Friday, October 30, 2009

Bill Tieleman joins Evan Solomon's CBC News Network show Power & Politics on blogger panel today at 3:40 p.m. BC time

I'm very pleased to tell you I will be joining host Evan Solomon's CBC News Network show Power & Politics on a political blogger panel today at about 3:40 p.m. BC time.

The CBC has hired blogger extraordinaire Kady O'Malley, who will be on the panel, along with Parker Donham of the Contrarian hailing out of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Evan and myself.

Today's topics include anti-Olympic online action as the 2010 Vancouver Games torch arrives in Victoria to be greeted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Premier Gordon Campbell and zombie protestors - no, I'm not kidding.



Brad said...

Was considering the Zombie walk, but instead I'll stick around and watch the show....incidentally, am I the only one who noticed the Native Chiefs and Hereditary Cheifs being interrupted in their speeches this morning to introduce Harper, Cambpell, et al? If it wasn't an insult, it certainly was poor planning.

BC Mary said...

You were great, Bill. The three of you were a good, fresh mix and created an actual spark of interest in the Games.

The other spark flew out of a column by Jeff Lee in today's Sun in which he mentioned that Lara Dauphinee had carried one of those flames backstage, in Victoria. It seemed a bit odd. Don't we all know that Lara is never to be mentioned publicly? Why did you say that? I asked Jeff.

I was impressed by his reply: it was because he saw her backstage, carrying the flame. Like, as if nobody had ever seen her before in the past 13 years or something.

BRAD: a display of disrespect surely isn't the way we'd like things to go ... and not a great beginning, but perhaps that, too, is a touch of unexpected honesty showing the real Gordo as we know him.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I definitely noticed and was horrified and embarrassed for the poor humiliated chiefs at that insensitive interruption. The chiefs were all so gorgeously attired - I was in awe of their cool clothes, thinking that if I was a fashion designer I would be very inspired - and I loved the way they spoke and raised their arms in welcome. Then the rude interruption, and our dorky premier proudly walked onstage in his white olympic turtleneck sweater and red mittens (not to mention the brother in dorkiness beside him - who has over the years drawn some much needed fashion advisers to his side). To me it was very symbolic, explaining yet again how GC manages to think things are wonderful when they simply are not. He looked ridiculous giving his speech with those stupid red mittens on, but he's obviously oblivious to such things. Most men (even the severely fashion impaired) would be embarrassed to wear those mittens - especially to give a speech filled with hand gestures :-)

Unfortunately some people have no aesthetic sense, and I have often noticed Gordon Campbell to be among them. Some people should NEVER wear a turtleneck, especially a white one. His choice of wardrobe for the day must have been a pored over decision. Hard to believe this was it.

No wonder art cuts come so easy to GC. He obviously has no idea whatsoever about, at minimum, visual art and fashion. I would guess that his musical tastes are equally embarrassing.

This observation may seem superficial to some, but perhaps a premier with some recognition of fashion ugliness would not cut arts funding so heartlessly and thoughtlessly.

Anonymous said...

I'm really liking the new CBC!

Anonymous said...

We like the new CBC also. It's the only Pro Canadian news outlet Canada has. It's hard to accept the right wing garbage of the neocons news outlets,like ctv global cknw the sun the province and times colonist.
They will go to any length to cover up what the Campbell government is doing to BC.
These neocons news outlets kept Glen Clark's porch and ferries on the air for 4 years which helped to get Campbell elected. Pretty cheap politics on their part.
CBC and Radio One are #1 in my books

PeterInEdmonton said...

Sorry I missed it.
Will this be a regular slot for you or was it a one-off?

Did you have to stand up a lot?

Speaking of neocons, (since you appear on CKNW, does that make you a neocon?) was there anybody on the right present to balance your views? Couldn't spot that in the bios of your colleagues. CBC is subsidised by all taxpayers, left and right. Not that I would want to see the Point/Counterpoint ripoff they are running on their 2:30 MT show. Did the panelists get more than 20 seconds to make their points?

I can't say that I am impressed with Newsorld Disco Remix so far.

I hope you are not part of the ongoing dumbing down of CBC that progressed with the death of arts reporting and classical music on Radio 1, then continued with the switch to pop and light classical excerpts on Radio 2.

I asked my MP a while ago if taxpayers were getting 1.2 billion dollars worth of art out of the CBC tax funding and rendered her practically speechless. In this case, long form, thoughtfully researched pieces could be the artistic part of CBCNN.

Something, I'm sure you could do quite well, Bill.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for your kind comments Peter.

I hope to be on regularly on the blogger panel but there is no set situation yet.

We had a fulsome 9 minutes to discuss three topics you will be pleased to know, with URLs posted so folks could check them out.

I think it's an excellent idea to look at how the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social media are changing and responding to politics.

Whether I'm on or not - check out CBC News Network this Friday afternoon at about 3:30-3:40 p.m. BC time for another blogger panel.

PeterInEdmonton said...

You're welcome.

For latecomers like me, The video is available online at this writing at:

The video is of the entire afternoon show. Scroll to the 1:32:15 mark if you only want to catch the 10 minutes or so of Bloggerheads and skip other items. On my mouldy XP box, that required a bit of patience. Glad you got to sit down.

Thought the show skewed a bit left in general but one shouldn't judge after just one episode.

It reminded me a bit of their radio show, Sparks which looks at webby stuff in general.