Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tieleman takes a break

I will be taking a week's holiday in Mexico starting Friday February 8 through 15, so articles and posting your comments will be sporadic.

But I'll be back in time for the next Basi-Virk Supreme Court installment on February 18 and the BC Budget February 19.

Hasta la vista, amigos y amigas!


Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday Bill.
Bill have you ever thought of "sprucing" up the ole image? You know..the hip new journalist look ..the shock of hair...the suspenders and striped shirt with the attach on white collar..the little round know the PJ O`Rourke look..very hip and lose the weird little beard and the baseball caps man...a Van. Sun editor was on the C.B.C. National political panel the other night with Chantelle and Allan Glegg and googly eyed Andrew
Coyne and man did he have the "look" down....very cool. Lose the beard man...

Anonymous said...

bruno, you mean man:

that really wasn't nice. that's uncalled-for, shallow, conformist consumerism.

and yeah, i saw pointy on The National and the overall impression was of narrowed eyes which never smiled. Snap-on hair and striped suspenders don't help.

apology, if you're looking it up, is spelled with one "p" and two "o"s as in omg etc.

also: it's "Chantal" and "Gregg" and "Coyne". just to remind you that nobody is perfect.

Anonymous said...


and it's also and primarily IRRELEVANT.