Monday, September 20, 2010

Fight HST launches "MLA Survivor Recall" campaign with 18 target ridings - demand fair, binding referendum to stop Recall

Fight HST Lead Organizer Chris Delaney speaks to media today, with Bill Vander Zalm at left.

Fight HST today demanded Premier Gordon Campbell hold a fair and binding referendum on the Harmonized Sales Tax this year or face Recall campaigns.

Fight HST leader Bill Vander Zalm issued a news release - below - outlining the "MLA Survivor Recall" campaign to sign up Recall petition canvassers in 18 target ridings starting September 27 unless the BC Liberal government holds a binding referendum under clear legislation - not by misusing the Initiative legislation and forcing voters to wait until September of 2011 for a vote with the government determining the question and rules.

Full news release is below:

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Vander Zalm: Premier can stop Recalls by agreeing to referendum conditions

Vancouver - Fight HST Leader Bill Vander Zalm says Premier Gordon Campbell’s refusal to conduct the upcoming referendum to repeal the HST using “binding legislation” before the end of this year, will result in Recall campaigns against a selected number of BC Liberal MLAs starting as early as November 15, 2010.

Launching what he calls the “MLA Survivor Recall - Vote them off the Island” campaign, Vander Zalm says 18 ridings have committed to compete to see which MLAs will be recalled first.

Taking a page from the popular TV series, Fight HST Lead Organizer Chris Delaney says Fight HST will hold a weekly contest to see which ridings can sign up the most canvassers between September 27 and November 15th, the first day Recalls can begin.

Delaney explained, “Each week, the riding with the least canvassers signed up will move to the back of the line. At the end of the contest, the top three ridings with the most canvassers will win the right to conduct the first

“Recalls” under the Fight HST banner. A new Recall will then launch every month after the first three, in the order of how many canvassers they signed up.”

Delaney says it is a great way of inspiring a friendly competition, while at the same time using democratic means to determine who will be Recalled,

“We had so much interest from so many constituencies, we decided this would be the fairest way to determine who gets to go first.”

“It will also help gauge interest in each riding and build an army of volunteers to ensure success”

Vander Zalm says Premier Campbell can call off the Recall plan by meeting the following conditions for the upcoming referendum:

1. It must be a simple majority.

2. It must be binding on government.

3. It must be held under the legally binding Referendum Act (or such other legislative means to give effect to the results and regulate campaign spending by all parties).

4. It must be held this year.

5. The question must be drafted by Elections BC and approved by both the government and Fight HST.

Vander Zalm says any other approach is fraught with peril and does not enjoy either the consent of the legislature, or the approval of the public. He says the approach the premier is currently taking of “trust me” is not good enough.

“No one, not even a premier, can overrule legislation without the approval of the elected MLAs. Saying he will personally abide by the results of the referendum is not sufficient, since the legislature could decide to vote otherwise once the referendum is completed.

The simple solution is to conduct the vote under the Referendum Act,” said Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm says that British Columbians of all walks of life from businesses to consumers, citizens, labour groups, seniors and working families, all want a settlement to the HST issue now. “The damage to the economy and to consumers from waiting will be too great for the province to bear.”

“We are hopeful the premier will agree to these very reasonable terms for the referendum. Otherwise, we will proceed with phase one of our plan, Recall canvasser recruitment,” said Vander Zalm.

Delaney says 18 constituencies have signed up so far for the “MLA Survivor Recall – Vote them off the Island” recruitment drive as follows (in no particular order) with local organizers listed after:

Donna Barnett / Cariboo Chilcotin - Eric Freeston
Ida Chong / Oak Bay Gordon Head - Colin Nielsen
Terry Lake / Kamloops North Thompson - Chad Moats
John Slater / Boundary Similkameen – Donald Rudzcki/James Demetrick
Marc Dalton / Maple Ridge Mission - Corisa Nicole
Colin Hansen / Vancouver Quilchena – Leliani Riddle
Bill Bennett / Kootenay East – Doug Cosier
John Les / Chilliwack - Benjamin Besler
Bill Barisoff / Penticton – Ron Barillaro
Steve Thompson / Kelowna-Mission – Justin Neufeld
John Rustad / Nechako Lakes – Mike Summers
Ron Cantelon / Parksville Qualicum – Terry Hand
Eric Foster / Vernon Monashee – Roderick Baziw
Don McRae / Comox Valley – Kathryn Askew
Norm Letnick / Kelowna-Lake Country – Justin Neufeld
Jane Thornthwaite / North Vancouver – Seymour – Eddie Petrossian /Gary Hee
Joan McIntyre / West Vancouver Sea to Sky – Kelly Marie Carson
Ben Stewart / Kelowna Westside – Chris Bullard



Anonymous said...

Seems to be a silly exercise to me.

Anyone who is a registered voter can after November 15th file a recall against any MLA.

Does NOT need VanderZalm and his circus to do it.

In fact there is no such requirement for the person invoking the recall to be a part of any organized group.

If you want to recall, just do it, get it started. Doesn't need VanderZalm's publicity gimmick to do it.

DPL said...

anon 210 is partially right, it doesn't need Fight HST to start a recall, but would that registered voter have enough of an organization to get the needed results? But are we following someone called anon or a group now well established with enough of an organization to actually get the job done? Fight HST collected over 700,000 signatures when other anons kept telling us it just wouldn't or couldn't happen. Anon refers to the Fight HST group and the folks who signed on the dotted as a circus. A bit insulting to the folks who got out and did the collecting, and to the hundreds of thousands who are tired of being manipulated by King Gordo and his group of anons.

solocanoe said...

"Seems to be a silly exercise to me."

Anonymous (you silly person)

It seems to me that you dont know that it is a huge task..... that requires maximum motivation and effort by the best volunteers and most volunteers that it is possible to recruit.

It also requires team work and your slagging the Zalm is very counter productive to that.

I am glad someone appears competent to embark on such a task.

I am hoping you volunteer in any case.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (you silly person)

"It seems to me that you dont know that it is a huge task..... that requires maximum motivation and effort by the best volunteers and most volunteers that it is possible to recruit."

It is a huge task, and if anyone who has worked campaigns, they can do it without the silly theatrics of "survivor" type of PR put on by VanderZalm.

"It also requires team work and your slagging the Zalm is very counter productive to that."

You obviously never were around when VanderZalm was Premier. The guy is not the magical solution to politics as people think he is.
He was a political disaster and will be again.

"I am glad someone appears competent to embark on such a task."

Zalm couldn't canvass one side of
a street in Ladner properly.

I am hoping you volunteer in any case.

I might but not within VanderZalm's group.

JJ said...

THAT was the big news I waited all weekend to hear? Circus is right. DPL is also right, it is insulting to those who put in tons of effort collecting signatures and rightfully so. Those people who organized and signed the petition are just another cog in our democratic flat tire. The petition was a complete waste of time but recall has some merit. Let me know when you entertainment starved simpletons are finished with your "reality" game and we can get on with reality. There are at least 84 MLA's that should be recalled so let's just do it already or at least try, not sure if any will be successful but worth the effort. Better idea, organize a real revolution, not some goofy attempt at democratic reform.

Anonymous said...

The exercise, is not silly. Why is making a job fun, stupid? Thank the Lord, I never had to work with any, negative sad sacks. They are the first ones to bitch, and the last ones, to get off their asses. A job made fun, helps, to get the job done. I for one, can't wait to see, who wins the competitions. I look forward to cheering them on.

Anonymous said...

On the initiative ... Just because Campbell has promised to abide by the decision of 50 per cent of the electorate, doesn't mean his successor must abide by the same verbal agreement.

We are, after all, dealing with known liars!

Anonymous said...

A Campbell promise is empty, has no merit and a likelihood of happening of about 12%.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone who has and will participate!! Fight HST has done a great job and has the resources, a strong base and LEADERSHIP to prevail -- having been part of this campaign as a canvasser, I speak from first-hand experience.

kootcoot said...

Bill, Chris and you, Bill, can play "survivor" and target any three ridings you choose for recall. However, the fact is that any voter in any riding can initiate a recall campaign in any riding they choose. Frankly, in ridings like Donna Barnett's and some others, the help of the big dogs (the two Bills and Chris) are hardly necessary.

This is about much more than just the HST, it is about ridding ourselves of what is most likely the most corrupt and meanest spirited government in Canadian history. It seems as if Bill VanderZalm isn't as interested in getting rid of the Campbell Crime Family as he is the getting rid of the HST ONLY. His efforts motivated by his reasons will only help the overall project and it isn't up to him what people choose to do in ridings that don't win his "survivor" contest.

BUT, the aim should be getting rid of the crooks robbing the province blind and then pursuing charges against the main conspirators if at all possible, though that seems almost impossible with the compromised state of the justice system in BC, if not Canada as whole.

Meanwhile prepare for an onslaught of Pro-HST propaganda paid for with our own tax dollars and the ill-gotten gains of those corporate pigs benefiting from the tax shift unto consumers implemented by the HST.

Bridget Andrews said...

It's not silly at all. I wouldn't be suprised to see this exercise result in more awareness and greater voter turnout than we've seen in a very long time.

It may take a 'game' to get people out of their apathetic armchairs, but so be it. Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Don't even need VanderZalm and his cheezy game show. Just get a 2009 voter's list, call up some friends and organise and by November 16th, file the recall with Elections BC and you're on your way.

Add help from the local NDP Riding Association and you're almost there. Would work for them as it gives them practice in canvassing and phone bank.

Don't even need VanderZalm and his silly games at all.

Anyone who is a registered voter in any riding can file a recall.

In fact each riding can have more than one recall effort happening between elections.

So much for the ballyhooed "Recall in the Fall" that came up repeatedly in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Fight HST wants the referendum this year.

But Fight HST won't begin the recall campaigns until early next year.

So what exactly happened to "recall in the fall"?

Should start the recall as originally wanted by many, rather than going through some cheezy PR thing for The Zalm.

Recalls can begin November 16th.

Preparations can start next week with lots of time left.

Seems The Zalm wants carry on in the spotlight as he always does.

and for the person who mentioned that 700,000 signatures were collected. That was correct, but the true number of valid signatures is 550,000 a loss of 150,000.

Also remember that it is not just any one who can sign the recall. It is only those who were registered to vote as of election day 2009 that will be considered valid. Anyone who has registered to the voters list as of the day after Election Day 2009 wil not be valid.

Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Some of these posts, remind me, that's why, Campbell and Hansen, get away with the crap, they pull. To me, they sound like Liberals. Who else would put a negative spin, on the very people, who, are good enough to volunteer their time. I agree, the BC Liberal party, isn't worth the powder, to blow them to hell. However, everything can't be done at once. Sounds to me like, there is a lot of blubbering in beers going on. Campbell blubbered in his beer, or martini's, as well.

Anonymous said...

If there is a valid reason to look at recalling politicians then so be it but we don't need a ridiculous game to decide who to target. This is taking a serious issue and turning it into a circus.

I understand a recall is a lot of work so let's just get down to business and not waste time with silly games.

Anonymous said...

"If there is a valid reason to look at recalling politicians then so be it but we don't need a ridiculous game to decide who to target. This is taking a serious issue and turning it into a circus.

I understand a recall is a lot of work so let's just get down to business and not waste time with silly games."

Agree there. Doesn't need VanderZalm and his silly games. There's nothing that VanderZalm can provide that is actually needed in recall. Anyone who has worked a campaign or knows how to use a list and a telephone can do it.

Was done in Parkville agaisnt Reitsma and almost was done before Reitsma resigned.

Just take a damb voters list and a phone book and do it if that's what you want.

The list of canvassers used in Anti-HST petition is public and it is out there easy to find, so start there for your canvassers if ya want to find people to help.

That will bypass the crap coming from VanderZalm.

and tell him to shovel it.

Jpols said...

I agree with the previous comment. We always complain about our declining opinions of politicians and lowering voter turnout, but still perk up our ears for each and every stunt that contributes to this problem. Go ahead and recall. We can do that. But recall is not a stunt, so don’t make it into one. Let’s treat the mechanisms of political accountability that we do have, with respect.

Anonymous said...

This limiting the recall to three ridings is just one right foot trying to replace the other in BC's mouth.
They want the publicity but have no intention of recalling the government. So let them target whoever they target and if you're not on the list do it the way BCers have always done it. Do it your own way. You know what they say, 'If you want it done right...'
Kudos to the guy who said get in touch with your local NDP office - they will give you lots of advice and support, I think.

Anonymous said...

In fact since this was sprung on everyone by the leadership with no consultation, we should just organize within and then just go out and make it happen regardless of tv game shows. Bring the petition aroudn and they will sign! $50 bucks, that's all.