Monday, March 26, 2012

Bill Tieleman gone to Mexico March 26 to April 2; John van Dongen gone to BC Conservatives for rest of political career!

Hola amigos!

I am on a week's holiday in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, so comments to my blog may be delayed somewhat. Thanks for your patience.

And then I find out BC Liberal MLA John van Dongen quit to join the BC Conservatives on my travel day!

Who is next - and can they please wait till I get back!

Hasta luego!

Bill Tieleman


Ron1 said...

It looks like all your work on the BC Rail Liberal corruption trial will pay off as the VanDongen floor crossing is largely based on this cover-up!

Happy holidays, Bill. No need to rush back because the fun is just beginning!

Henri said...

Have a good time as you can, myself you couldn't drag, bribe, me to go to that place too many come back sick or dead....

Anonymous said...

yes all of this happened whule you were away in Mexico Bill.

hopefully you'll come back well rested in coach rather than Rest in Peace in the cargo hold being in a box.