Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bill Tieleman on CBC TV's Power & Politics Friday December 11

Tune in to CBC TV's News Network program Power & Politics with host Evan Solomon on Friday afternoon between 3:30 and 4 p.m. when I will be appearing on the political bloggers panel.

On today's show with guest host Rosemary Barton and Kady O'Malley we talk about how the federal parties have used websites and the Internet to advance their interests.


ron said...

I find Evan much fairer than Don Newman - who often showed that he was no fan of the New Democrats.

I foolishly still expect the CBC to be fair!

Peter said...

tieleman needs an extreme makeover. looks like he just got out of jail. it's all about appearance, thus no one takes him seriously.

Bill Tieleman said...

Ha-ha - if you read blog posts on other items you'll find that a lot of people - PAB, HST trolls - take me very seriously indeed!

Not willing to talk about my legal issues in public either!!! Ha-ha.

But I will be in Supreme Court covering Basi-Virk this afternoon.

Ron said...

Do you prefer your Premier's Hawaiian DUI photo?

Kam Lee said...

Good work Bill! PAB working overtime again? Balance is the order of the day. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Why is it every school yard bully goes on to become a right wing neo-con?

Peter I have no idea what you look like but within the two sentences you wrote I feel safe speculating that you are a frightened violent poorly tempered person.

Laila Yuile said...

Peter,based on your statement I would think it would only be fair for you to post your photo as well, so that we can all determine if you can be taken seriously....

Geesh, if this is the best you can come up with,it's home free from here... ha!

Nice to see your continuing appearances on this show Bill - a little something to break up the afternoon in my house!

Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

I believe that most of the neo-con types who "right-in" either get "their truth" from the Premier's Communication's Directorate's (The Fraser Institute) talking points or have wet dreams about the leader of The Wildrose Party.

Sadly these characters are the same no matter if the geography is God's Wrath, Georgia or downtown Tehran.

This crowd will never change even when they have to stand on the roof of their single-wide to avoid the rising sea water.


Henri Paul said...

Peter said... 10:40 AM
it's all about appearance, thus no one takes him seriously.
Strong statement, but how much credence can one give to a Peter?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that everyone who thinks Tieleman is a flake with zero credibility is labelled as being a “PAB” staffer ?

Bill Tieleman said...

Ha-ha - I enjoyed that last one - but you're right - it could be any one of my embittered opponents from a wide variety of places! Please don't make me speculate.

DPL said...

It's unfortunate that a few folks, who can't find anything else to try to put a person down starts talking about his or her appearance. Maybe they should have a quick peek at the flake now our Health Minister. Then watch what the new minister has to say and quickly decide some folks not only look rather strange but by opening their mouths show they think strange as well. I can think of a number of other cabinet ministers who are in well over their depth.

Anonymous said...

Appearance? Appearance!
I thought we were trying to encourage young people to stop judging by appearance. How shallow, Peter.

PeterInEdmonton said...

More important than cosmetic appearance, the CBC has yet to mention your political affiliation, but have simply mentioned your URL. The previous week, they introduced Adrian McNair as "a Conservative blogger" and Jeff Jedras as "a Liberal blogger".
Ironically, much of the segment that week was taken up by Adrian accusing the CBC of left-wing bias. Just search the CBC site on "Climategate bloggerheads".

Not that I claim you are trying to hide it, Bill.

You were the only blogger this week. Did somebody get stuck in traffic?

As far as I know, I am no relation to the other Peter posting on this segment. I will disclose that I am scruffier-looking than you, Bill. If I was lit as darkly as they lit you, there might be some trouble telling us apart ;)

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks PeterInEdmonton - as you note, my leanings are well known but so is my criticism of the NDP - on the gun registry, Carole James courting business etc - so I am decidedly NOT a "blogging dipper".

The producers have been trying to get a wide range of views - they clearly succeeded with Adrian McNair!

No one was missing from the show this week - but usually there are two bloggers.

Thanks for watching!