Monday, September 27, 2010

Basi-Virk: Trial postponed again - this time David Basi too sick to attend court

Did I mention the BC Legislature Raid trial curse?

Last week two different jurors illnesses/accidents caused delays in the Basi-Virk political corruption trial.

Today, Neal Hall of the Vancouver Sun reports that David Basi himself is sick and unable to attend, so court has been cancelled.

Ex-BC Rail Director Brian Kenning was scheduled to conclude his testimony today - that will happen Tuesday, with any luck.



Anonymous said...

Keeping tabs:

Special Prosecutor wasn't in court on Thursday.

Bobby Virk was sick before the summer break, which caused a one week delay.

As to Dave Basi, we should have known, his handkerchief was out a lot on Thursday, and it wasn't from laughing.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't write this kind of of script for even a taxpayer funded Grade D . . . made in Ontario comedy.

Where are the space aliens, the fusion powered sex toys and the past her prime XXX female porn star?!


QueenBee said...


Great ol' Satan why don't you shed some light on what you say.
Me thinks you doth profess too much!

Guess we'll have to wait and read the script according to
the great satan.

Should be a good investigation,
I mean a good read.

Anonymous said...

I think many citizens, see the trial, as a farce. The trial so far has been, a comedy of errors. Brain dead witnesses, a lax judge, a mockery of the court, and, what it supposed to represent. We have seen the Judicial system in failure, far too many times, to have any faith. BC is a morass of corruption, lies and deceit. BC people are, ashamed and embarressed by, Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals. They are pathetically easy to see through.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why the crown and the defence won't be using the right line of questioning. Both side had been caught with their !@#$ in the cookie jar. So both sides will conveniently be unable to recall. This I believe will be the truth with/when the secert witness tesifies!