Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tieleman joins Public Eye Online panel live-blogging Premier Gordon Campbell's TV address Wednesday

UPDATE - What a terrible show that was! I'll have a report here Thursday morning and check 24 hours newspaper for my opinion also. Unbelievable.
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I will be live-blogging BC Premier Gordon Campbell's Wednesday 7 p.m. TV address at PublicEyeOnline - Sean Holman's fine website. Here's the scoop:

"On Wednesday evening, beginning at 6:30, join us for Public Eye's coverage and exclusive analysis of Gordon Campbell's televised state-of-the-province speech on Global TV.

We'll be live blogging the event with 24 hours' columnist Bill Tieleman, former provincial New Democrat legislator David Cubberley, former Non-Partisan Association Vancouver school trustee Eleanor Gregory, former Liberal legislator Sheila Orr and Malaspina University-College political science professor Allan Warnke.

We'll be taking your questions and sharing our thoughts on what could be a career-defining moment for the premier."


Bookmonkey said...

Bill...thanks for watching this for us as I don't think I'd be able to keep my dinner down if I watched that snakeoil salesman.
Just remember...If his lips are moving...he's lying...

Anonymous said...

With a record like Campbell's, how can words possibly be a defining moment? His words lack any sort of credibility and the only thing that could have any affect is action, even still I believe he is finished here. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

No matter what this reactionary or his corporate-collaborationist government does to us . . . all we are prepared to do is talk about it and worse . . . willingly tune in tonight to listen to the same old propaganda.

Our "elected" government has more in common with 1940 Vichy France's or Poland's old 1980s communist regime.

The Solidarity Movement saved the Polish people and should be our model for defeating this government of corporate occupation.


Anonymous said...

These television speeches, thankfully, from the Premier, have been few and far between. The nice thing about them is that instead of falling asleep at a paid for function by "our voters" at the UBCM or at the Board of Trade or in the Legislature (when was the last time our MLAs worked) all I have to do is turn the tv off.

Campbell is used to rattling off numbers to the attentive Press in scrum sessions, to the UBCM where he normally hands out presents, to the BofT to announce yet another lowering of their taxes.

Remember this El Gordo:

"After all the scandals of the last decade, it won't be easy to restore public trust in government. But it's time for stability." - Premier Gordon Muir Campbell in his 2001 campaign

Time for change, and not for the sake of change.

cherylb said...

Should be easy to do as I understand it has been taped beforehand, so, no questions for the press.

Thanks Bill, for watching. I just can't do it anymore. The man makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Bill is just going to provide critical comment and there wil be more from the dot commenters here. Nothing new.

What else is on TV?

As for any leader, including Carole James and previously, Glen Clark, Mike Harcourt and especially Bill VanderZalm, if the lips are moving, they are lying.

BC Mary said...

I'd also like to add my THANK YOU, BILL, to this good news about the Public Eye live-blogging panel.

God, let's have the truly Glad Tidings from the despicable premier saying he's not only resigning and moving to Hawaii, but also:

* will launch a Public Inquiry into the sale of BC Rail,

* will repeal the legislation requiring that the findings of a Public Inquiry remain secret except to Cabinet,

* will establish an immediate Third Party Review of who decided to pay Basi and Virk's $6million legal fees, and where that money came from,

* will call an immediate sitting of the BC Legislature to consider these matters at no cost to BC taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

"Our "elected" government has more in common with 1940 Vichy France's or Poland's old 1980s communist regime."

Hardly. Poland had a one party govermnment, we have always had choices to change the government. Does this mean that Trudeau's oppressive regime against the West and the National Energy Program was the same as the collective will of the Polish Communists??

"The Solidarity Movement saved the Polish people and should be our model for defeating this government of corporate occupation."

Th Solidarity Movement was more about bringing democracy to Poland and the ending of one party rule, something that we've had here in Canada and B.C.

trouble is, people like B.C.'s best Deviled Ham don't do the leg work to elect an alternative government such as the NDP and figure squishing butt cheeks in a chair writing to a blog will change things.

Anonymous said...

"* will launch a Public Inquiry into the sale of BC Rail,"

not going to happen, and if it did, it would be costly and even then the outcome would not satisfy BC Mary, Satan or any other "expert" bloggers.

"* will repeal the legislation requiring that the findings of a Public Inquiry remain secret except to Cabinet, "

Cite legislation? Findings of a Public Inquiry are not all that secretive.

"* will establish an immediate Third Party Review of who decided to pay Basi and Virk's $6million legal fees, and where that money came from, "

not going to happen since that invokes divulgence of solicitor-client (Basi and Virk) relationships. A better idea is just to seize title on owned properties for the next 10years to make it hurt on them.

* will call an immediate sitting of the BC Legislature to consider these matters at no cost to BC taxpayers."

There is alot of merit in having fall sittings, but any Sitting costs the taxpayers money.

But its not going to happen.

WHat should happen is people should just realize the court case is done, move on and work towards getting the NDP elected.

terrence said...

Thanks for doing this, Bill. I, too, do not have the stomach to watch the vile excuse for a human being.

If Gordo says ANYTHING other than, "I am ashamed of all dishonest things I have done, and I resign, effectively immediately!" it will be yet another dishonest farce; and I am sure it will be.

Anonymous said...

Bill - I'd be curious to know how much this little self-promotion is costing the taxpayers. I don't watch TV much but when I've turned it on the past few nights I've been bombarded with "happy voice" blue-sky ads for this evenings Gordo propoganda piece. How much are we paying for ads and TV time for our despicable Premier to tell us more sh*t?

Anonymous said...

Check here to see why he is at 9 %.


Anonymous said...

Live blogging on a taped speech unreal,why couldn't the speech be live instead of a fake taped edited view,I will not be watching either sorry Bill I just can't take that puke any more,after all everyone,but the people who payed for this codswallop that will go on tonight probably already have seen it,to much crap to swallow I'm mad as hell and will not listen to that puke no matter what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

Thank Heaven for Bill T. And thank you for all the other, hard working people who have fought for our province, and the people in it. There is no way, I would believe a word Campbell says. However, I will await Bill T's take, regarding Campbell's address to the people of BC.

Anonymous said...

"However, I will await Bill T's take, regarding Campbell's address to the people of BC."

Bill isn't going to come up with anything new. He like the rest of us will be critical of what El Gordo says, and there wouldn't be anything new said.

I can state easily critical comment about El Gordo, but this is supposed to be a family rated blog.

cherylb said...

Wouldn't it be funny if the BC Lieberal caucus rushed the studio tonight? It's amazing the people who are coming out of the woodwork, isn't it?


BC Mary said...

Anon 10:29,

Q. What benefit is there, in your opinion, in repeating over and over that everything is hopeless? and that there's no use even thinking about the non-Gordo options, let alone trying them?

Another Q., What mysterious dynamic would then kick in, to enable hopeless citizens to work for another form of government?

3rd Q., Wouldn't you still be standing around, ready with a dozen more reasons to show that there's no use thinking about the options ... because everything is hopeless?

I think we've had enough of that stuff. Now we need ideas, options, game-plans, hope, and encouragement. Can you handle that?

Opie Dopie said...

I don't know what will make me sicker, watching Campbell lie it up or reading all the "way to go, Bill" cheering before and after. I have thoughts of him resigning also, even though it's probably a pipe dream. What makes he think maybe is that I feel sure he will not be Premier by the time the referendum rolls around. Thumbs up for The GREAT SATAN, thumbs down for Anon 11:24, yeah we live in a one party system as well. The NDP is hardly an alternative government so not much point in doing leg work in that direction. And BC Mary, what are you thinking? Thank SEAN not Bill for putting this live blog together.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the caucus will remain together after tonight's fireside chat, given this development!
And I thought the NDP were experts at stepping on the leader's messaging.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't think that the BC Liberal numbers would go up if Campbell announced his resignation?

I'm right wing... and I just see him bringing the party down. He's no longer an asset.

NDP must be happy... but they're not ruthless enough to capitalize on it by not letting up. Why not? The longer they don't go for the juggular, they weaker they look too. Therefore Campbell will run out the clock.

DPL said...

I hear there is a baseball game on this evening, and I really don't like baseball but I guess it will be baseball at our place as watching Gordo doing his lying best gives me heartburn. I like the reaside cartoon in the T/C today as two folks are watching their 3d TV . One says, "we will be able to see the premier lying in 3D"

SharingIsGood said...

Though you were quite insightbul, over at Sean Holman's, Bill, it ended up being a non-event! What a dud of a prime-time TV show! Told us, again, we are fools for not wanting the HST. Tried to bribe some of us with our own money - that we don't have. Told us that all day kindergarten was a good cheap deal for working families.

With so much money going cross border shopping (especially for some meagre Christmas presents and gasoline) this will only increase that sort of thing. Campbell doesn't get that those tax breaks to low income earners will make it easier for cross border spending opportunities for our low income families who live next to Washington and Alberta.

Pete Quily said...

Campbell pledged that within five years, all children who leave grade four will do so reading, writing, and performing arithmetic at a grade four level.

How is that going to happen when 8% of BC students have ADHD and BC was just ranked as one of the top 3 worst provinces in Canada for dealing with ADHD in the school system in a recent national report card?

Especially since ADHD students are more likely to have problems in school than non ADHD students and higher drop out rates?

See the media report on it here

See the actual report card where BC get's a grade of Unsatisfactory / Fail on page 19 of the pdf here http://bit.ly/bErT3h and gets beaten out by Alberta and Saskatchewan

The 2010 Provincial Report Card: ADHD in the School System shows:

1. BC students with ADHD who have no learning disability (70% don't) and who don't have severe behaviour problems don't get identified as ADHD unlike other provinces.

2. Students with ADHD and no diagnosed Learning Disability may be excluded from receiving accommodations for their academic disabilities, unlike other provinces

3 This lack of recognition encourages educators to believe that ADHD is not a legitimate disability.

Sort of just beat up the child up more, take away sugar, wave the magic wand, chant 3 times and it will magically disappear BS theory that's been repeatedly dis-proven by actual science vs old fashioned ignorance and stigma

4 . An under recognition of ADHD can lead to academic weaknesses not being addressed and the students being stigmatized.

If they're stigmatized they will be less likely to seek treatment for ADHD and adhd medication is only one part of treatment, pills are useful but they won't magically teach skills.

If they're less likely to seek treatment they'll do worse in school, be more likely to drop out, self medicate with drugs & alcohol etc.

Much cheaper for taxpayers to diagnose and treat ADHD now than pay for addictions, much higher rates of depression, anxiety, incarceration etc later

Anonymous said...

What was so unbelievable, Bill? Did you expect Gordon Campbell to suddenly have a conscience? A complete waste of 30 minutes of my time (I think it was closer to 20) but exactly what we have come to expect from this bonehead. What's more unbelievable is that you expected positive news from a (Conservative) Liberal. Actually, that's your typical reaction to the Premier's BS so no less believable in reality. I could do without either of you, wonder who will leave first and make BC a better place.

Ron said...

I found David Schreck's analysis this morning very helpful.

His header, "Campbell's 15% Cut gives 50% of Benefits to Just 20% with High Income", says it all.

Leah said...

Another 100 grand down the Campbell toilet!

Anonymous said...

Leah that's 240,000 that's 10,000 a minute.WOW!quite the score for glowball!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bill! The lamestream media finally takes a swipe at Campbell! Yeah Dan Murphy!


Paul Vanstone said...

On CBC radio 690 AM Early Edition with Rick Cluff this morning Gordon Campbell admitted that last nights 20 minute informercial actually cost taxpayers around $240,000 including all of the advertising around it.

And all of the MSM happily profited from the advertising revenue.

That's why they still love the guy.

Anonymous said...

and how much was wasted when NDP Premiers went on TV to sell their ideas??

Nothing new here. Government leaders waste TV time all the time, and the usual whiners keep crying even though the NDP is out there waiting for volunteer help.

Time to move on folks.

Skookum1 said...

Wow, talk about "move along folks"....dredging up whatever rare occurrences there were of Harcourt, Clark and Barrett taking up 25 minutes of prime time to push the giveaways and great policies they were doing as "what's best for us" is an awful long time ago. Move along, indeed. And exactly how many times, and how many minutes, were involved? I also don't remember Bill Vander Zalm or Bill Bennett pulling such a stunt either. Dossanjh or Miller?

NB Campbell's not telling the whole story about costs; he's not talking about the cost of the makeup artists (at least a grand), the stylist (more like two grand), the speechwriters (probably billed at buddy-friendly high rates) or the hours of public time spent planning his lies/promises.

Anonymous said...

$240,000, exactly. amazing, simply amazing, especially with HST rolled in.

SharingIsGood said...

"the hours of public time spent planning his lies/promises."

Right you are Skook; and, we also have the additional time being wasted by everyone (media pundits etc.) examining and often promoting this latest bit of folly.

When will the CBC, Global, CTV and other MSM show us the charts for percentages of income expended on taxes and user fees. Why is it always about business (especially large corporate), and not about citizens? Why are we bombarded with Frazer Institute reports that take us down this path of greed and destruction? We continue to participate in the race to the bottom.