Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vancouver Councilor Peter Ladner blasts Mayor Sam Sullivan in announcing challenge for NPA nomination

Vancouver city councilor Peter Ladner pulled no punches in announcing his challenge to Mayor Sam Sullivan for the Non-Partisan Association nomination for mayor, saying Sullivan's leadership has the NPA "headed for the rocks."

Ladner also said Sullivan lacks public support and the confidence of voters.

In front of a huge throng of media, Ladner delivered a clear message - Sullivan must go.

"Overall I feel the mayor has lost the confidence of voters," Ladner said in response to questions. "I haven't seen any evidence, whether from a poll or people on the street, to say there's strong support for the mayor."

"When I'm part of a team and I see the ship headed for the rocks, I feel an obligation to change course," Ladner said.

Ladner, in his second term as councilor, refused to speculate on whether he would run as an independent candidate for mayor if NPA members refuse to open up the nomination process at an Annual General Meeting scheduled for April 22. But he did not specifically rule it out either.

Currently the NPA "green light" policy protects all incumbents from nomination challenges provided they meet criteria set by the party. Ladner wants that policy overturned by the membership, which would have to open all nominations to competition, not just the mayoralty nomination.

In his prepared statement Ladner said he wants to end the "petty bickering that has characterized city hall" and put the non-partisan back in the Non-Partisan Association.

Vision Vancouver councilor Raymond Louie and Sullivan spokesperson David Hurford, although speaking separately after the event, had similar perspectives.

"Councilor Ladner has the same voting record as the mayor," Louie said.

Hurford echoed that. "Councilor Ladner has voted with the mayor on every major issue," he claimed.

But earlier Ladner spelled out what he saw as several differences with Sullivan, saying he opposed the mayor's controversial personal trademarking of the term "eco-density", that he supported returning savings from last year's bitter CUPE strike to taxpayers while Sullivan did not, and that Sullivan voted against the downtown eastside Woodward's project while Ladner supported it.

Hurford said Sullivan retains solid support from NPA elected officials.

"The caucus members, other than Mr. Ladner, are supporting the mayor," he told reporters.

But several NPA elected officials have called for an open nomination process, including Park Board Commissioner Ian Robertson and School Board Trustee Eleanor Gregory.


Anonymous said...

What is it about the dunce factor ont he Mayor's staff?

How much more lying can there be??

'Super Dave' and Sir Spamalot deserve each other.

"No one in caucus has ever questioned my leadership abilities" said Sam recently.

Pure bullshit. Five caucus members have either told him directly or his pinheads that they are concerned. One, actually, the day before Sam made that statement to the press.

And for Hurlforth to suggest that only Pistol Pete is against the Mayor as leader, is as nuts a statement as ever made by anyone near Mayor Train-wreck.

Incredible that the new method of PR spin is, simply, to lie.

He must have learned that from Allan Rockhead.

My how the once mighty are in complete free fall.....

Budd Campbell said...


Does anyone really care? Local politics in the GVRD will be meaningful only after the BC Govt does what it must do, amalgamate the entire Metro Vancouver area into a single, fully integrated municipality.

Right now these elections are being held to run jurisdictions whose boundaries are no longer meaningful in basic economic and social terms.

RossK said...

Let the Creme flinging begin!

It's like Clarke/Owen-induced deja-vu all over again.


Anonymous said...

The Big Question is . . .
Will "The Klingons" Run A Candidate Too ?


Anonymous said...

Answer to anon 10:12 am. Yes. The juice boy will announce he is running on Monday.