Saturday, February 02, 2008

Take Charge! Rally today to oppose privatization of power in BC

I am pleased to be speaking today at 1 p.m. at the Vancouver Art Gallery steps off Robson Street as part of the Take Charge events across BC. Here are details for Vancouver:

Saturday February 2
Education and RALLY!

Bill Tieleman (political commentator), Joe Foy (Western Canada Wilderness Committee), Shane Simpson, MLA, Tom Rankin (Save Our Rivers Society), music and theatre as well as information and take action pieces!

Vancouver Art Gallery, Robson and Hornby Sts
1:00-2:00 PM

Information table will be set up 12:00-4:00PM

Expert panel from environmental, social justice, human rights and labour organizations on run of river projects and the BC government's energy plan . Speakers include David Black (COPE 378, Take Back the Power), Gwen Barlee (Western Canada Wilderness Committee), John Calvert (CCPA, Citizens for Public Power), Tom Rankin (Save Our Rivers Society), Grand Chief Stuart Phillip (Union of BC Indian Chiefs).

Ukrainian Hall , 154 East 10th Avenue (between Main and Quebec)
7:00 PM

The Day of Action is co-sponsored provincially by the Council of Canadians, COPE 378, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Citizens for Public Power, the BC Federation of Labour and CUPE BC.


Budd Campbell said...

No doubt the BC Hydo deal with the IPPs is a sweetheart deal that will cost ratepayers a lot of money.

But independent producers should have access to the grid, something Marc Jaccard proposed in the 1990s. But the NDP Govt rejected that in favour of a natural gas pipeline to Vancouver Island, and gas-fired thermal plant on the island. That project has since died.

And besides independent producers, there's no reason why Hydro shouldn't be developing it's own renewables, as well as starting some coal-fired thermal with carbon capture, and possible a nuclear plant as well. We've really got to get the emotional positioning, some of it driven be people wanting to market certain systems, out of the way.

Anonymous said...

What is truly sad is the manner in which the Province reported the issue. There is so very much to be said about the negative implications of this privatisation, but the "news story" read more like a media release by Barry Penner.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
google Campbell 'A made man' for an interesting take on this whole absurd Liberal corrupt government. It is at the top of the hit list and yet it receives no attention from the MSM and its minions. There is still no law suit re the article.

Anonymous said...

budd campell suggests maybe a nucleur plant. I think he was writing tounge 9in cheeck but if he was being serios I would ask, Any suggestions where he thinks it might be located?

I did spend quite a lot of time around nucleur stuff and if some company is bent on making money, the safety checks go downhill. Chalk River has been out of compliance for some time yet the government overruled the commission.Excuse being shotrage of isotopes even though a number of nucleur folks siad the shortage could have been managed, and was nowhere as big as the government claimed it was.

The only times I felt secure was at places where the military ran things. and they wern't always perfect but at least didn't have shareholders to satisfy. When a accident happens as it has elesehwere, it's the night the junior guy doing unauthorised tests that caused the melt down.

With all the wind, running water and tidal water BC should and better stay a long way from such a source. The Columbia river got contaminated by leaks years ago. Trogan, just inside the Oragan border shut down many years before its designed life, Washington state shut down some of theirs and never even completed at least one. Folks talk about it being cheap power. Tell that to the families of the dead folks in places where accidents happened DL

kootcoot said...

You go Bill. The whole IPP program is just another scam to rip off the good people of our province yet again. Like so many of the schemes in play this too is kept out of sight and hopefully out of mind to "the People." If more people really were aware of what is being done to our province and ourselves, arresting the perpetrators would fall far short of justice.

As a Kootenay boy, I've been seeing some of this up close and it ain't pretty and it ain't right but it's easy to see who profits (oh yeah, it ain't us).

Budd Campbell said...

I am not being tongue in cheek at all, dl. We need an independent study of all potential sources.

I am not optimistic that green sources will ever come in at prices the public likes. They needn't be as high as the sweetheart deal that BC Liberal/Accenture controlled Hydro signed for the IPP lobbyists, but whether it's genuine independents or Hydro itself, these green sources are going to cost rought twice what power costs from our existing hydro dams.

Coal and nuclear need to be considered with all costs and risks accounted for. If they can come in at, say, one and a half times what the existing hydro power is costing, why not go ahead? Emotions about American nuclear weapons should not play a role in this discussion, anymore than they would in Ontario.

Where should a nuclear plant be located? Vancouver Island.

Anonymous said...

Thanks budd, but since I live on Vancouver Island I must disagree with you on location. Maybe right next to your house. But even then, if a minor accident ends up with a discharge of gases just think, the prevaling winds is to the east. Nucleur isn't cheap. Just ask Washington State. I have a brother in law who was in the business building some of those plants. After a few billions over budget, they got out of the business and he and the other engineers in that company started research on thermal heat from the ground. And I wasn't talking about American nucleur weapons. Way back when Dief the chief cancelled the arrow we ended up with a Bomark , It required a bomb and it wasn't a conventional one. When we got 104's they packed nucleur as well, so did some artilary that Canada owned at the time. This country finally got rid of the nukes as they were a pain in the behind to store and luckily they were never used. If we had a method of buring coal with no byproduct it might be of interest but we have more hhydro hat we can use now. maybe we shouldn't be setting up to sell more of it to the states. Every time hudro want's more money they start talkin about the hydro lines from the island, and how old they are. sort of lie when the Royal Hudson wasn't safe, or the Princess Margarete. They arn't about to start telling us the truth becuase Gordo has set it up allowing them not to tell us users.

Budd Campbell said...

"Thanks budd, but since I live on Vancouver Island I must disagree with you on location. "

A lot of public policy in BC is based on NIMBYISM dressed up as something else.