Monday, March 15, 2010

Premier Gordon Campbell's dead cat 2% Olympic bounce leaves him still one of Canada's most unpopular premiers - can you spell HST?

"At least I'm ahead of Ed Stelmach!"

BC Premier Gordon Campbell now knows that the Vancouver Olympics, red mittens and shameless camera mugging have boosted his popularity by - wait for it - a measly 2% in a new poll that shows he is still one of Canada's biggest losers.

Angus Reid Public Opinion today released it's "Who's the Most Unpopular Premier of Them All" poll - and while Campbell hasn't hit bottom yet, his terrible 23% approval rating is only 7% above Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach and 8% higher than New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham - who is in the cellar at just 15% approval.

Campbell's disapproval rating is a hefty 60%, while 17% are not sure.

All of the above must dream of being Danny Williams - the popular and populist Newfoundland premier tops the approval ratings with a stunning 80% support level in his province!

One conclusion - the Harmonized Sales Tax planned to be imposed on July 1 in both BC and Ontario is killing those province's premiers - Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton MacGuinty is even worse off than Campbell at a mere 21% approval.

Also more popular than Campbell - Quebec Premier Jean Charest at 22%.

Dropping like rocks are Canada's newest NDP premiers - Nova Scotia's Darrel Dexter is at 23% - a huge drop from 43% just three months ago - and Greg Selinger of Manitoba at 27%.

Saskatchewan's right wing Premier Brad Wall is also doing very well with a 56% approval rating.

And unlike some polls, the Angus Reid rankings have a significantly large sample size - in BC 1000 people were surveyed for a +/- 3.1% margin of error.

Perhaps ironically, despite Gordon Campbell's massive Olympic expenditures and showboating and the polling taking place right during the event, his approval rating climbed just 2% from the last poll at the end of 2009 - a tiny rise identical to that of Stelmach and Williams - who did not host the Winter Games.



Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell generally avoids the spotlight for good reason - he is universally unlikable. It crosses all party lines.

Polak4Premier said...

Great photo of the Premier - gosh, he looks younger.

Bill, I cannot wait for Premier Mary Polak, 2013 and the thumping that awaits the BCNDP with Miz Cutie Pie.

Willy P said...

It will come as no surprise if some knives start appearing unsheathed soon in LieberalLand. Campbell's best before date has long expired but only the stubborn and foolish can't seem to sense it. The problem facing the Libs is the rest of the caucus looks like a Krusty The Klown/ Sideshow Bob Convention with enough baggage to kill a mule team. No heir apparent or any inspiration to be had by that group of lemmings and none bright enough to clean up the mess left behind by His Royal Highness. I had the "experience" of witnessing the narcissistic camera love around his office at Canada Place during the Olympics- any camera, any time and free pins to entice the self serving photo ops. I asked my somewhat politically oblivious 13 year old if he wanted a picture with Campbell.
"No thanks Dad, it isn't worth the time to wait".

Crankypants said...

The HST is only one of many anchors tied to his body. The raiding of ICBC's coffers and instructing of BC Hydro to apply for successive rate increases under false pretenses aren't gaining him any brownie points either.

Anonymous said...

What could have possibly gone wrong? Shouldn't we, the electorate all be lining up to stroke the man? After all he has done for business? Why, he has always been about creating jobs right? He has hated unions, helping to undermine and bust em up. Gone after those lazy welfare and disablility users? Kept the orphans from harm with an eye on the bottom line. What a fickle electorate! WTF do WE want anyway???

Anonymous said...

The only poll that counts is the one on election day.

Anonymous said...


What a joke! This is the woman, who, with her mentor Heather Stilwell, cost the taxpayers of Surrey more than a million dollars in an unsuccessful attempt to enforce their prejudices upon the public education system of Surrey.

Moving from Campbell to Polak would be like leaping from the frying pan into the fire - please, give your head a shake.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:31 - Me too! But I sure love how haggard he's looking! Not enjoying the job Gordie? Awww!

Kam Lee said...

Aside from "Polak4 prem..", who is so in love with ms polak, he is so far of track, it is so funny. About the drunk gordo, extremely unpopular. Between his robbery of the BC people, he is a lout, a drunk and a lier. Can he go any lower? You bet! Off with his head!

DPL said...

It looks like Joseph K has moved over from Seans website to Bill's. Big booster of Polak and its the most unlikely thing to happen even in BC politics

Anonymous said...

how come Polak4Premier won't load has it been disabled

Anonymous said...

You seldom see numbnut Campbell's wife with him She probably can't stand him either.
He seems to get along very well with environmental people or someone with a low I/Q. His picture shows him for what he is, a spaced out
corporate yes man.

Anonymous said...


Bill Tieleman said...

Just a reminder to readers here that I only reject or remove posts that are a)obscene; b)suggest violence; or c)are needlessly insulting.

Tough criticism and differing viewpoints are always welcome, including those going after your genial host.

I've removed a post that suggested violence - even if it was intended humorously, it wasn't appropriate.

Please take at least a slightly higher road.

Anonymous said...

Could you please remove anon 4:25 as it is just a little rude.

Anonymous said...

sorry 10:38 pm but I was referring to him as a jet fighter pilot,and it was meant to be funny not to offend so I truly am sorry if Ive offended.

kootcoot said...

" Anonymous said...
Could you please remove anon 4:25 as it is just a little rude.

10:38 PM

Anonymous said...
sorry 10:38 pm but I was referring to him as a jet fighter pilot,and it was meant to be funny not to offend so I truly am sorry if Ive offended.

7:16 AM

I think you're both wrong, I think he was referring to the joystick of a video game. For much more of the Gospel according to Polakite, lotsa laughs await on a recent post at

I think it is the thread below the post that asks where all the "fiscal restraint" was a few short weeks ago.

CanadianMalcontent said...

Whatever happened to the NDP in BC? Are they still around or have they folded up shop? Sure do not hear anything from them anymore. I guess they don't have a leader or what? Did they go out of business?

Yet I see Layton on TV and in the papers. Maybe I should write to Jack and ask him to start up a provincial wing here in BC?

We need an alternative to Campbell and the BC libs and I remember when we used to have an NDP party here in BC all not that long ago it seems. Anyone know whatever happened to the BC NDP???

If Ms. James is still leading the NDP in 2013 the Libs will win yet again with or without Campbell at the helm.

US-eh? said...

you know, mr. tieleman, had you shown
anywhere near the support for
democracy, by not such a fear monger
about STV, I could stomach (and maybe even)
support your stuff now. But you , like Dr.
David what's his name, lost tons of
credibility over that fiasco.

So, now you really want to help with
democracy, with anti HST, etc.

Yea, you missed the boat. but go for it.

Maybe it will get you back in power.

PS STV would not have been forever, too
bad the masses didn't know, that, and, of course,
you weren't above fear-mongering on that
point were you.