the person must have been a resident of British Columbia, as determined in accordance with section 25, for at least 6 months immediately before the relevant time;

(d) the person must not be disqualified by this Act or any other enactment from voting in an election in British Columbia or from being nominated for, being elected to or holding the office, or be otherwise disqualified by law"

Ther ehas been instances in the past were NDP candidates running in a city did not actually live there at the time they ran. One was in Burnaby (he lived in Delta).

Going further back, Rosemary Brown (NDP) did not live in her riding during the time she first ran. She lived in Point Grey, and later moved to an upper middle class area of Burnaby. A real Cadillac Socialist.

Anonymous said...

Susan Anton, a book full of right wing talking points from Ontario. No independent thinking from her.

Anonymous said...

and COPE? Committee OPposed to Everything.

Vision Vancouver? Their vision is cloudy.

Anonymous said...

come on give him a break he's 80 years old, actually he's the only NPA person worth voting for.
all the other NPA candidates are extreme right wing who don't belong in the city of vancouver

Tom Richardson said...

Bill, Vancouver Mayor Fred Hume was probably one of Vancouver's greatest mayor's during his 1951 - 1958 tenure.

And he was from West Vancouver!!!

So who care??!!

Anonymous said...

come on give him a break he's 80 years old, actually he's the only NPA person worth voting for.
all the other NPA candidates are extreme right wing who don't belong in the city of vancouver

What about the members of COPE such as Tim Louis who are extreme left wing (the guy worships Che Guevara). I'd say those extreme left wingers don't belong in Vancouver either.

Anonymous said...

While it's true, you don't HAVE to live Vancouver to help run the city, McCreery has been a bit sly about this point.

McCreery claims he owns property in Vancouver and lives in Richmond because of his partner's work. Ah yes well ... let's examine his nomination papers, shall we?

Under the section that asks candidates to declare their real estate holdings, other than their personal residence, he has NONE listed. He doesn't live in Vancouver at all, and apparently, doesn't own property in Vancouver, either.

Word is, if you dig a bit into Mr. McCreery personal history, he has quite alot of behaviour that indicate beliefs and judgement patters that are less than desirable in a city councillor.

Could we please have real transparency, real truth and clarity from our elected officials, or those who seek to be? If this sort of opacity is seen BEFORE election to office, how transparent will this man be AFTER in power? Haven't we had enough cronyism and manipulated rules ? Just saying.