Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Will Elections BC announce Thursday a new investigation into BC Liberal MLA Kash Heed's tainted 2009 election win in Vancouver-Fraserview?

Kash Heed as Solicitor-General
It looks likely that Elections BC will launch a new investigation into BC Liberal MLA Kash Heed's tainted 2009 election win in Vancouver-Fraserview.

Elections BC's new Chief Electoral Officer Keith Archer is holding a news conference Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in Victoria to respond to two requests that the independent body which regulates elections address new allegations made by Barinder Sall, Heed's campaign manager.

Heed has already been fined $11,000 for exceeding spending limits by about $5,500 in 2009 thanks to a vicious anti-NDP leaflet and radio advertising that helped him narrowly defeat NDP candidate Gabriel Yiu by less than 800 votes.

But Sall, who pled guilty to several Elections Act violations and received a plea bargain sentence of one year's probation and a $15,000 fine, has alleged that the total amount Heed spent far exceeded $5,500 - telling media outlets that the number was between $30,000 and $40,000 more than that.

Heed and his lawyer have vigorously denied any knowledge of additional overspending.

One can only surmise that if Archer intended to reject separate requests from Gabriel and from NDP MLA Leonard Krog, the party's critic for the attorney-general's ministry, that it would have been done through a news release or statement.

However, we will find out Thursday morning - watch this space for details.



Gary E said...

Bill, I submit that due to past practices with this government (specifically interference in almost everything that is bad for them)the announcement will be that this matter has already been dealt with and no further investigation will be forthcoming.
This is one time I sure hope I'm wrong. Then again the government is poised to invoke closure on a bunch of bills. Could be a smoke announcement.

Ken in Victoria said...

I appreciate that Mr. $$$$ Heed and the election tactics in the riding may be reinvestigated. However, you can lead Elections BC to the truth but opening their eyes is questionable.

DPL said...

Heed was a long time cop, and cops usually seem to watch things going on around them. But Heed keeps saying he knows nothing about much of anything. Mind you that makes him a pretty good Liberal. Maybe he will get booted out of the caucus , but then again he may know stuff that could hurt the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

They may look but will the see?
They may be willing to sacrifce Heed to avoid the public looking at larger scandals or Mr. Heed may have a whole lot more on them then they have on him.
If nothing else it will be good entertainment.
Now will they ever investigate the B.C. Rail scandal?

Anonymous said...

Just one more BC Liberal,caught in a mess of his own making. Scrutiny of election spending, should be a primary guidline for any politician.

It is time this government as a whole was removed from office. If this type of election nonsense goes on and is not dealt with by either the serving government or those charged, with overseeing our electoral process, something is really wrong.
Face it, the BC Lib's time is done. Do the right thing and call an election, where the people of this province, can make the decision to turf these clowns, as a whole, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Don't Miss This..

Anonymous said...

Forget another investigation. It's like cops investigating cops.
Remember May 2013. Remove the lot of them.

Ron1 said...

The list of expensive cover-ups grows:

- the BC Rail Liberal party corruption trial

- the deceitful introduction of the HST

And now this.

It's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Remember May 2013. Remove the lot of them

and replace them with the NDP which is carrying more baggage than a transcontinental 747.