Friday, December 04, 2009

75% of BCers oppose HST, 63% "strongly" says news Canadian Foodservice & Restaurant Association poll

Harmonized Sales Tax still deeply hated by British Columbians, new poll by the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association shows

A new poll released Thursday will give indigestion to the BC Liberal provincial and Conservative federal government that together are trying to impose the Harmonized Sales Tax - because it shows once again that the overwhelming majority of BCers hate the HST.

The full poll results from Innovative Research show that 75% of British Columbians oppose the HST but with a stunning 63% "strongly opposed" and only 16% in favour. Another 5% are neutral and 4% don't know. The poll of 604 people was conducted from November 14 to 19, with a margin of error of +/- 4%.

Innovative Research was a particularly interesting choice by the CFRA because its pollster is none other than Greg Lyle, a former chief of staff to BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell back in his opposition days.

The full news release from the CFRA's Western Region is below and understandably focuses on the impact of the new 7% HST on all restaurant food, which will be disastrous.

But the full poll results linked above show a lot of interesting data that should give both BC Liberals, and federal Conservative and Liberal MPs - who are voting "Yes" to the HST in Parliament - cause for serious political concern. Here is the unedited, full release:

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No surprise – British Columbians do not want a new meal taxSurvey demonstrates strong opposition to HST being implemented in restaurants


VANCOUVER – With consumers’ wallets already in a pinch, paying more to dine out as a result of the proposed HST tax increase is leaving a bad taste in British Columbians’ mouths.

Findings from a recent survey commissioned by the B.C. restaurant and foodservice industry show that 64 per cent of B.C. consumers favour exempting food in restaurants from a new meal tax.

“Consumers’ wallets will take a major hit if the federal and provincial governments move forward with implementing an additional seven per cent tax on food served at restaurants, despite the strong opposition by British Columbians,” said Mark von Schellwitz, Vice President Western Canada of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA).

“Everything from morning coffee to lunch at the university or office cafeteria to pizza dinner with the kids will cost consumers more. This survey underscores that it is not just industry that opposes HST, but that consumers agree with much of what we have argued for months.”

The restaurant and foodservice industry has strong ties to residents and communities throughout B.C. More than half of survey respondents reported that they visit a quick-service restaurant once a week and a full-service restaurant at least several times a month.

In addition, more than a quarter of all respondents have a direct connection to the industry: 17 per cent either work or have an immediate family member who works in the industry and six per cent are in a household that works in an organization that depends significantly on the restaurant industry.

“The B.C. restaurant and foodservice industry employs 173,000 people, so it’s not surprising that British Columbians are worried about how HST will affect them directly,” said Ian Tostenson, President and CEO of the B.C. Restaurant and Foodservices Association (BCRFA).

“With so many jobs at stake, consumers are beginning to realize the domino effect HST would have on the economy and the $10 billion restaurant industry. The negative effects of a new meal tax would reverberate throughout the province as the impact on our sector will have a cascading effect on everyone from suppliers and vendors to their employees and to farmers.”

Other findings from the survey indicate that:

67 per cent are less likely to support a new meal tax to be applied to restaurants and coffee shops when told that the “HST will raise more money from consumers to give tax breaks to business and there won’t be more money for health or social programs.”

64 per cent are less likely to support a new meal tax when told that “prepared food sold in groceries, such as frozen pizza, won’t be taxed while pizza made by local workers in a local pizzeria will be taxed.”

59 per cent are less likely to support a new meal tax when told that “there are 173,000 jobs in B.C. coffee shops and restaurants at stake.”

The survey also shows that there is resentment amongst B.C. consumers towards the federal and provincial governments for their HST implementation plans.

Tied with Olympic spending, respondents identified HST as the most critical issue that concerns British Columbians the most about the provincial government’s performance.

Thirty-five per cent of respondents were aware that HST is an initiative that is being driven by the federal Conservative government.

However, when informed that the federal government offered the provincial government a $1.6 billion incentive to endorse the initiative, 54 per cent of respondents indicated they had a less favourable impression of the federal Conservatives.

“We are not asking for any government handouts or a bailout, we simply want food tax fairness for B.C. consumers and those working in the restaurant and foodservices industry,” said von Schellwitz.

“B.C. consumers shouldn’t be discriminated against and taxed for choosing to dine out rather than prepare a meal at home. A solution that protects B.C. consumers’ interest is what is most important to us and that won’t happen without the cooperation of the federal and provincial governments.”

The results were drawn from a telephone survey, which was conducted among 604 B.C. residents in the evenings between November 14 and November 19, 2009. A sample of this size is considered accurate to an estimated margin of error of plus-or-minus four percentage points, 19 times out of 20.


Anonymous said...

What's more interesting are the BC federal and provincial voting intentions (after undecideds are factored out):


CPC - 40%
Lib - 24%
NDP - 24%
Green - 13%


NDP - 35%
Lib - 31%
PC - 19%
Green - 15%

It looks like the NDP are also tanking in BC (compared to their election results). So much for the HST issue!

DPL said...

Gordo fell for this tax like a person who doesn't think very far ahead. He wants the bribe from Harper and has shafted many of us to get it? He sold large chunks of the provicne so was easily conned into selling our future. The provicne has handed over the right to set sales taxes for a quick pile of money

Anonymous said...

I heard Sean Lesley with his comment about the week at the ledge.As usual he talked about the opposition this time to the HST.At the end he addede to his report another derogatory comment about the Federal and Provincial NDP not caring about the economy.These are supposed to be NW's report on the ledge not a comment on the NDP. Who I only support because this Government is so BAD!

inasafeplace said...

Welcome to HST free Calgary!!Canada's newest preferred shopping destination!!

Anonymous said...

Be aware of the "Military industrial Complex"
This was in Eisenhower's "62" farewell speech to the Nation.
Just a thought.