Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conservative Transportation Minister John Baird keeps writing me letters - about Michael Ignatieff - what gives?

I guess federal Conservative Transportation Minister John Baird must really like me - because he keeps sending me letters in the mail

Of course, he must also really dislike federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff - because that's what both letters are about.

And even though I complained to the Honourable John about wasting taxpayers' money mailing me the last time he had the urge to poison pen Iggy for making self-important statements, Baird has done it again, this time about possibly raising taxes.

Now this strikes me as a bit rich, since Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government will itself be raising my taxes next year if they are successful - along with the BC Liberal government of Gordon Campbell - in imposing a 12% HST in British Columbia.

So what if Iffy might raise my taxes! John, John, John - you and Stephen working with Campbell WILL raise my taxes!

The extra 7% from the HST will not only mean I pay more for restaurant food, haircuts, airline tickets, massage therapy, etc, but I also have to charge my consulting firm clients an extra 7% for nothing! And my landlord will charge me an extra 7% on my rent!

If you read this blog, you know I'm no fan of Iggy or Iffy if you prefer.

But when it comes to raising my taxes, there's one federal political party that's already made it clear that's exactly what they're going to do to me - and the name of that party is Conservative.

And their plans to whack me with the HST are definitely not iffy - they're dead certain about it.

So Honourable John - save all us taxpayers the postage - stop writing to me - because every time you do it only gets you deeper in trouble.

And don't take offence, but I don't want a pen pal who only sends me more bad news at my expense.



Willy P said...

I got some similar piece of self serving crap from Andrew Saxton, the member from my area. I stuck it on the roll of cottonelle for reassignment.

Rod Smelser said...

Bill, ... please promise all of that you are NOT holding your breath waiting for Baird's reply.

But you know, in a cynical kind of way I rather like their strategy, because it's just so much like the kind of idiocy we see all the time. "I have done you dirt, but beware the other guy who might do likewise." The pity is this kind of thing has actually worked on more than one occassion.

sicntired said...

I have a whole collection of them.Mine are from Stephen himself and now Dosanjh is getting into the act.I keep hearing about how much trouble we're either in or not in and yet these guys,and the conservatives are out front 1000 to one,spend tax dollars trying to brainwash us.I guess that's what the tax increases will cover.All the ads telling us how great the stimulus is for us all.I for one,am not amused.

Unknown said...

And I've received four of those from the NDP in the last month, and one from the Liberals and Conservatives, all franked from their House of Commons mailing address. Yawn.

Howard C. said...

I "get" advertising. What I don't get is the patronizing B.S.
What level of intelligence do they think voters possess?
We must be perceived as thick-skulled nincompoops.
Having said that, however, if you say the same thing often enough, somebody's going to buy it.

Anonymous said...

HST doesn't apply to rent. Combining the PST and GST will stimulate business investment which is especially important these days. Increased investment will lead to increased productivity, wages and standard of living. Overall the HST is a good thing.

Bill Tieleman said...

The rent I referred to is my office rent for my business - and yes indeed it will go up by 75.

I suggest, Anonymous, that you stop talking to big business and start talking to restaurant owners and staff, realtors, new homebuilders, and all the professionals like architects, accountants, communications consultants - that would be me - and other who would have to charge their clients and extra 7% more for their fees if the HST is implemented.

Anonymous said...

The system is abused by all sides.

MPs should get free mailings to their own ridings only.

Rod Smelser said...

Howard C.

I "get" advertising. What I don't get is the patronizing B.S.
What level of intelligence do they think voters possess?

Howard, I think this post represents a painfully direct hit. I have been wondering about that same thing for a few decades now.

In the NDP's case, there's some kind of institutionalized committment to doing everything at a kind of Grade 8 reading level, an almost compulsive obsessive devotion to applying the KISS principle to the point of complete and utter overkill.

Yet the truth is that nearly 80% of the voting age population in this nation has at least HS graduation or more. So this kind of literature, written in trembling fear of possibly alienating those with low literacy levels, actually succeeds in removing itself from consideration by about four out of every five voters!

What's worse, to the degree to which some of those four out of five voters scan the stuff for a minute or two prior to recycling, it can actually loose potential supporters. Some may be put off to the point where they don't bother to turnout, as happened last May in record numbers. In extreme cases it can actually change their party preference if they annoyed enough by the dumbed down tone.

Cariboo Carl said...

I agree Rod. I don't even have to receive this junk, just hear about it for example from Bill or see it at a friend's place. If that's the best they can do to try to entice me to vote for them then it's their loss. I'm not likely to vote for any party that uses these mass mailouts. That would be Conservative, Liberal, NDP. You can probably add Green and Libertarian to that list if they ever secure money for a real campaign. Sure glad I have wonderful choices whenever I go to the polls to spoil my ballot.

Henri Paul said...

Cariboo Carl said...4:40 PM
Sure glad I have wonderful choices whenever I go to the polls to spoil my ballot.
Im curious, if your going to spoil your ballet ,why bother going to the polls? I would think by abstaining to vote would send a bigger message, and with much less effort.

BC Mary said...


Oh, Bill ... yoo-hooo?

What about BC Rail today? Basi Virk & Basi? Bilton, McCullough & The Other Guy? And the new judge, Anne MacKenzie?

I've been running all over the Internet all week, trying to find out.

Bill Tieleman said...

Sorry Mary and folks - my day job has left me unable to attend the Basi-Virk hearings this week.

Fortunately Mark Hume of the Globe and Robin Mathews have been there and Mary's BC Legislature Raids website will link you there.

I hope to be back in the fray soon.

Anonymous said...

I,see a pattern closely resembling our provincial government,all kinds of money being spent on propaganda,and policing,just imagine if they had a majority government,be afraid,very afraid,heed my warning,don't vote conservative,lets keep those bastards at bay,and have a little say and ,keep this minority government!!!