Sunday, September 12, 2010

Basi-Virk trial resumes Monday after long summer break

The Basi-Virk/BC Legislature Raid political corruption trial resumes Monday at 10 a.m. in BC Supreme Court after a lengthy summer break.

The plan is to continue the trial through till December, break at Christmas holidays and then resume till conclusion in April.

Allan Wallace of CIBC World Markets - which handled much of the BC Liberal government's $1 billion privatization of BC Rail to CN Rail in 2003 - was scheduled to testify before the break and will presumably be the second witness on September 13, though the witness schedule may have been revised.

The raid took place December 28, 2003.

Former BC Liberal government staffers David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi face charges they were involved in passing confidential government information about the $1 billion privatization of BC Rail in 2003 to lobbyists for one of the bidders.

Watch this space for more information on Monday.



DPL said...

Rushing right along

Anonymous said...

From: Steve Dockeray
Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 10:45 AM

To: b bill ; ; m s ; mi s ; ; nw ws ; nwnews ; programming com

Subject: Google results = 21,300 for bc legislature raided on drug warrants =

Canadian Press - In 2004 Dohm said Drugs & BC Rail all linked together = "It would be most unwise at this juncture to separate the matters...They are so intertwined," said Associate Chief Justice Dohm

Results 1 - 10 of about 21,300 for bc legislature raided on drug warrants. (0.50 seconds)
Warrants from BC raids must stay sealed: Judge
Canadian Press

VANCOUVER — Warrants linked to a raid at the B.C. legislature and an investigation into drugs and organized crime are "intertwined" a judge said Friday as he ordered them sealed while prosecutors decide on laying charges.

The warrants concern a 20-month drug investigation that led police to open a new probe and seize documents from offices in the legislature.

"It would be most unwise at this juncture to separate the matters...They are so intertwined," said Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm.

"A balancing is necessary of the openness of the court process and the fairness of a trial and the protection of the innocent."

Lawyers for five people named in the search warrants into the drug investigation argued that an edited version the Crown proposed to make public lacked context and painted a misleading image of their clients.

One is a Victoria businessman, whose work requires frequent travel across the border, and his accountant.

The judge agreed that the material the Crown proposed to release was "incomplete." In fact, it only contained about 15 per cent of the information contained in the warrants.

Names of informants and information obtained by wiretap was blacked out.

"That was necessary to protect the informants and to comply with legal obligations. The result is a most incomplete picture would be left with the reader," Dohm said.

"We all know what that can and often does lead to. The risks are simply too great."

Lawyers for the media were not allowed to see the documents. They were ejected from the proceedings while the judge went over the information with the Crown and council for the people named in the warrants

steve dockeray

milner bc


Anonymous said...

WOW - and the plot thickens !

Will the public get to hear of the "drug connection" of the BC Rail Corruption trial ????

If the Drugs and BC Rail are linked together - entwined as Justice Dohm said, then if nothing is mentioned of the drugs association - we have a real mockery of a trial and an almost total waste of public funds.

It is going to only get better (should do) and the accusations will continue to fly.



Anonymous said...

Next witness is Brian Kenning member of the BC Rail board who told the government to sell BC Rail. After he testifies, it will be John McLernon.

Anonymous said...

Went and tried the link for the Justice Patrick Dohm announcement and got the message that the
"story is no longer available" ????

I wonder why this has been removed and who is behind the apparent cover up?

Has anyone else tried to track down the contents of this story - if so any luck ???



Anonymous said...

Found the following link to the BC Rail Legislature raids which is still available. Note: all information found is CTV archives - nothingfound from CBC or other media outlets - hhhhmm ! wonder why ?

Why is the ban still in effect - who is at risk ????

Hope this works for everyone.


Anonymous said...

I don't think too many BC citizens, have any faith, in the judicial system. Martyn Brown playing a, brain dead witness. The three patsies, will take the fall, for Campbell's corrupt sale of the BC Rail. It isn't beneath Campbell's dignity, to allow the three patsies, to take the blame. It has been said, the BCR trial, is tried in a corrupt court, by a corrupt judge. However, we also know, anyone opposing Campbell, loses their jobs. That, we also have seen. I guess, it depends, what those involved, will sell their souls for.