Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bob Simpson NDP riding association in Cariboo North supports their MLA, calls for reinstatement, leadership convention

Bob Simpson's Cariboo North NDP riding association executive has voted to support their MLA, demand his reinstatement to caucus and called for 2011 NDP leadership convention.

This news release was issued Tuesday and came to my attention today.

Meanwhile Public Eye Online's Sean Holman reports that NDP MLAs are "severely split" over the Simpson expulsion as they continue a policy retreat at Vancouver's Wosk Centre at SFU.

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NDP Riding Association Executive Supports their MLA

For Immediate Release

October 12, 2010

Quesnel, BC

Last night the Executive of the Cariboo North Riding Association met and discussed the recent action that NDP Leader Carole James has taken against the Riding’s MLA. The Executive passed a motion supporting Bob Simpson remaining as the NDP MLA for Cariboo North.

“The Executive believes that what Leader Carole James did was an unjust overreaction to our MLA’s mild critique of her speech” said Riding Association President Keith Sandve.

“We believe that one of the fundamental principles of democracy is freedom of speech and the ability of our elected officials to act in accordance with their conscience and their common sense. We do not want our candidate to give up his principles or to mute his consistent and intelligent criticism of the problems with our electoral system.”

The President of the Riding Association will take the Cariboo North Executive’s concerns to the Party Executive and ask that MLA Simpson’s presence be restored on the Party’s website as he was not removed from the Party only the Caucus.

Fifteen people attended the Executive meeting and only one person abstained from voting.

The Executive also passed a motion reaffirming their previous motion calling for a Leadership Convention in 2011, again with one abstention. This motion will be taken to the Riding Association’s General Meeting on November 5th for ratification of the full membership.



Ron said...

Sean Holman would.

He packs his Sunday program with fiberals and has - for many years -spent much of his time slagging Carole and the caucus.

He has trouble shucking his UVic Liberal roots me'thinks.

But if some dippers think he is an objective pundit, then perhaps they should visit the fairies that live at the bottom of their garden.

DPL said...

I watched TV this evening and it seems some constituencies of the NDP don't have any one in the riding association. Can't blame that on Sean Holman, blame the NDP members.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron you might be interested to know that some BC Liberal types think that Sean is pro-dipper. He did work in communications in the provincial government back in NDP days.

Anonymous said...

Are you sitting down?

I am told by sources in caucus that today in their meeting MLAs found out that FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER the BC NDP President is being PAID!

Moe Sihota is being paid 72 THOUSAND a year. No wonder he's calling all the shots.

Never has a BCNDP President been paid. It has always been a volunteer position.

Carole has hid this from caucus...until now.

Carole James must resign for the good of the party!

Sean Holman said...

For the record, I worked as a communications advisor in the provincial civil service when the New Democrats were in power and later under the present Liberal administration. As I've disclosed numerous times in the past, I was also a federal Young Liberal when I was attending university - which was a frighteningly long time ago. My track record as a reporter stands on its own merit - from the Doug Walls affair and the controversy over Patrick Kinsella to the New Democrats de-affiliation debate and the present Bob Simpson crisis.

Anonymous said...

Sihota is being paid for what?

He was hired to raise money and membership for the party, and both are down. Someone in the NDP needs a performance review.

Anonymous said...

the last BC NDP budget showed no line item for paying the President

Anonymous said...

What planet are you on Ron ? It was the Liberals who canned Holeman when he was formerly working for the government. He is no Liberal shill.

Ron said...

Why does Sean persist in having 3 of 4 panelists of Liberal pursuasion? Is it really that difficult to have a balanced panel?

Why the constant sub-theme of most of his panelists - and himself - about how weak the NDP caucus is as an opposition?

They give little or no recognition to the NDP caucus work. Several examples come to mind:
Krog has been a very effective AG critic. His analysis of the BC Rail fiberal party scandal has been insightful. Horgan has been a very effective energy critic.Fleming is developing a balanced approach to environmental issues. chandra Herbert has run rings around Kreuger.

As one who watches the Question Period on the legislative channel, I am struck at the steady under-reporting of NDP questions in the media - including Sean's show.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Ron. I cannot listen to Seans' radio show any longer. It is simply to biased towards the Libs.

Anonymous said...

OK, who's up for a game of COMPARO?

Casey Printers was sacked by the B.C. Lions Wednesday, two days after being caught on camera chewing out receiver O'Neil Wilson after an overtime loss in Winnipeg.

B.C. Lions general manager Wally Buono said: The B.C. Lions as an organization don't condone that type of behaviour. We've worked hard for many, many years to build the reputation of an organization that has dignity and has class and has discipline. [...] There's a code that you have to respect. The locker-room is a very volatile place. As soon as it occurred, when I walked out of that locker-room, I knew that I was in a no-win situation, Buono said. There were only two alternatives, and one wasn't doable.

This was an incident that, in my mind, put the whole team in a very tough situation and had to be addressed. When you are a leader, you have to really respect the position that you have, and unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Of course, it is never just one incident.

Anonymous said...

Carole James, couldn't have picked a worse time, to split the NDP apart. So, back to square one, the NDP go again. The BC Liberals, are out, because of all their corruption, and the damage this province has suffered under, Campbell's regime. The Conservatives, will not be trusted, they support the HST. There is anger at, Harper's part in the HST. BC people will not support the Conservatives....Campbell and Harper have too cozy a relationship. Campbell works for Harper. The HST, isn't called the, Harper Sales Tax for nothing.

Anonymous said...

"The HST, isn't called the, Harper Sales Tax for nothing."

It wasn't Harper that actually started an HST in Canada, it was the federal Liberals.

The same federal Liberals that promised to get rid of the GST, but didn't.

Anonymous said...

I could care less, who thought up the HST. Harper, lied to the citizens saying, he did not approve of the HST. He then gave Campbell $1.6 billion to force that tax through. The HST papers went to Ottawa, faster than the speed of light. Jack Layton stated, Harper wanted the HST very badly. The HST goes directly to Harper. Does that not say anything? Sure as hell does to me. We are paying the HST, because of who?