Monday, March 29, 2010

Basi-Virk - last pre-trial hearing today - but publication ban will prevent reporting unless lifted

This morning at 10 a.m. BC Supreme Court Justice Anne MacKenzie presides over the last pre-trial hearing in the BC Legislature Raid case before the trial begins on May 3.

I'll be there, along with other media, but unless MacKenzie amends her
draconian publication ban currently in place since March 2, you won't be able to find out what happened in court with corruption charges against David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi connected to the $1 billion privatization of BC Rail.

That actual order - the one signed by MacKenzie, reads: "Pursuant to s. 648 of the Criminal Code and the inherent jurisdiction of the court, no information about these proceedings including evidence, submissions, rulings and Reasons for Judgment shall be published in any document or broadcast or transmitted in any way until the jury renders its verdict or until further order of the Court."

Note that there is no reference to "in the absence of the jury" as it says in the online Publication Ban section of the BC Supreme Court website.

That means not only can I not report on today's hearing but - if this ban continues - nor could any media report on the trial's daily testimony and evidence until the verdict had been reached!

Let's all hope that MacKenzie let's the people who have been following this case for over 6 long years hear the latest chapter today - not to mention during the trial!



BC Mary said...

Holding my breath, Bill, waiting for your report from ... well, if necessary, from the steps of the Law Courts building.

Surely the lady made a mistake ... and she will correct or modify it today?!

Or do we really have to start making our flags and posters ready to march in the streets protesting??

Anonymous said...

This just got even more corrupt.

Anonymous said...

"Or do we really have to start making our flags and posters ready to march in the streets protesting??"

This is tipping point for me. Give me a date and time and I'll march.

kootcoot said...

I'm must be getting old Bill, but maybe you can help me with my memory. What kind of publication ban was there in effect when Glen Clark was persecuted (that IS the word I was looking for) for that horrible crime of accepting a deck, or whatever (did that deck have an electric train on it?) - or was there perhaps NONE!

I was beginning to think that those mafioso looking types exiting the card club in North Burnaby and a harried Glen trying to traverse his kitchen with klieg lights, cameras and press everywhere was a
Canadian version of Coronation Street, because it was on every night forever, or so it seemed.

Anonymous said...

Looking for your BC Rail fix?

Will McMartin delivers today [29.MAR.10] in The Tyee.

Liberals, Stop Lying about BC Rail
No Minister Bond, it wasn't 'bankrupt' or debt-laden or 'in disarray'. Here's proof BC Rail was very healthy when Campbell got it.