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Only one party has declared a class war, an 'Us versus Them' - the BC Liberals

'Us versus Them'

BC has entered a class war, and Libs started it.

Bill Tieleman's 24 hours/
The Tyee column

October 7, 2009
By Bill Tieleman

"The leader of the Opposition spoke about us versus them. To me, what she said today makes us think the us versus them is the NDP versus business."

- Rick Jeffery, Coast Forest Products Association president on NDP leader Carole James

Let's be clear. Only one party has declared a class war, an "us versus them" in this province. And that's the B.C. Liberals.

Jeffery was reacting to James' call to cancel a planned corporate tax cut and instead put the $150 annual revenue towards public transit and environmental initiatives.

You'd think James was carrying a hammer and sickle red flag if you paid any attention to Jeffery's ridiculous reaction.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business's Brian Bonney was equally scathing: "I think it shows again she doesn't fully understand that it's not governments that are going to move us out of this recession, it's business in British Columbia that's going to do that," said Bonney, a former B.C. Liberal party organizer.

Do you really believe that, Brian, after even Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has bailed out business to the tune of a $59 billion deficit?

Us versus them, indeed

But let's get back to the class war, us-versus-them battle that Premier Gordon Campbell launched upon his election in 2001 and continues to this day.

B.C. has the worst child poverty in Canada for six straight years, despite our enormous wealth -- because spending on social programs was slashed early and never restored to pay for corporate tax cuts.

A 25 per cent income tax cut in 2001 was followed by a temporary sales tax increase, a permanent 50 per cent increase in Medical Service Plan premiums, higher tuition fees, carbon and fuel taxes and other user pay taxes -- meaning a dramatic increase in regressive taxes that hurt low and middle income earners while the wealthy come out ahead.

No increase in the minimum wage for eight years and labour laws changed to make it much harder to join a union -- while the legal contracts of Hospital Employees Union members and other workers were torn up.

The fire sale giveaway of B.C. Rail for $1 billion to CN Rail -- coincidentally one of the B.C. Liberal Party's biggest donors.

The continuing export of raw logs. Woodworkers lose jobs, forest companies --who've collectively donated millions to the B.C. Liberals -- get cash.

And don't forget former Finance Minister Carole Taylor ending the corporate capital tax on banks -- her going-away gift worth $100 million a year -- before joining the TD Bank board, as The Tyee reported.

Or the privatization of one-third of B.C. Hydro to Bermuda-based Accenture and the semi-privatization of B.C. Ferries.

Then there's Campbell's Harmonized Sales Tax -- the largest ever transfer of wealth from consumers to big business -- $1.9 billion a year out of your pocket and into the coffers of giant corporations who bankroll the B.C. Liberal Party.

The extra 7 per cent HST charged on everything from haircuts to home repairs, with not a penny going to needed government services.

And an 18 per cent Medical Service Premium increase over three years will also hurt ordinary taxpayers.

Don't say I'm anti-business. I've owned an incorporated, profitable company for 11 years. But that doesn't blind me to the B.C. Liberals obvious us versus them approach -- or its disastrous results that amount to a declaration of class war.


Kam Lee said...

Interesting fact about the HST... I did the math re: last year and proposed this year's buying. My estimated increase will be close to $900.00 extra coming directly out of my pockets to pay for gordo's friends. So much for revenue neutral! This is a continuation of his lies. He is leading the largest elitist party in BC. Down with the tyrant! Give us back our province. I hope his new son and gf are proud of him. Great article Bill. On task.

Kim said...

Well said Bill! I was reading OECD reports last night that in 2004 over 50% of Canada's manufacturing industry was under foreign control. From 1970 manufacturing jobs went from 22% of all Can. jobs, to less than 12.5% today. In December 2007 stats canada reported that R&D growth in the business sector was $416 mill. less than one quarter of one percent. Thanks to Mel Hurtig, "The Truth About Canada"

Ron said...

Social democrats describing the socio-economic injustice they see doesn't create an "us vs them" situation. It is merely illuminates the lack of fairness we increasingly see in B.C. and Canada.

As a small business man for over 20years I see the increasing need for a just tax system.

Obama has asked his country's wealthiest citizens to pay a greater share in income to eliminate their deficit.

Even the Bloc has suggested that Canadians with taxable income of $150,000 a year pay an additional one per cent in income tax. This tax would affect about 450,000 Canadians and net Ottawa an additional $1.5 billion a year.

Further, if Ottawa closed loopholes that allow Canada's biggest banks to avoid paying as much as $2.5 billion a year in taxes by setting up subsidiaries in international tax havens - then a national child care system would be readily feasible. Perhaps Carole Taylor could suggest that idea to her fellow TD bank directors.

Some day Canadians may begin to realize that the Nordic countries lead in economic, social and environmental indicators - and are prepared to pay the taxes necessary for just conditions.

Socio-economic and environmental conditions are increasingly degraded in B.C. Yet we appear to have no sense of shame. Thank you for your wake up call, Bill.

Anonymous said...

Class War and HST General Strike during the Olympics.
Winter is heating up.

Norm Farrell said...

Jeffery's comments after James' speech were predictable but Global TV's connection of the two events was an example of bias. They said James' remarks were poorly received at the UBCM and made a quick cut away from the applauding audience to Jeffery offering his knee jerk response. Global was falsely suggesting that Jeffery's remarks were indicative of the UBCM reaction.

DPL said...

For some real BS, check out question period to day and see the discussion on how tourism will be getting a hit. Kruger wouldn't stand up and the Finance guy did the dance on every question. Seems there has been discussion since back in the dismal decade of NDP rule. One opposition MLA wanted to know why we are paying for a tourist minister if he couldn't or wouldn't stand and defend his ministry. Kevin is out of his league walking and chewing gum at the same time. He thumps the desk pretty good and cat calls but appears rather brainless most of the time Good income for a robot. Gordo seemed not to be available again today, must have been a photo op somewhere

Anonymous said...

"There Was a Class War. The Rich Won It."
It's a bit old but it is still a great article with great comments:


Anonymous said...

“us versus them” was and remains stupid politics by Carole James. The minute James painted that picture Jeffrey came along and nailed the door shut reminding everyone of the NDP’s anti-business bias. When elections are won and lost over the economy Carole James did not favours picking a fight with the business community.

Just when Campbell couldn’t for once catch a break Carole James throws him this “NDP against business” bone. Obviously Tieleman realizes the damage as he is trying to spin this one around however the damage is already done. The NDP should be talking to you first Bill; not having you do damage control and clean up crew after the fact.

Bill Tieleman said...

Anonymous 5:35 should read more of my views - I have always said the NDP should move to the left - in a populist way - in order to win.

Moving to the centre will not work, nor will cozying up to businesses that fund the BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I agree that business will not vote for the NDP unless it is at Satan’s skating party but do you think it was wise Bill for Carole James to pick a fight with business right now when the economy is still in the tank?

Henri Paul said...

As long as James remains the Leader of the NDP, it assures Gordon his spot as the Premier.

Cariboo Carl said...

I'll be watching "Oral Desk-Banging Period" shortly but I can believe every word DPL says with my eyes closed. What a farce the legislature is. But I can't say that I agree with Tieleman saying only one party has declared an "us versus them". Both sides of the house ignore the other parties in the province. I'm slowly starting to like John Horgan because he's not afraid to be confrontational and he's entertaining. If I had to choose a sitting MLA that I respect, it would be him and he says the 3rd largest party (Green) is history. If there is nobody else then that pretty much comes back to "us vs them", nobody has to start the fight, it just is, always has been, always will because these babies can't do the job their being paid $100,000 to do, work together for the good of ALL of BC, Liberal, NDP and the other 60%.

DPL said...

Seems assorted anons are always giving you advise Bill. In my litle world we tend to ignore folks who don't seem able to even come up with a cute name to identify themselves. But different strokes for different folks I guess. I too believe James tried to move over to the right of center and look what it got her? Not much.

Skookum1 said...

"I agree that business will not vote for the NDP unless it is at Satan’s skating party"

More people should read their Dante. The bottom circles of hell are not fiery, they are frozen: the icy lake of Cocytus in which Lucifer himself is trapped is reserved for traitors; treachery being an aspect of the cardinal sin of Pride. The giants who rebelled against heaven are frozen deep in its depths, traitors to mankind and church roam is frozen surface, Judas Iscariot spends eternity being devoured (personally) by the Archfiend.

"Bible Protestants" like those in the rank-and-file conservative Christians who bolster up the business vote should read some Dante, even if he was a Catholic.... it might scare them into righteousness. As I recall, usurers and swindlers are in the malebolgia, in the depths of the pit, next to sodomites and conjurers. Adulterers and hypocrites get off lightly, as do panderers and seducers, somewhere in the upper circles .... but the Infernal Judge doesn't toss you into the position of the least of your sins, but where it's gonna hurt (and fit) the worst.

Maybe if we made business and political science students read The Inferno as well as The Prince and 1984 they might have a stronger moral compass than they evidently already don't.......

Anonymous said...

SKOOKOOM1 ever hear of global warming?

Henri Paul said...

Anonymous said...8:26 AM

SKOOKOOM1 ever hear of global warming?
Ta ta your incorrect, its referred to as climate change

Anonymous said...

MSP Premiums have been going skyhigh because of alleged kickbacks in the Ministry of Health... and a few other little goodies like free trips to Paris, double and triple dipping.....

"The RCMP investigation into Danderfer and Burns alleges Taylor allowed Burns fraudulently to submit more than $500,000 in invoices in return for a $70,000-a-year job for Taylor's wife, work for Taylor's daughter, and free use of a Kelowna condominium, the same one offered up to the former assistant deputy minister Ron Danderfer."


Anonymous said...

I suggest looking into the stats on injuries, WCB and child labour and see what the weasel has done. Lots of class from King Gordo, but it's all very low.

Anonymous said...

"... documents show that Penny Ballem was paid ($30,000) for the 78 hours over the objections of an eHealth employee who said no contract was signed for her work."
- G&M June 9, 09

Just a little something to tide her over until she could land on her feet again, eh?

Henri Paul said...

free use of a Kelowna condominium,
By the time Revenue Canada gets involved in this taxable gratuitous crap.
The trail will so cold that, the North Pole will feel like Florida. This county no longer resembles a banana republic, it is one.

Anonymous said...

shit I'm still waiting for an ei cheque,maybe gordo could cut me thirty grand to tide me over?

Anonymous said...

Get back to work Bill. I keep checking your page and it's this same (relevant and appreciated) story.

Please cut back into the Gorgonzola that is our B.C. Liberal government.

A fan.

Anonymous said...

And yes! The NDP definitely needs to shift gears back to populist ideals and it is the exact response needed to the pillaging and bullying that we are undergoing right now.

WAC Bennett (type person) for the NDP!
(Bill Bennett can go on to trolling under his bridge)

A fan.

Anonymous said...

Now if only the BC Liberals could give us as much information as Ontario has to its citizens as how the HST is going to effect us:


PS The info came via the US Commercial Services at:

Canada First – Building Bridges to Prosperity

BCLibFan said...

Reading this made me wonder about how weird the NDP world is. Mary Polak - the best performer in The House - grew up in gut-renching poverty to become a cabinet minister and hero of the last campaign!

Premier Gordon Campbell waging a class war? No, this is corporate liberals versus leftist unions. Gordon Campbell the man has a soft heart of gold towards the poor & the environment. He's a nice man, a great leader and certainly not the jerk that Kevin Falcon is.

Perhaps Bill needs to write a column about video games. May I recommend something not involving violence - perhaps Gran Turismo 5 or Wii Play will suit you well?

kootcoot said...

"Gordon Campbell the man has a soft heart of gold towards the poor & the environment. He's a nice man, a great leader"

Thanks BCLib Fan, I needed a good laugh this morning!

Maybe you should start a new religion in which the Gord could be the Lord and Mary Polak could fill the role of the Virgin Mary - heck, Kevin Falcon could even be the devil, but he would have to compete with Rich Coleman and Michael "Ding Dong" DeJong for the honour!

Lee said...

irrational fear of the NDP boogie man especially as led by Ms. James is making rational people do stupid things and Gordon Campbell is screwing this province worse than the NDP ever did and Carol James NEVER did but go on believing Gordo when when he spews about this current econly is all still the fault of the NDP form years ago...blah blah blah - You have allowed this happen by blind ignorance. Gordon Campbell is out to make a billion before he leaves this province is in the muck. He will have carefully funnelled public funds into his private business and covered all his legal tracks...mark my words - this man is a thief and a liar and has no moral compass - he can sue me for that statement - I would love him to try to prove me wrong in court. LOL I know I sound crazy - but that doesn't mean I'm not right about that p.o.s.