Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BC gets final HST payment from federal Conservative government - appointment of ex-Premier Gordon Campbell to High Commissioner to UK job!

New High Commissioner to United Kingdom Gordon Campbell
The federal Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made the final payment to British Columbia for agreeing to impose the Harmonized Sales Tax.

No, not the one-time-only $1.6 billion payment to the BC government - the other pay off.

Last week former BC Premier Gordon Campbell was appointed High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, a job that will pay about $190,000 a year, plus an official residence, chef and chauffeur in London.

While many commentators have focused on Campbell's background, relationship with Harper and other factors, none seem to have drawn the obvious conclusion - if the High Commissioner job is a reward - as it has been in the past for prime ministers both Conservative and Liberal - why Campbell?

After all, he doesn't even belong to either federal politicial party and certainly was responsible for the balancing act of keeping both federal Liberals and Conservatives in a provincial coalition misnamed the BC Liberal Party.

That hardly is helpful to the electoral success of the federal Conservatives.

So, if he isn't a party ally, political ally, major donor or diplomatic veteran, why give Campbell one of the best jobs in all diplomacy?

Because he delivered the HST in British Columbia, even if it cost him his job.

The HST is a federal priority and for good reason - Ottawa increases its take of provincial sales taxes through the HST by about $300 million a year.

Campbell's kind of blind loyalty deserves favour - and High Commissioner to the UK is that kind of reward.

No doubt many will disagree with this cynical view.

And I think Campbell will do a decent job, given his long record in public office.

I even wish him well - after all, if I lose my passport in England I'll be depending on him!

But really - let's not ignore an obvious conclusion. 

Only in BC you say?  Pity.



Anonymous said...

Has anyone given Gordo an update on the drinking and driving laws in Britain. Experience shows what he likes to do once he goes abroad.

Nick Hodge said...

For 500 years pirates have returned to England for their reward. There's a reason it's known as Treasure Island.

Nick Hodge said...
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gracie said...

Lucky for him one of the perks of the job is a chauffeur.

Anonymous said...

Suxsdpl seems a tad touchy this morning.

Mike Summers said...

It is a good thing he has a house and a driver for him.

Drinking and passengering is not a crime.

etherial_cruiser said...

first we're sending carcinogenic asbestos to other countries, now we're sending toxic waste to England, too? Sorry England ,Keep a stiff upper lip.

etherial_cruiser said...

so we're sending our toxic waste to London? it fits since this country exports asbestos, too.

Anonymous said...

Silly comment.

Ranks up there with the "payoff" that Ron Johnson received for his Now Communications, and also the "payoff" that Bob Williams got being apppointed Cabinet Secretariat, all within Mike Harcourt's "no friends and insiders benifit from an NDP government.

Also consider that Adrian Dix and Farnworth Campbell was a good appointment.

Starleigh Grass said...

That's what I thought when I read about it. Did he know this was coming when he agreed to HST. He didn't seem that upset over stepping down... maybe because he knew that Harper had a reward waiting for him in return for selling out?

Anonymous said...

You know you are being CONned when the thumbs come up.

BC Mary said...

Were Harper (Reform) and Campbell (Social Credit) soul-mates all along?

I think so.

And what this despicable appointment of Campbell to Canada's highest diplomatic post suggests for the future is, i.m.o., that more chunks of our homeland will be sold off cheap. Like BC Rail was sold. BC Ferries.

It has started already ... with the Atomic Energy of Canada deal ... an insulting giveaway at $15 million ... and barely noticed with The Royal Tour filling our news.

Watch for the crippling of BC Hydro to continue, until it too is ready for the auction block.

"High Commissioner to U.K." for the abominable Gordon Campbell is the absolute worst news I've heard in a long, long time.