Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tieleman back from Mexico

Hola amigos y amigas! I'm back from a great vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and back at it, once I finish that last margarita!

There's a big debate on this blog over Afghanistan and Canada's military mission there following my column on this topic Tuesday in 24 hours. Ian King from 24 hours and Terry Glavin from the Georgia Straight have at me and others - I'll respond shortly.

And watch for Basi-Virk case coverage Monday February 18 - my birthday! - and BC budget coverage and another column on Tuesday February 19.

I'll be back on CKNW's The Bill Good Show on Monday morning at 10 a.m. with Norman Spector as well.


Terry Glavin said...


T clarify, again:

1. I did not "have at" you. I mainly just pointed out your errors of fact, and I did so as affectionately as I could.

2. I am not with the Georgia Straight (I wrote my last column there last year).

Also I' not engaging in a debate here at your blog. Just by responding to you, I see I've had to share space with a crank, a conspiracy theorist, and a deranged identify-theft lunatic.

No thankyou.

Bill Tieleman said...

Dear Terry,

1. No offence was meant by yours truly with the term "have at" nor was any taken by your previous posting, which indeed was a most kindly way of disagreeing with an old comrade.

2. My apologies regarding the Georgia Straight - some people still think I write there too, some three years after I left.

Lastly, no debate is required here but that's generally what I call it when two people with different views give their perspective. I will respond to your posting following my column and you can rebut, reposte, reply, respond or disregard as you wish.

I share this space with all comers save those who are legally defamatory, so the posters you mention remain welcome here.

Your friend - Bill

Anonymous said...

My Gosh. we will now have to keep reading Terry's stuff to figure out just who is the crank.

Conspiracy theorist and the deranged identity theft lunatic.

Anonymous said...

In every society there are "true believers", they can be seen with a rifle outside a Berlin bunker in May of 1945 or giving 50% of their income to Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson.

There are Gordon Campbell true-believers too !


Anonymous said...

have a happy birthday Bill!

I was expecting to see other good wishes and got distracted by the comments

kudos to you for your kind, civil responses.

I'm puzzled by transmontanus labelling some posters as "a crank, a conspiracy theorist, and a deranged identify-theft lunatic".

I see us as an eclectic little community of posters who care about the province and hope the Basi-Virk scandal gets full public scrutiny.

G West said...

Been busy all weekend!

Happy Birthday Bill!

Anonymous said...

Had I known it was your birthday, I would have gone to Mexico with you! Next year?

Bill Tieleman said...
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