Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My father-in-law Fred Cave has passed away - a great father, grandfather, partner and patriot who served Canada at war

Erin Ross Coward with grandpa Fred
I am deeply saddened to report that my father-in-law Fred Cave has passed away this evening in Winnipeg at the age of 89.

Fred was a wonderful man - he fought for Canada in the fields of France in the Second World War, worked hard all his life, met, fell in love with and married Fran - Shirley's mother, and took Shirley to be his daughter when she was 20 for the rest of his life.  Since Shirley's own father had died tragically when she was just 9, this was an amazing and welcome experience.

Fred also adored Shirley's daughter Erin Ross Coward when she was born in 1984 and together they spent many fabulous time together - just the two of them at the zoo or on adventures around Winnipeg.

Fred also was an amazingly patient and devoted care aid to Fran when she fell victim to chronic illness, never complaining about his additional and considerable duties.

There are men you meet in life where the one thing you say above all is - "He's a hell of a nice guy."  I was fortunate indeed to have such a man as my father-in-law.

Like my own father, Fred survived the Second World War only to face a deadly enemy much later in life - Alzheimers Disease.

Shirley, Erin and I are very grateful to Fred's son Jeff and his wife Suzanne for the loving support they give Fred in his last years.  Our deep condolences go out to them and to all of Fred's family and friends.

Fred's memory will live on in our hearts forever.



BC Mary said...

Thanks for sharing these fond memories of Fred Cave with us, Bill.

DPL said...

Sounds like a man we would all be pleased to call our friend. Condolences to the family

Anonymous said...

Blessings thank you for sharing.

Sean in British Columbia said...

My condolences to you and your wife and family.

mikecl said...

Bill so sorry to hear that. The world is always a little poorer when someone of substance leaves it. My condolences.

Anonymous said...

It's always an honor, to have a treasure like your father-in-law in the family. It's sad when they leave.

So sorry for you and the family.

Anonymous said...

Condolences. But you can do a lot in 89 years. Sometimes enough to look back with considerable satisfaction.