Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wrong, wrong wrong! Former BC Liberal Attorney General Wally Oppal a big mistake to head Pickton Inquiry

Former BC Liberal Wally Oppal during 2009 election campaign in Delta, where he lost

It's almost unbelievable.

The BC Liberal government has just appointed the man who was the province's Attorney General during much of the investigation and prosecution of mass murderer Willy Pickton to head a public inquiry into how the police handled the investigation and prosecution of Willy Pickton!

If there was any need for more evidence that the BC Liberals have collectively lost their mind, this proves it.

Oppal is a former judge and well known as a nice guy.

But he is in a massive conflict of interest that anyone could see in a moment.

So why did current Attorney General Mike de Jong hire Oppal?

The reaction from those with great interest in the case - aboriginal groups, women's groups and relatives of those murdered by Pickton - has been highly negative already.

“I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am,” Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, told the Globe and Mail today. The UBCIC, which has called for such an inquiry for years, was not even consulted on the choice of Oppal.

Lori-Ann Ellis lost her sister-in-law Cara Ellis on the Pickton farm without murder charges being completed.

"I am sure not very happy with the choice for the head of this public inquiry," she told the Vancouver Sun in an email. "How are we going to get the truth if the person heading this was a part of the problem?"

Exactly - how indeed?

I've always known Oppal to be an honourable man - the best way to maintain his good reputation in the fact of growing opposition to his appointment is to decline it.



Anonymous said...

Four word: Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When Gordon Campbell was Mayor of Vancouver,and the police told him of the missing women,he said" why worry' the are only prositutes"

Now they have appointed Oppal as their fart catcher to steer away from that...

The Beachcomber said...

This is more Campbell Liberal spin control - he'll focus on what the NDP government's Attorney-General prosecutors failed to do in 1998 and why and he'll gloss over what the Liberal governments failed to do after 2001.

This won't be a fact-finding mission, it'll be a shift-the-blame game. It's also the Liberals up to their same old tricks: they didn't consult anyone before imposing this ludicrous move. Time to go, Gordo ....

Anonymous said...

his picture,tells us what he's thinking.

Anonymous said...

a picture tells a million words.lol!

DPL said...

Bill, we sure are not the only one with that opinion. The province, Globe and even the Times Colonist say, wrong guy. Stone wally will no doubt claim he is required to work inside strict guidelines. Wonder who wrote the guidelines? Gordo's latest move has upset a lot of people but when did that ever bother Gordo and his very weak Mike DeJong, who knows where his pay comes from. Only in BC they say. A pity. Nice increase in income for Wally and he sure will stretch it out till people forget what it was all supposed to resolve. The dead women? well they wouldn't have been voting Liberal anyway is how Gordo sees the issue

Anonymous said...

That is where I see things headed if there is a no vote. Summerland police end up being based out of Penticton, and commuting back and forth so right from the get go you are losing 40 minutes in paid driving time every shift, and just an overall loss of presence in Summerland.

One small request. Everytime you are slamming someone I notice you always go out of your way to find the most unflattering picture you can find of your target subject. That of course stands in start contrast to all of the carefully selected pictures of you standing next to all of the shiny happy people in the self aggrandization pictures you post of yourself. Can you maybe spare us the negative American style nasty attack pictures when you launch your daily attacks? It just seems somewhat juvenile and smells of the Republican Party.

Aim higher.

Anonymous said...

Neither Wally Oppal nor Gordon believes in the fundamental practices of democracy.
By letter on July 5, 2007 the Minister of Advanced Education,then Murray Coell, dismissed a court result by means of a letter from ministry lawyer Lynne K.Eversole. This saved the chairman of the "regulatory" body of private post - secondary institutions (PCTIA), whose college had failed to fulfill its obligations, any loss of reputation and business.
By letter on May 6, 2009, Wally Oppal supported that dismissal of the court result.
By letter on October 6, 2008, Gordon Campbell also supported the dissmissal of that court result.
MLA John Les agreed with Oppal and Campbell.
This means that, by their actions, both men have scorned the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary; both fundamentals of western democracy.
For my persistence in demanding the demonstration of western style democracy in these two actions, on April 2, 2009, I received a PHONE CALL from a policeman telling me that I was now a "person of interest" to the government and would suffer certain losses of their confidence that I would behave appropriately in their offices etc. I have continued to ask three questions now:(1)practice of rule of law which means that all are equal under the law (2) independence of the judiciary/ separation of powers. The executive intervened in the work of the judiciary. No one in government will expound theie views to me on those two points. John Les MLA has refused to meet me, many times. I have asked all repeatedly to show me the errors in my understanding of these fundamentals and then I must be quiet.No one will.
We know the lack of veracity from which Mr. Campbell suffers and his scant respect for true democracy. No more does Mr. Oppal respect the law.His identification with the interests of this Liberal preclude him from heading this enquiry.

StandupforBC said...

See this story - best yet on Oppal the wrong man.