Friday, November 18, 2011

Bill Tieleman's picks that click for BC municipal elections on Saturday November 19, 2011

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and Bill Tieleman
It will come as no surprise to any of my regular readers that I am endorsing the Vision Vancouver and Coalition of Progressive Electors team in the Vancouver municipal election.

I have been a Vision/COPE supporter for a long time and unlike some bloggers and commentators who through a few token candidates into their recommendations - usually because of internal and personal politics - not policy disagreements - I will not.

I can't consider voting for a city council candidate like the Green Party's Adrianne Carr, who hasn't attended a single Vancouver council meeting till this campaign started and only moved here in the past few years from the Sunshine Coast, where she lost several provincial and other elections.

If you want to be a city councilor, not doing the time is a crime.  Adrianne is pleasant enough in person but just like Christy Clark trying to run for Vanouver's NPA mayoralty nomination in 2005 when she didn't live here, it doesn't sit right.

Carr's failure to understand Vancouver was abundantly clear when she - a Green Party candidate - actually suggested she would favour "some bike-free routes" in an opinion piece in the Georgia Straight.  When readers rebelled, Carr reversed herself.  
No wonder the Straight's Charlie Smith had asked: "Is Adriane Carr the best the Greens can offer up for Vancouver city council?" Enough said.

With Suzanne Anton the Non-Partisan Association is running its weakest mayoral candidate since the Jack Volrich years, with a collection of no-name council candidates. One of them - Bill McCreery - actually lives in Richmond and can't even vote for himself.  Another - Jason Lamarche - has been a continual embarrassment, making national news with his online system for rating women he dated, including how they performed in bed.

And there are other NPA candidates whose names I've never heard of before - and hope not to after the election.  City Caucus co-founder Mike Klassen is a known name but that NPA cheerleading blog has been so repeatedly nasty that I can't imagine rewarding them with a vote.

The newly-formed Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver is running former Vision Vancouver member Randy Helten for mayor and four council candidates, some with COPE backgrounds, but will only act as spoilers in this election.  [Why is it that so many Vancouver folks get mad at their party and go start their own rather than try to change it?]

So here are the candidates I'll be voting for on Saturday November 19th in alphabetical order and with party indicated - followed by some out of town candidates people in their area should consider:


MAYOR - Gregor Robertson - Vision Vancouver

  1. RJ Aquino - COPE
  2. Heather Deal - Vision Vancouver
  3. Kerry Jang - Vision Vancouver
  4. Raymond Louie - Vision Vancouver
  5. Tim Louis - COPE
  6. Geoff Meggs - Vision Vancouver
  7. Andrea Reimer - Vision Vancouver
  8. Tim Stevenson - Vision Vancouver
  9. Tony Tang - Vision Vancouver
  10. Ellen Woodsworth - COPE
Vancouver Board of Education [School Board]

  1. Patti Bacchus - Vision Vancouver

  2. Al Blakey - COPE

  3. Jane Bouey - COPE

  4. Ken Clement 
- Vision Vancouver
  5. Gwen Giesbrecht - COPE
  6. Mike Lombardi 
- Vision Vancouver
  7. Cherie Payne 
- Vision Vancouver
  8. Allan Wong - COPE
  9. Rob Wynen - Vision Vancouver
Vancouver Park Board
  1. Constance Barnes - Vision Vancouver
  2. Sarah Blyth - Vision Vancouver
  3. Donalda Greenwell-Baker - COPE
  4. Brent Granby - COPE
  5. Aaron Jasper - Vision Vancouver
  6. Trevor Loke  - Vision Vancouver
  7. Niki Sharma - Vision Vancouver
In other Metro Vancouver cities there are a couple of other ways you can figure out who to vote for municipally if you are a progressive/labour oriented voters.

First - check the Vancouver and District Labour Council list of endorsed candidates for Vancouver, North Vancouver City and District and Richmond.

And see the New Westminster and District Labour Council list of endorsed candidates for Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Langley City, Port Moody and New Westminster.

Second - the Canadian Auto Workers Local 111, representing Metro Vancouver bus drivers have set up a campaign website called More Buses Now.  They asked mayoralty candidates whether they support above inflation increases in TransLink funding to improve bus service and expand rapid transit.  Those answers are also helpful.

Lastly, here are some out of Metro Vancouver municipal candidates that I know and have worked with on various issues - from the Fight HST campaign against the Harmonized Sales Tax to labour campaigns and more.  

You can check information at their linked website, as I don't know the local issues or necessarily all these candidates' positions.  Nor is this meant to say that other candidates not listed aren't fine considerations too.

But in my experience, these are good people.

Nanaimo - Darcy Olsen for city council - has both labour and business support.

Kamloops - Chad Moats for city council - a Fight HST activist.

Maple Ridge - Corisa Bell - for city council - Fight HST board member who can boast Bill Vander Zalm's endorsement!

Victoria - Michael McEvoy - for school board - currently President of the BC School Trustees Association and veteran trustee.

Surrey - Stephanie Ryan - for city council - would be a good new opposition addition with SCC veteran councilor Bob Bose.

Lastly - I welcome other candidates to contact me if they want to be added to this list or to just post a comment with their info.

But whoever you favour, please get out and vote!  With turnout as low as 30% in local elections we need to respect our democratic rights - people in Syria are dying now for that right - surely we can spend a few minutes to vote!



Anonymous said...

Would have liked to see/hear your opinion for Abbotsford, of the hottest contested municipalities in BC

Anonymous said...

Big surprise! you support the NDP farm team.

gary robinson said...

hi bill my name is gary robinson and i am running for election in surrey with the SCC , i really believe i should be on your list along with Stephanie and Bob...I am a progressive candidate and a long time advocate for the people of surrey

Ken in Victoria said...

I appreciate the comment that you are supporting the NDP farm team. I think future MLA s should have experience in Municipal polictics. As the NDP will be elected in the next election their municipal members will be an asset.
Next, in Saanich the mayor's contest is between a stale dated Mr. Leonard and a proven NDP member. A change is in order.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what a big surprise!!

Not in the least. So nice of Vision to dictate (I mean) allow COPE to run 3 candidates for council. That's right, .. some people know the whole story there.

Yes, some people are quite aware of one or two prominent members on Vision team shortly after the 2002 COPE win who orchestrated the Vision split.

Stephen K said...

I'm voting mostly COPE/Vision, except for the independent council candidate Sandy Garissino, because she's really strong on housing speculation, and nobody else seems to want to talk about it.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for joining in Gary and good luck on Saturday night!

DPL said...

Gosh we sure miss Vancouver and the real active political action. Here in the little town of Victoria its like watching the laundry dry. The present council sort of forgot to mention the blue bridge prior to the last election, but puled a Campbell with in weeks. The bridge is falling apart, can't stand an earthquake so lets collect 40 million or so from the Victoria citizens. Then of course 700 million for a sewer plant all the experts state would be a waste of time. Lots of expensive consultants and studies, a referendum finally to ask the taxpayers if they want a bridge. A few weeks ago as they were gearing up to dig, lo and behold a tunnel with many fiber optics it is came onto the radar. surprise, surprise. No wonder folks don't get too excited about voting for the dolts that run this town. We will be following the Vancouver election as we have since way before Seiko Jack showed up, or "The Kid" Gordo appeared on the scene. Oops almost forgot Art Phillips and his condo the city was paying the rent. Gregor will continue as mayor of the city. Who will mismanage this town, really doesn't seem to matter all that much

Anonymous said...

Liam Cooper is running for the first time in Central Saanich. He is young,smart as a whip and will stand against the pro-development Councillors if they are lucky enough to retain their seats. Liam has been endorsed by the Victoria labour Council and desrves your support,

Anonymous said...

If I may, I would like to make a pitch for four candidates running for School Board on the Sunshine Coast. Elect Claudia Ferris, Betty Baxter, Lori Dixon and Fran Heppell and be guaranteed a thoughtful and progressive Board.

Bill Tieleman said...

I know Claudia & Betty - glad to hear they are running - good luck!

Carolyn, Galiano said...

I like your comments re Green Party -- they just show up and think people should vote for them -- take the work of others and expect to be rewarded. Sort of like Ellzabeth May -- supports Smart Meters - checks out to see what NDP says and changes her mind. Yes, the Green's want to cash in on a green history that they don't own. Like your comments...and like comments from readers.

E.M said...

Election Day for Municipal Councils are on Nov 19th Have You heard that "plumping" gives Your vote more weight ? "When You "plump" Your vote it means you put Your mark beside the names of Candidates You definitely want to elect, and do NOT vote for Anyone else. If You vote for any candidates other than the ones you definitely want to elect, You are diluting Your own vote and in fact You could be cancelling Your vote for Your first choice. Cupe says " We strongly recommend that You plump for the candidates who support You and Your Community...

Anonymous said...

I just voted... for the NDP "farm team". Go suck it pabs.

Anonymous said...

When have you ever voted supported or not smaered or twisted Green Party candidates?... You are the most outspoken NDP hack ever and 1 of the reasons I cannot support your slate. If you were strategic, the Vision/COPE slate would have left open positions for Green/NSV candidates. We shall see tonight what the consequences of supporting union and development interests over citizens. It's hacks like you that deter the majority from voting.

Bill Tieleman said...

To Anon 3:42pm - sorry to disappoint you but I endorsed Green Party Vancouver School Trustee Andrea Reimer in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the NDP farm team:
You sad little troll! The world has allowed the far right money machine to control the worlds economy for decades and the fruits from the "Koch Brothers" are finally taking hold. Corruption, scandal and bankruptcy world wide is the result. You don't have to look too far to see the results. Gordo,Chrispy, and Harper are piling up debt like never before and your childrens children will be paying for it long after you are forgotten. That's why Chrispy, Anton et al are or will be history. People are turning left worldwide. We, the 99ers have had enough. I, for one hope that ALL politicians understand that borrowing billions cannot ever work.
Good luck to Gregor in your second term, but please, Gregor, shut off the water and the electricity. We are NOT the bums and junkies downtown. We ARE taxpayers. We are real homeowners. Blowing the banks account is wrong for both sides.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill, If you can find the time I suggest you review Michel McEvoy's record on the Victoria School Board. It may not be as progressive as you think, particularly regarding ramming WI Fi technology into schools without a proper cost benefit analysis and with out an independent review of current scientific research showing high risk factors for the incidence of illness associated with exposure to WI FI radiation.

Anonymous said...

. It may not be as progressive as you think, particularly regarding ramming WI Fi technology into schools without a proper cost benefit analysis and with out an independent review of current scientific research showing high risk factors for the incidence of illness associated with exposure to WI FI radiation.

More junk science. More radiation is emitted by cell phones and TV sets. Do yourself a favour. Get rid of both.