Monday, October 11, 2010

NDP members in ridings opposing expulsion of MLA Bob Simpson by leader Carole James may transfer their memberships to his Cariboo North riding

Rank and file NDP members unhappy with leader Carole James expulsion of MLA Bob Simpson from the party caucus may transfer their memberships from the ridings of other MLAs who support that decision to Simpson's own Cariboo North riding.

According to reports I have received late this afternoon, the idea is to demonstrate support for Simpson, who was thrown out of the caucus by James after posting a column mildly critical of one of her recent speeches on a Williams Lake community website.

Those involved also want to send a protest message to their own NDP MLAs who are publicly backing James's expulsion of Simpson, including Victoria-Swan Lake's Rob Fleming and Esquimalt-Royal Roads' Maurine Karagianis.

The party allows "transfers-in" under its constitution but only with the approval of the provincial executive. Those who take that move are not allowed to vote on nominations in their new riding due to a residency requirement.

Nonetheless, the move could further escalate the internal conflict within the party over Simpson's removal from caucus without a vote of its members.

NDP MLAs meet Tuesday for a previously scheduled 3-day caucus policy retreat that now promises to be tension filled for all involved.

Public Eye Online's Sean Holman continues his in-depth coverage of the NDP battle today with an analysis of what might happen next, including the possibility of other NDP MLAs leaving the caucus.

Like Banquo's ghost in Hamlet, Simpson will not be there but his presence will be felt.

Lastly, Simpson's riding association is pushing for the scheduled November 2011 NDP convention where a leadership review vote on James is mandated to instead become a full-blown leadership convention. Other riding associations are reported to be backing Cariboo North's resolution to the provincial council meeting next month.

The BC NDP constitution's leadership review process currently states:

"11.03 At every Convention that is not a Leadership Convention a secret ballot vote will be held among Convention delegates to determine whether or not a leadership election should be called. If 50% plus one delegate supports the calling of a leadership election, such an election will be held within one year of the Convention vote."

"This Section may be waived by Provincial Executive when there is a general provincial election that would not allow sufficient time to comply with the time frame set out."



Ron said...

Sean Holman whose Sunday morning gabfests almost always have 3 Liberal ancients out 4 panelists will - as a stalwart Liberal of UVic vintage - continue to sowe as much dissension in the NDP as possible.

Me'thinks he will be remarkably unsuccessful and that Carole will come out of this episode much stronger and seen as decisive in dealing with a MLA who has been playing silly buggars for some time.

Who in caucus would be able to effectively and harmoniously replace Carole?

Anonymous said...

It seems like James wants to ensure that the liberals have as good of a chance as possible of winning next election.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bill has been eager to tear down Carole James for some time as well, so no surprises here.

Anonymous said...

The aspect of a leadership review in both the NDP and BC Liberals is a bit of a joke. The Party Apparatchiks will be tighening themsleves in an act for the media, but in the end nothing will happen that will essentially stage both parties for a leadership run.

The last tme a leadership review at a convention actually meant a result was when Joe Clark did not accept the less than 66% in favour he received, which caused the PCs to go to a leadership in 1984.

There isn't anyone in either party right now that are good enough in terms of read leadership to replace Carol (NDP) or Campbell (Liberal).

If there is, let's hope that both parties have a universal vote system so that every member in good standing within each can vote for a leadership contender. The Conservatives used that but not holding out that either the NDP nor the Liberals will do the same thing.

Party Apparatchiks in their respective Politburos will want Delegate Selection system, where by alliances or perceived alliances will win a coveted seat at the convetion. Not exactly democratic.

RajinCanajun said...

Well put Bill another option might be for NDP folks who do not support Ms James recent ousting of Mr Simpson would be for them to transfer their membership to Ms James's riding

Anonymous said...

If James doesn't step down now ,there is a good chance of having Campbell the retard running for his fourth win. We will be transferring
our support to Simpsons riding
With Sihota's past why in hell is he running the NDP show.

Anonymous said...

James seems to think she is bigger than the party. I can't see either her or her designated successor - Jenny Kwan (a Criminologist who ignores ALL constituent concerns about abuse of power by cops) - leading the party to victory. Let's not forget that the NDP was railroaded out of office, and the James-Kwan shadow-oligarchy shamelessly kiss the cop-lobby and Canwest perpetrators of that coup.