Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bill Tieleman reaches 1,000 posts on this blog!

Cheers to my readers!
It is fitting that my 1,000 post on this blog was a tribute to my late father-in-law Fred Cave - but totally coincidental.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my many, many readers since the Bill Tieleman blog was set up on October 12, 2006!

The blog has had over 825,000 visits and over 1 million page views from nearly 300,000 unique visitors since that time and is averaging about 20,000 visits a month from about 8,000 unique visitors currently.  [Those figures from Google Analytics.]

The website measurement service Alexa.com ranks the Bill Tieleman blog at a lofty 1,057,433 in the world - where the top website is ranked #1.  Yes, it's Google, followed by Facebook and YouTube!

So that leaves me lots of room to grow!  [The Tyee.ca is ranked 101,672 globally, for a reference point - and that's excellent.]

But it's not about building a huge readership here - otherwise this site would be full of Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson's convicted doctor, and that sort of confection "news".

I appreciate the readers who come here looking for analysis and commentary from my perspective on BC, federal and municipal politics as well as many other topic  - balanced or augmented by the views of many posters from every conceivable perspective.

This blog has extensively covered the BC Legislature Raid case - from the pre-trial hearings for David Basi and Bob Virk through to the surprise guilty plea bargain and beyond - including a new column coming up next today.

All my columns and stories from 24 hours Vancouver newspaper and The Tyee are here - with my thanks for their strong support of my work over the past many years.

And thanks also to the advertisers on my blog - who appear here through Google Ads.

So thank each and every reader very much for your strong support and I look forward to continuing this blog for many years to come.


Bill Tieleman



Anonymous said...

Have to remember that the volume includes repetitions, that is the same people keep coming back, often more than once a day if they don't work.

More if they do have a job.

Blog isn't bad, but tone down the idiotic rhetoric about BC and Canada being a dictatorship. It's not.

But good on ya anyway Tieleman.

and one more thing. Don't expect the NDP to be the happiest and best run government in existence when (and if) they win the next election.

The NDP already stabbed itself exactly one year ago from today.

Unknown said...

thanks for your great thought provoking work. Hope you keep it up for many more years!!

Ron1 said...

Happy 1,000th post birthday, Bill.

Thank you for your stimulating work - always makes one think.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your stimulating work - always makes one think

Also makes others look at this blog with glazed eyes and thinking just how ignorant many posters are when it comes to basic politics.

Some of the conclusions made by blog contributers here are comical to say the least. Wouldn't even make it past Social Studies Grade 8.

DPL said...

I come to this blog because it's worth reading. It seems to get up PAB's nose as can be seen by some of the anons

Anonymous said...

I come to this blog because it's worth reading. It seems to get up PAB's nose as can be seen by some of the anons

It will be interesting to see how this blog goes if the NDP wins government. Would there be the same level of critical commentary and the continuing silly labelling of anons being PABs? I gather not.

It's worth reading, but it's not Cdn. Centre for Policy Alternatives policy paper level reading.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Bill!