Monday, October 18, 2010

Basi & Virk plead guilty in stunning development that ends trial, 7-year investigation!!!

Bill Tieleman outside BC Supreme Court


A stunning development - David Basi, Bob Virk have pled guilty to reduced corruption charges in a deal with the Special Prosecutor announced this morning!!

Aneal Basi has had money laundering charges against him stayed!

That ends a trial scheduled to go until next April and a 7-year investigation into political corruption that began with an unprecedented police raid of the BC Legislature on December 28, 2003.

I was not in court for the scheduled resumption of the trial but am heading there now and will have full coverage throughout the day.



Ron said...

A public Inquiry NOW!

Laila Yuile said...

Two questions. Who got to them, and how much did it cost?

Anonymous said...

This province is bought and sold.

Grant G said...

Mr. T....A day for celebration..

Gordon Muir Campbell can no longer hide behind..

"It`s before the courts"

What questions to ask the Premier(if he doesn`t resign very soon)

The $600 million dollar tax indemnity that`s growing at 9% per year..

How about his campaign manager Patrick Kinsella being paid by BC Rail and CN Rail at the same time...Questions asked will NOW HAVE TO BE ANSWERED..

And now...Let`s have a public inquiry!

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Anonymous said...

Thnak gawd this is over and done with. Bill gave excellent coverage of the case. Was more interested in the dyanmics and the details of the case rather than the political circus of opinion it ended up being.

The most comical was the trashing of the judicial system over this case, but that same judicial system became a hero with those expressing opinions on the HST petition decision.

Anonymous said...

Public Inquiry? Too expensive.

The case has bene dismissed. Charges accepted and filed.

Time to move on.

Ed Seedhouse said...

Stunned? Really?

I've been expecting something like this for months now, and I'm pretty sure that so has anyone with their eyes open.

I wouldn't lay any bets on there being a public enquiry into B.C. rail anytime soon, though.

Unknown said...

this is a coverup of unbelievable magnatude! wonder how much the guilty will receive in cash and other benefits from the Fiberals? Hopefully the opposition will start asking hard questions of the sale and bring out the truth. we certainly can't count on the courts to raise the curtain on our (BC's)business. Gordo must be wringing his hands. 9% in the polls. I bet he's resigning next so we will never know.

Anonymous said...

Why take so long to plead guilty? Why not 4-5 years ago? Is this what lawyers do? Prolong the process to gain financial benefit? If so, the defence did a faaantaastic job!

Public enquiry now.

Anonymous said...

It is time for an open public inquiry into the whole judicial system in Canada, not just in BC. There is too much connections between the govt and the judicial system. Look at the Mulroney inquiry. It was cut off just after we heard that he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars for "favours." And the person who ended the inquiry is now our Governor-General.
We have the raid on Glen Clark's home where the TV reporter was just there by coincidence. That was a set-up if there ever was one.
And now this trial has ended. We need to find out the truth about what happened. We must have an inquiry that is headed by a non-biased trust-worthy person.

cherylb said...

Disgusting but something that I have, sadly, come to expect in my once beautiful province. What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and what a farce as far as justice goes. Wonder how much it cost to buy this outcome...

Bill said...

Why is it any trial involving East Indians [Air India or BC Rail] takes years and years to come to trial,then dismissed??? Who's getting the pay-off???


kootcoot said...

Well, what a surprise, as expected we have anon-PABs at 11:28 and 12:08 batting "clean-up" or so they think. This stinks so bad I can smell in the Slocan Valley.

I almost barf hearing Dave Basi on the radio talking about how hard done by he has been for the last seven years. He could have ended it all years ago by coming clean - but I guess it is more profitable to play along with the owners/pirates/criminals who own the province.

It is disgusting to think that after seven years of paying not only for Mr. Basi's legal representation but also his life style and family, we now get to pay for him and his cousin to stay home for another two years less a day at the public teat!

I'm glad I'm so far away from all the scum down in the black hole where all our money goes, there are too many necks I couldn't be trusted to keep my hands from strangling right now! They aren't all brown necks either!

Kim said...

The role of the RCMP in suddenly scaling back their investigation and narrowing the scope to three brown scapegoats. Where is Gordon Campbell? Anyone?

sb said...

The huge amount of tax dollars spent need full explanation , a full impartial inquiry into the BC Governments handling of this and the people involved need to occur now it looks more like corruption now then it did at the outset Campbell is now bound to answer and i have little hope MSM buttkissers will ask any non PAB approved questions , I as a taxpayer want to know why we spent 7 years who paid for the legal costs and why the sudden change who paid off who ?

Anonymous said...

I read your article on the Basi Virk with interest....Evidently corruption does not only exist in Quebec. The Liberals are like octopus and they have their tentacle everywhere..they have corrupted this country from coast to coast and although it is the conservative in power, it seems the liberals are behind it appears...

Gianna R

Beth said...

Recall the legislature immediately we need a forensic audit done and a public inquiry into our courts/govt. and the elections bc office
who got paid off better yet who was set to be called to the witness stand... collins/reid/campbell ?
My god what has happened to our province!
pretty sad when glen clark's sundeck made a bigger court case than the give away of billions of dollars of public assets...
yea I guess the pab bots want us all to go away so mr 9% can carry on looting the province
so very very disturbing
how much has this cost the tax payer??

SharonG said...

Outrageous. After 7 years and admitted millions in our tax dollars to plead guilty (read bought off) and get house arrest....then to whine about missing their kids during the process. Who says Quebec is the most corrupt province - surely we now at least tie for that dubious honour.
Of course there will not be a public inquiry - the Libs can't handle the truth.

Unknown said...

They won the lottery!
6 million dollar tab to the tax payers and we forgive the mortgage on their houses...Since when does it cost 6 million to defend yourself of anything in Canada? The money was secured by the lawyers to "retire" Basi and Virk in silence, take The fall for Gordo. Where do I sign up? Commit a major crime at 35 yrs old and retire in luxury. I guess it's nothing really compared to the contract to put a billion dollar roof on a money losing stadium that was designed to have a cheap replaceable do we fire these morons?