Thursday, October 07, 2010

NDP leader Carole James wrong to throw Bob Simpson out of MLA caucus

BC NDP leader Carole has made a serious error in judgement - deciding to throw Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson out of the NDP caucus, allegedly over mildly critical comments he made on a Williams Lake website about her recent speech to the Union of BC Municipalities.

UPDATE - Statement from Bob Simpson at end of posting.

The sudden development exposes a significant difference of opinion within both the NDP caucus and the party membership over the direction of the party under James' leadership, which could be reviewed at the November 2011 party convention.

Simpson, first elected in 2005 and again in 2009, will now sit as an independent member.

The move is a significant mistake in my view and will bring make James' leadership a central issue of debate in public as a result.

Simpson's alleged infraction was to publicly point out the obvious - that James speech to the UBCM was lacking in ideas and substance.

In his online column Simpson first criticized Premier Gordon Campbell's remarks to the UBCM and then said of James's own speech that it: "had little concrete to offer the delegates other than a commitment to be more consultative than the current government and a promise to explore the possibility of revenue sharing with local governments. This is a timely concept which has the potential to address the resource needs of local governments, but the lack of specifics was a disappointment to delegates."

These two lines, apparently, crossed the line with James.

A more sensible approach would have been to either ignore Simpson's remarks altogether or to suspend him from critic duties while maintaining his caucus membership.

It's not the first time an NDP MLA has been thrown out of caucus - James did the same thing with Michael Sather when he voted against the Tsawwassen First Nation treaty solely over its removal of significant fertile farmland from the Agricultural Land Reserve - the ALR created by Dave Barrett's first NDP government and upheld ever since.

That was another mistake in my view and I defended Sather's position at that time.

But Simpson's expulsion must be put into a larger context.

I have pointed out in a recent column in 24 hours/The Tyee and this blog, the BC NDP's continual failed courtship of the BC business community - most recently seen in a $295 a plate fundraising event aimed at business last month - is alienating an already flagging membership.

As Public Eye Online's Sean Holman first reported - and where you can find an audio interview with Simpson and much more on this story - Simpson's own riding executive are calling for the November 2011 NDP convention to become a leadership contest.

Their motion is to be debated at a Cariboo North NDP riding association meeting scheduled for November 5 - ironically now - at Simpson's own house.

As for the BC NDP - it has for now become a house divided.

UPDATE: MLA Bob Simpson has now responded to his expulsion from the NDP caucus by Carole James. This is his statement, just received by email:

MLA Bob Simpson's statement:

It is unfortunate I have been removed by the Leader from Caucus supposedly for a mere two sentences in my regular weekly Column.

I hope all of you will read that column carefully before you judge me too harshly (although, I realize it might be too late for some).

Since my nomination in 2004, I have been a harsh critic of a political system that forces us into perpetual negative partisan politics and constant electioneering.

Politics should be about governance with an election every four years that is fought on competing visions, not negative ads and sound bites.

I've made those views plain in many Caucus meetings, speeches, and columns. I believe the electorate has made it plain that they too want something different, as we see fewer and fewer people show up to vote each election.

Time is running short for us to address the major and complex issues which confront us and this small planet we live on.

We need to spend much more energy finding ways to address these issues than we do simply finding ways to bring down the sitting government in order to gain power by default and without a mandate for change.

My column was in that vein. It was critical of a political system that does not address the real needs of people and communities -- in this particular instance the failure of senior political leaders from all parties to address the needs of local governments.

I was asked to retract my two sentences and offer a public apology -- I declined as I don't believe my assessment of what happened at UBCM is either inaccurate or misleading.

I understood some form of discipline may come a result of my honest appraisal. I was shocked it was immediate dismissal.

I find it troubling there was no process before I was convicted and removed from Caucus by the Leader.

I guess I was mistaken in my belief that the NDP was a progressive organization which valued free speech and honest critique as a means to create a better society for everyone.

To be immediately dismissed because of a soft critique of one speech seems a little harsh. More disturbing though was the decision to allow a Caucus meeting to take place in my absence where some MLAs were given full scope to attack my integrity and make spurious claims about my work ethic and my intelligence (among other things).

Again, what happened to our social justice principles; particularly the right to a fair hearing and to be able to face our accusers?

I'm sure you will have also heard that my Constituency Executive has unanimously passed two motions which they will be taking to the general membership of Cariboo North. One of these motions calls for a Leadership Convention next year.

I had given members of the Caucus Executive and Chief of Staff notice that this was taking place and I was the one who asked my Riding Executive to get the endorsement of the full membership for these motions before sending them forward as formal resolutions because they send a strong message about our Riding Executive's discontent with the current direction of the Party and I believed they should not be put forward without the free and informed consent of the rest of Cariboo North NDP's membership.

Finally, I had planned on attending the Caucus Retreat next week and had submitted my policy suggestions for discussion. At that Retreat I had arranged to have a face to face meeting with the Leader to speak directly about the deeper concerns I have about the current state of our Party, her leadership and the leadership of our Party President.

None of these very serious and more deeply troubling concerns which I have shared with members of Caucus Executive, the Chief of Staff and the Party President, were made public in my column this week.

Take care and I look forward to the possibility of working with you all sometime in the future.

* * * * *



Anonymous said...

Bob Simpson, Blair Lekstrom, and Vicki Huntington can probably find enough common ground to work together as a caucus. One more person, and Legislature's treasury will be unlocked for the taking...staff, better office space, coffee budgets, etc.

Unknown said...

I agree with you totally Bill. As a long time NDP supporter and campaign worker and organiser (at one time in Williams Lake - circa 1974) I deplore the lack of input from labour and civic groups. I believe the NDP has lost it's way and needs a leadership review/convention this November. Now is the time to right the ship.

Anonymous said...

I do not find Bob Simpson's liquidation to be a surprise, since such an event was long in coming based on Carole's numbers.

Carole James over the past seven years has shown herself weak and an appeaser on almost every issue that required taking a hard line.

Even Carole I think now realizes she does not have the Right Stuff to lead BC, let alone a party, but that said . . . she and her fart-catcher entourage have to save face, and Bob Simpson's termination was an easy way to show Carole has suddenly found balls.

The problem here is other than maybe Mike & Moe nobody in BC swallows this sudden tough guy persona.

Leadership means not only being ready to take a stand it also means knowing when to go for the good of the party, and especially for the good of the Province of British Columbia.

With Carole as leader, the BC Liberals with a cosmetic leadership change will likely hold on to power and that would be a betrayal of the people.

In 1940, after more than two years of weak and appeasing leadership even Neville Chamberlain knew it was time to go.

So Carole, do the right thing and make that statement, if not for you then for all of us.


Anonymous said...

And if they can find one more backbencher, they will all get raises! 25% for the leader of a recognized party; 20% for the House Leader, 10% for the whip and 10 % for the caucus chair. Isn't politics grand?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So it would be "right" to boot out an outspoken BC Liberal MLA from the BC Liberal caucus in theory, but "wrong" to boot out an NDP MLA from the NDP Caucus? Wrong.

The way our Westminster system works, there is unity within Caucus ranks no matter what party it is, be it NDP, Liberal, or miscellaneous.

At least Carole has shown a bit of leadership and invoked discipline within the ranks. Thought I'd never see that in this weak-kneed leader of the NDP.

Simpson is correct, but it would have been better if the message came from within Party Members at the riding executive level rather than a hapless MLA.

NDP needs to be moderate/left without the heavy input from Big Labour.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing carole James could have done. This action shows a person of spiteful and petty behaviour. Bob Simpsons critique was not at all bad or condemning and warranted at least, some form of consideration. But alas, James in her fit of spite , decided to fire Bob simpson fromw caucus for stating the obvious. It seems that James has one opinion of her self and her capabilities - that differs greatly with the views of a large number of other people , including her peers.
A sad day and a bad time to pull rank - and she behaving exactly the same way that Campbell has done.

Too bad, British Columbians deserve better behaviour from their elected officials and it is probably a good thing to happen. This shows what james is made of - and it doesn't really go with proper leadership skills, where techniqueand skill plays a much more important part than does firing an M:A who happens to have some integrity and backbone.

Kudos to Bob Simpson for showing BC the true Carole James.


Anonymous said...

"In 1940, after more than two years of weak and appeasing leadership even Neville Chamberlain knew it was time to go."

So once again, BC's best Devilled Ham decides to write oblique references to his best time in World History, WWII.

Bill Bennett knew when it was time to go, Pierre Elliott Trudeau stayed on for far too long and there was cheering when he had his much ballyhooed and celebrated Walk in The Snow.

Anonymous said...

Carole James could have made something of Bob Simpson's criticism by showing that the NDP is able and willing to subject itself to public scrutiny. Someone else once said that the role of the leader is not to point the finger but to point the way.

Anonymous said...

Bill, that's just the tip of the iceberg regarding Bob's opposition to Carole and the direction taken by the caucus. For example he said this morning on CFAX that the caucus is too focused on the HST.


So it looks like he disagrees with you too.

Anonymous said...

It's no secret that Bob Simpson has been angling to run against Carole for the leadership. It's also no secret that he was a BC Liberal before joining the BC NDP. So his comments about democratic principles and free and open debate are suspect in this context.

Having said that, I think that it was a tactical mistake to kick him out of caucus. What's the old adage - keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?

Now Simpson has a free hand to bang the leadership drum ever louder, which can only damage the NDP brand. And who knows, if he thinks he's totally burned his proverbial bridges, he may jump to the Greens or, as noted in other comments, join the other independents to try to form a new party in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

I think the action of dismissal from caucus is grossly unfair for the mild criticism leveled at Carole James. However, if the NDP party and caucus is fine with James' actions - thats their business. It certainly does nothing to assure me that this is a party I want to see running the province. Time for a third, centrist alternative to the NDP and Liberals I think.

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news for the NDP. I truly hope a NEW NDP Leader & Party will emerge and WIN the next Election. I've said before, the ONLY way the NDP will win is with a new Leader.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

With the prospect of power tantalizingly close for the NDP it was almost predictable that they would self destruct in a feeding frenzy for the presumed premiership. This proxy battle is just the opening shot in what will be a long drawn out war.

BS is acting as a surrogate for someone else who is angling for the NDP leadership; BS has no hope of claiming the mantle from CJ. BS proclamations of 'surprise' are disingenuous at best.

Gordon Campbell has slipped on his red mittens and is doing his happy dance.


The offending BS column is here.

Chris said...

Is there a way to cancel my provincial NDP membership without cancelling my federal one?

mizdarlin said...

Whatever Simpson's agenda might be, have to say I agree with his assessments of both leaders' speeches..and unlike most of you, I actually read both..
Carole James had better watch her's long past time to try and eliminate dissenters from caucus..the inference in my mind is that things in my party of choice are discussed, leaders not simply blindly followed like lemmings off the cliff..
There are indeed more important things to deal with than the HST..but the media is holding the cards on the agenda..time for Carole James to step up and change the agenda..or is it too late?

Anonymous said...

Right on Bill. Carole has got to go for the good of the party!

Unknown said...

Bill, I have just fired off an email to the NDP offices telling them that for the first time in my life I will be unable to vote for the NDO - unless changes are made at the top of the party. Also, our neighbours, firemen, are looking for somewhere to park their votes due to the perceived lack of leadership on the part of James. They need to have a leadership review and throw James out if the NDP is serious about every forming govt.

Anonymous said...

Carol's best before date came after her first election loss.
Many people in the NDP are thinking and saying what Bob Simpson had the balls to say.
With an approval rating of only 30% any one with an eye and an A#@h(*&^ can figure out that Carol and her anonymous cronies should go very soon.

Anonymous said...

I just heard Corky Evans taking on Carole James on CBC Radio. He backed Simpson and challenged Carole's leadership and said Bob is saying what everyone thinks.

This is big. Corky is THE respected voice in the party.

Carole, resign now!

DPL said...

James made the big move of dropping one of the parties, pretty solid workers so we would all tell her what a strong leader she is supposedly. I do recall her arguing about the pay raises twice, and by Gosh, she took the raises. She messed up long established treaty positions by going a long with Gordo. Tough lady dropped any MLA who wouldn't vote along with Gordo.Oh almost forgot the pensions. She and other MLA's can draw a bigger one after a very few years and of course she and the rest get to set the rates. It's getting harder as pensioned off person to believe anything she says. If she figures she is so secure, why not liven up the conference by having a leadership review. Not a chance. I don't think this is the end of Bob Simpson. and of course Gordo is laughing into his favorite beverage as one more time, the woman spoke before thinking. Go read David Schreck's blog where its all Simpson's fault. Voice of BC should be interesting this evening.
while she is news today, maybe she will get her caucus to show the money allowances for assorted thing.That way we would know she has a backbone

Ron said...

David Schreck' blog has an interesting - and different = analysis of this event.

Anonymous said...

Where is the PAB that is always complaining that you never critique the NDP?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ron but Tielemen would wipe the floor in a debate with Schreck any day of the week. Schreck wouldn’t know a strategic thought if it bit him in the ass. This is the blog where you get the real goods on what the NDP should be doing. Schreck should come here and learn from Bill.

Ron said...

I enjoy both Bill and David.

I have just watched Carole James on Vaughan Palmer's "Voice of BC".

She did very well. She explained her position fully - and the on-going conflict with Bob Simpson on a number of issues.

Why Bob did not participate in a planned meeting between them both or in an upcoming caucus retreat before going public with his attack is not entirely clear or wise.

Both provincially and federally Opposition leader's number are often low. The leader of the NDP opposition in Saskatchewan, for example, were in the same range as Carole's last time I looked.

Anonymous said...

Carole James is weak, bland, spiteful, stupid and silly. I came back to BC after two years in Asia. There was a noticable change of culture in the BCNDP, what once was a thriving forum of debate and ideas. It became, under that control freak James, a place of tight control and fear. This cannot continue. It is time to depose of Carole James. She has proven, over 7 years and 2 elections, to be dictatorial and incompetent. LEADERSHIP CHANGE NOW!

PeterInEdmonton said...

Per Anonymous 11:40 and 11:59: Interesting mirror image to Alberta politics here, with the Wild Rose Party collecting dissadent Tories for not being RIGHT enough.
However, here the ruling party has angled to keep party funding low for WR, arguing that they haven't actually elected more than 1 member.

I think in order to come up with party status, they'll have to start with a name. How about Wild Left? ;)

kootcoot said...

I'm not familiar with Mr. Simpson's background as being previously a BC Liberal. But if that's the case I would tend to think that means he was a BC Liberal back when the BC Liberals hadn't been hijacked by the Reform, SoCrud, Allliance and Canadian Taliban bunch that followed in Gordo's footsteps after the media assisted double character assassinations on Gordon Wilson and Glen Clark.

What is called a BC Liberal today or more accurately a BC liaR, would never defect to the NDP - maybe to the HarpoCons or BC First or Heritage or something else to the right of both Gordo and Attila the Hun.

Anyone who can't generate any public confidence when the Liberals only open their mouths to change feet and then shoot themselves in the one they took out of their mouths should give somebody else a shot at the wheel.

Corky, come back!

off-the-radar said...

Bob Simpson is right and is simply saying what every ordinary person is thinking. The NDP needs a new leader and a new direction.

Unlike most British Columbians, I think Carol James could have been a good premier, she's decent, smart, fair and competent. But she's lost her way and there's no coming back. There are too many missteps to recover from.

The policy to pick women for certain seats? a big mistake. Opposing the carbon tax? a big mistake, cost her the 2009 election. The reach out to business? misguided. The UBCM speech? pathetic. Her stand on HST? God knows. In fact, the anti-HST movement has been a much more effective opposition than the "official opposition"

And now kicking Bob Simpson out of caucus? a huge mistake for Carol James. But this could be very good news for the many voters who are leaning NDP but who are not going to vote NDP while Carol James is leader.

Hoping to win the next election by simply existing as an ambiguous alternative to Gordon Campbell is not a winning strategy.

The NDP need a new leader and a new direction. The days of lemming politics are over.

Now Bob Simpson sounds like s sensible, grounded guy, definite leadership material.

Anonymous said...

Ms. James has shown, by this action,
how thin skinned she is.

And the is the problem. Instead of making a stand on issues, she avoids them so she won't be criticized for her policies.

It's the obverse of the old adage: if you don't do anything, you don't do anything wrong.

By running away from issues, the party looks to be rudderless under he watch.

We need ideas, not appeasement.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not familiar with Mr. Simpson's background as being previously a BC Liberal. But if that's the case I would tend to think that means he was a BC Liberal back when the BC Liberals hadn't been hijacked by the Reform, SoCrud, Allliance and Canadian Taliban bunch that followed in Gordo's footsteps after the media assisted double character assassinations on Gordon Wilson and Glen Clark.

What is called a BC Liberal today or more accurately a BC liaR, would never defect to the NDP - maybe to the HarpoCons or BC First or Heritage or something else to the right of both Gordo and Attila the Hun."

Gordon Wilson inflicted his own assination, and Glen Clark simply couldn't manage the finances and came up with a stupid idea for a much needed rebuilding of the BC shipyard industry. So blaming Gordo isn't accurate, but the political rhetoric comes forward obviously.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the NDP Convention. Are the delegates really going to vote non confidence in Carole James, or better yet come up with an "emergency resolution" (the NDP seems to always have those) in regards to the HST and insist to the NDP MLAs that if the refendum result means the HST stays that the NDP will remove it entirely within six months of assuming office? I think not.

The NDP could have easily won in 2009, but the majority of voters did not choose Carole James and her maligned NDP.

Bill Tieleman said...

Bob Simpson unsuccessfully ran for a BC Liberal Party nomination in 1996 - that's no secret to anyone in the NDP caucus or elsewhere.

As to the CFAX comment that Simpson said the NDP is spending too much time on the HST - I just wish they would spend enough time to call for an immediate binding referendum followed by termination of the HST.

That's not currently Carole James position. She would serve notice that BC might want out of the HST after the first 5 years of the agreement expire in 2015.

That's not what I or other British Columbians support.

Mike Lombardi said...

Carole James showing strong leadership!

I fully support Carole's action in removing Bob Simpson from the caucus.This is about more than his comments about Carole's speech to the UBCM. From my observations,from the time that Carole became leader, Mr Simpson has consistenly questioned Carole's leadership and the policy directions of the BC NDP.

Carole's recent action is a powerful demonstration of her resolve to modernize the NDP and to develop a centrist platform that responds to the needs of citizens and our province.

Recently,I attended one of the BC NDP sponsored Our Province Our Future community forums that was facilated by an NDP MLA. I was inspired by the dialogue and depth and quality of the BC NDP Looking Forward document that was the foundation for the discussion.

For me, the forum was a powerful indicator that that the BC NDP is serious about engaging the community in a process that will help inform the development of an innovative and responsive party platform for the next election.

From my perspective,Carole's recent provincial education tour and the Our Province Our Future initiative are good examples of her genuine commitment to developing a dynamic and responsive policy agenda. Additionally, these initiatives are good indicators of her interest in transforming the culture of the BC NDP.

Ironically, these initiative are exactly what Mr Simpson seems to be calling for. Unfortunately, he does not seem interested in constructive dialgue.

At a time when the BC Liberals are under seige, all members of the BC NDP caucus and party leaders should be focused on developing a policy agenda that will move BC forward.

Mike Lombardi

Ron said...

This morning's poll of Quebec leaders had Pauline Maurois, PQ leader, at 22% support but well ahead of Charest.

The same situation as here in BC with Carole at 33% and well ahead of Campbell.

Two similarities - both are social democratic women leaders.

Stewart MacKenzie said...

For the record:

Bob Simpson was in fact a member of the Gordon Wilson Liberals and left the party in disgust with Gordo's gang - he very likely could have won here as a Liberal in 2005, and was a prime candidate for cabinet if he had chosen that direction, (especially considering some of the deadwood Campbell has had to appoint for urban/rural balance) so ambition doesn't seem to be his driving force.

Anyone who believes Wilson was responsible for his own demise doesn't realize the desperation felt by the big business crowd; the likes of Peter Brown were not willing to allow any independent party to represent the right and made sure they brought down Wilson so their fair haired protege could be installed as puppet leader of the BC Libs. Had it not been for the total collapse of the Socreds, Gordo would have been Socred leader, but it was easier for the moneybags to do a hostile takeover of the Liberals than to rebuild from the Socred wreckage.
I told our local news editor on election night 1991 that Campbell would be leading the Libs by the next election, which he found quite unbelievable after the job Wilson had done. I told him that money was going to talk and did it ever!
The "official" reasons for Wilson resigning his leadership were specious, given that we have never before or since seen a BC politician ostracized nor even "outed" over his peccadilloes or romances, including Campbell's drunken antics in Hawaii (which merely made public some issues which had long been rumoured)
Campbell had been a protege of the right and business crowd pretty much since his early twenties and in fact has had very little experience in business nor anything but politics - ironic for a leader of such a business oriented government!

Anonymous said...

"That's not currently Carole James position. She would serve notice that BC might want out of the HST after the first 5 years of the agreement expire in 2015.

That's not what I or other British Columbians support."

Best thing to do is simply go to the NDP Caucus and the Convention with a binding resolution that essentially says the HST will be removed within six months after the election of an NDP government, if the referendum result means the HST stays.

Nothing hard about that, Bill. Why not start a movement within the NDP ridings to do that??

Be proactive within the NDP.

Seems the NDP is being weak kneed about the HST, and they could lead the elimination of the HST, should the referendum passage means the HST stays.

Serving notice that BC "might" want out of the HST doesn't eliminate it decisively.

If the HST isn't eliminated within the current context, there's no blame left to aim at the BC Liberals, it will then be up to the NDP to eliminate it.

Recall isn't going to do it 100%, since it will take only 6 new NDP seats to defeat the BC Liberals, cause an election, the NDP wins, and then what do you do?

Go through this circus of petition and VanderZalm once again?

Face the NDP and take a stand, internally, and also publicly as to what you want the NDP to do.

Cover all directions.

Anonymous said...

"Two similarities - both are social democratic women leaders.

The PQ is not the Quebec equivalent to the NDP, so there is no specific comparison.

Anonymous said...

This to will pass and was letting Simpson go a big mistake not really what is so big about it? Was he going to win the NDP the next provincial race as Simpson boasts of winning the Liberals election for them? James felt justified in letting a party member go and feels she had good reason. This will soon be forgotten by the voters. However the NDP caucus and how the individual MLAs feel about their leader and the decisions she makes on the parties behalf is the real story that is about to unfold.

It could turn into a real plus for Carol if the caucus backs her in decision to let Simpson free to find the perfect party to settle down with. Or just maybe a new leadership convention to find a leader to take her place. Which makes it particularly interesting as the Liberals are talking about a new leader to take Cambpell's place.

Anonymous said...

Since this isn't about the HST as so many have commented on as Carol James calls for referandum in the fall of 2010 and demands Campbell open up the legislature so the people of BC can have their say.

Anonymous said...

"Mike Lombardi said...
Carole James showing strong leadership!

I fully support Carole's action in removing Bob Simpson from the caucus.This is about more than his comments about Carole's speech to the UBCM. From my observations,from the time that Carole became leader, Mr Simpson has consistenly questioned Carole's leadership and the policy directions of the BC NDP."

NO. This action isn't the sign of strong leadership. It indicates insecurity and puritanism. If James was a strong leader she would have taken Simpson aside, listened to him, and invited him to provide unrestrained input. None of this happened. If James can't listen to 35 other NDP MLA's, whats the use of her listening to 4.5 million British Columbians?

DPL said...

Hey, the week isn't over yet and the lady who changes her mind quite often might ask Simpson back to the fold, before next week.I wonder just how many pretenders to the NDP throne are pussy footing around the Ledg. this week.I'm still trying to decide which one of her inner circle of advisers cooked up the" show how strong Carole is" deal and shot the party in their collective feet. I know they are asking for money today. But are they getting a increase of donations since she was trying to show her tough side.

Anonymous said...

I too received an email asking for more money.As a pensioner trying to live on whopping $1100, I have no alternative but to ignore it.

While James is fighting over her ego - I have to try and live on a pittance. Yes, I have some retirement money put away but that is for supporting my family.

However, gettting back to the original thread - things will heat up a bot over the next few weeks. Of course accusations will fly back and forth and those alone should provide some interesting information.

I suspect this will be found to indicate cracks appearing in the NDP party make up - not necessarily bad, but certainly not wanted right now. If they are smart they (NDP) could turn this into a chance to change for the better. Who knows what will happen now - but it will certainly start to get interesting.

The RECALL IN THE FALL should continue on regardless.


Henri Paul said...

That rattling you hear is the death knell of the NDP ,Killed by their leader.
There will be no successful recall of the Liberals. What fool will work their guts out signing up people in the cold. When all that will be accomplised is that nice sweet Carole can step up to the plate to reap the rewards for doing squat.
Best all concerted efforts go into forming another polical party to take on the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I know it's immature but I still can't get over how freakishly creepy Campbell looks in the photo in the previous article.

Opie Dopie said...

So Gordon Campbell is at 12% approval rating and Carole james is at 30% approval rating, both parties rumbling about leadership races. So many people in both parties starting to look elsewhere but there is nowhere else to put their vote.

An alternate NDP party will split the vote and hand the next election to the Liberals, a Conservative resurgence may split the Liberal vote and hand the election to the NDP so everybody is too afraid to do anything but stay where they are no matter how bad they think it is.

Choose between dictator Cambell or dictator James. Or not at all. Is there any reason to expect that a replacement for either would be any different given that our collective greed dictates the system we use and it's results?

Nice system we have here, glad you like it. And you wonder why people don't vote. Maybe if there was somebody that wasn't in it for the money or the power, just wanted to do the job they applied for.

Antoinette Halberstadt said...

I don't think this is heralding a split in the New Democratic PARTY, but if there is any splitting it's in the ND Caucus.

Who knows what's been going on in there, but knowing Bob slightly I'm sure his constant critical wholistic thinking keeps them on their toes as he tries to move them forward.

On cbc Carole said words to the effect that he is not on the same page as the Party. B.S!! Bob is one of a few Caucus members who has fully embraced what is supposed to be the Party's central 21st Century Policy, namely "Sustainable BC", , which has been unanimously endorsed by the membership in the past two NDP conventions.

This vision, with its practical implications, is in his bones, in his heart and in his soul, and I'm guessing he has been becoming impatient and even frantic that the current leadership doesn't "get it".

I don't think Bob is vying for Leadership or Premiership, though. His statement was mild, not opposing either Party or Caucus policy, and I agree all it deserved was a slap on the wrist. Now Carole has provoked the speaking of the unspoken, namely a strong movement for a Leadership change.

If Corky wasn't as happy as he is, playing in soil as a smallscale farmer, I too would be saying "Corky come back!" He, too, grasps and can articulate the vision of Sustainability. But there are others too, who "get it" and are leadership material ....

Anonymous said...

Not is Carole James very narrow minded in the belief that she alone can make choices such as throwing Bob Simpson out of Caucus and not expect a rousing backlash from the residents of this Province, but she also does not respond to emails sent to her office. One can only wonder if it matters to her what the people in this Province think, or is she so self centered that she thinks she doesn't have to answer to the voters in this Province?

Willy P said...

My simple, non abusive or vulgar comment was rejected. So now you're censoring comments? How Campbellesque.

Anonymous said...

If Carole James does not do the right thing and resign as leader I cannot in good conscience vote for the NDP. So disappointed in her misplaced actions.

Timbytes said...

I was disgusted by the request I got from the NDP for money to help in a byelection that isn't even underway yet. The MLA who supposedly sent the e-mail says the NDP needs money so the Liberals won't buy the election like last two times - translation, we need the NDP to be able to buy the election. Like I said in my response,

"I'm sorry but somebody from the NDP is going to have to explain to me how substituting the NDP for the Liberals is in any way better for the province."

Personally, although there is no way in hell I would vote for the Liberals, I hope they keep winning so they can keep screwing us over, so the rest of you will stop pretending there's a democratic solution.

You want the power back, you better come up with a plan to TAKE it back.

Bill Tieleman said...

To Willy P - I have no record of rejecting any such comments with your pen name attached, as you suggest. The last comment with your "Willy P" signature was received September 29.

I do moderate comments for appropriate language and libel but unless you sent something under a different or Anonymous name, I don't know what you are referring to.

Resend me the comment and unless objectionable on the grounds above I will post it.

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Anonymous said...

I am positively not a political guru. I read Bill Tielman, to try and, learn about politics. However, I have a gut feeling, the, James/Simpson clash, is going to cost, the NDP dearly. And, the BC Liberals, being so low, as to praise James of whom, the BC Liberals never had the least regard for, is revolting. I will not vote Conservative because, of Campbell and Harper's very close relationship. Never, ever, will I vote for the BC Liberals. I found the NDP, pretty much silent, for long stretches of time, regarding the HST. I am going to look at, the BC First party, perhaps, they can offer some stability, for the province, and, the people in it.

BC Mary said...

Anybody got a clue about what the Glorious Leader is needing to talk about on TV Oct. 27??

It could be a desperate effort to draw attention away from the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial which, by then, should be hearing testimony from Gary Collins on the witness stand.

Desperate is the operative word for Gordo, I think.

Jess C. said...

Some would argue that a principled disagreement is the most valuable thing someone can do for their superior (and I use that term to reference James LIGHTLY). Clearly James is not among those people. Dump her ass.

Anonymous said...

I would view Bob Simpson's remarks as mild support for Carol James leadership.
Nowhere in his article did he mention her incompetence, ineptitude, her arrogance or her inability to make a decision.
Not once did he mention all the things that most of the NDP supporters have been saying for the past few years, like " Dump Carol", or "I will not vote for the NDP as long as Carol James is the leader" or "I won't contribute one more nickel until James is gone". Nowhere did he mention that 80% of the population think that it is time for a new leader.
It is time to get the fork out. Carol James is done!

Anonymous said...

Instead of focusing your comments on James - why don't you look at the poor management of the party. Entrenched, myopic advisers, an insipid HR department and a marketing manager that thinks he knows everything and has an ego to match his destructive management practices. James can't do everything - but if YOU really cared for the Party you would focus where the REAL problems are - management - or rather lack there of. James didn't lose the last election, her staff did. It's time for a management review by industrial psychologists.

Anonymous said...

Once a Liberal. Always a Liberal. Never trust anyone who can switch sides (just to get elected).