Tuesday, March 02, 2010

BC Budget coverage - coming here this afternoon after expected brutal BC Liberal document tabled

British Columbia's budget will be tabled today by BC Liberal Finance Minister Colin Hansen and the results are expected to be brutal, with program spending cuts and layoffs galore.

Watch here for full coverage - I will be in the Vancouver budget lockup until Hansen rises in the BC Legislature to deliver the budget speech.



Willy P said...

We need to stand up and stop allowing Campbell Inc. free play to do as they please. It's PAST TIME that our elected liars be shown the door or represent the wishes of the constituents, instead of toeing the line. Where do I start volunteering for the recall initiative?

Grant G said...

Bill T..Could you find out how much of the HST bribe has been added to the revenue side of the BC Government..For example,last years deficit was $2.8 billion dollars but that was after $900 million dollar was applied to the deby from the $1.6 billion dollar bribe,so if this year`s deficit is ...$billion dollars is that total after the remaing $700 million dollars of HST bribe money has been applied.