Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Vancouver Non-Partisan Association Guide to tonight's Academy Awards

Well, tonight is the big night – the Oscars – and who knew just how many movies up for Academy Awards are connected to the Non-Partisan Association?

For example, it started when new Vision Vancouver member Al De Genova had a dispute with Mayor Sam Sullivan and left the NPA – that movie was titled:
“Gone Baby Gone”

Then some NPA members desperately begged Finance Minister Carole Taylor to run for mayor but when she refused the NPA movie became:
“Away From Her”

Next NPA councilor Peter Ladner took a look at Sam Sullivan’s disastrous polling numbers and decided he would be in the movie: “
I’m Not There”

And away he went!

Then Sullivan saw what Ladner was trying to do to him and they now co-star in:

“There Will Be Blood”

The question is will be there one more Academy Award movie featuring the NPA.

Will the movie that runs on Vancouver’s election day in November be “Atonement”?


Anonymous said...

I guess you could call the NPA a bunch of movies but I could use some other words about that bunch. Sort of like a soap opera. Sam sure upset a lot of working folks. The most astute politically aware guy , I know (our oldest son) says Gregor should be able to clean house. Interesting times for sure

Anonymous said...

We are missing something. High profile mayors are usually untouchable. Sullivan's Olympic vamping would have appeared to have put him above the fray. But Ladner and Robertson - both highly respected and qualified people - didn't trickle in: they jumped.

They must know some Sullivan' vulnerability. Suspicion: Mayor Sam disclosed improper motivation in inflicting that unnecessary strike on the people of Vancouver. I have personal knowledge of Police Board decisions, written by Sullivan, that were not logically conclusive, viz facts before him. And the Mayor has ample legal staff to guide him. In fact, I will e-mail city counsel and Robertson of the details of same. And I will do it right now.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks more like the plot and cast of "Reservoir Dogs"


RossK said...

This just in......Smilin' Sammy doesn't need no stinkin' closed door Academy pullin' the strings for him.... says he wants a wide open nomination process instead.

Details at Frances Bula's blog.

(or my place for the added snarkolepsy)