Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peter Ladner blasts Non-Partisan Association, City Caucus blog in new Business In Vancouver column

Peter Ladner
Former Non-Partisan Association mayoralty candidate and Vancouver city councilor Peter Ladner is blasting his former party and the blog City Caucus over the results of the last municipal election, saying the "NPA falls on its own sword of tired tactics".

In his November 29 column in Business In Vancouver - available online only by subscription - Ladner fires both barrels:

"It’s time for the NPA to get out a huge vacuum and suck up all the people who think every political opponent is evil, and that job No. 1 is to eliminate them," Ladner writes.

"It’s a tiresome, downer strategy borne of three years of citycaucus.com blog’s partisan putdowns – hilarious to family and friends, but tedious and irritating to anyone who cares more about the city than about hating Vision and COPE (RIP). (Was that blog really funded by former mayor Sam Sullivan’s 2008 election war chest?)"

It's no secret that Ladner took on City Caucus founders Daniel Fontaine - Sullivan's former chief of staff - and Mike Klassen - another NPA-Sullivan stalwart - when he challenged the sitting mayor for the 2008 NPA nomination and won but lost the election.

Ladner also supports failed NPA council candidate Sean Bickerton's criticism of the campaign run by manager Norman Stowe and chair Peter Armstrong and bankrolled by developer Rob McDonald.

Ladner discretely criticized the NPA before the election for attacking urban agriculture issues promoted by Vision Vancouver and Mayor Gregor Robertson - Ladner being the author of a great new book on the trend titled The Urban Food Revolution - but it appears the gardening gloves have come off and the brass knuckles on.

I have asked Fontaine and Klassen if they have a response to Ladner's column and will be happy to provide it here.


RossK said...


Was it?

Was Spam-A-Lot (v.2.0) funded by the war chest?


Norm Farrell said...

Who funds City Caucus? If it is Peter Armstrong and Rob McDonald, perhaps they should spend their money more wisely. Send 50 grand to the foodbank, for example.

unionthug said...

Or pay his workers properly at Rocky Mountaineer rather than trying to starve them out.

Anonymous said...

Who funds City Caucus? If it is Peter Armstrong and Rob McDonald, perhaps they should spend their money more wisely. Send 50 grand to the foodbank, for example.

Kind of a dumb statement. It would be like people telling Norm Farrell, a dusty old outback critter from the left side of the lake how to spend his own money.

Tell ya what Norm. Send 50 grand to the food bank (reeipt required) and maybe I'll get Armstrong to do the same.

Anonymous said...

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