Friday, December 04, 2009

Ontario voters strongly opposed to Harmonized Sales Tax - McGuinty Liberals bleeding votes to both right and left, Angus Reid poll reports

A new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll shows that Ontario is firmly opposed to the Harmonized Sales Tax over six months before it is imposed, with 75% against the HST and 57% strongly so.

And Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal provincial government is dropping votes rapidly, falling 12% behind the resurgent Conservative Party - 41% to 29% while the NDP also rises to 20%.

Here are the highlights of the poll:

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The HST continues to be a hot issue in Ontario with very high awareness and three quarters being opposed to it.

This and scandals have helped drive the Ontario PC party under Tim Hudak into a commanding lead. It is also worth noting that McGuinty is bleeding support to the left as well with the NDP on the rise to 20%.

• 76% are very or moderately familiar with the HST

• 75% oppose the establishment of the HST in Ontario

• 83% believe the HST will make goods and services more expensive

• 70% say their opinion of the McGuinty government has worsened over the

• PC’s 41%, Liberals 29%, NDP 20% and Greens at 11%



Anonymous said...

No wonder the provincial PC's are surging in Ontario. The right-wing has always been identified as "anti-tax". The left-wing has always been identified as "tax and spend".

Today we also see the BC provincial Conservatives surging in BC.

For the NDP to now be on some National Citizen's Coalition/ Canadian Taxpayer Federation "anti-tax" kick stretches their credibility to say the least. Certainly humourous. Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

Vancouver Sun:

"82 per cent of British Columbians say no to the new tax which comes into effect July 1, 2010"

Quote of the day:

"B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen was skeptical about the poll. "If every single tax the government tried to change had to pass a popularity test you wouldn't have any taxes at all."he said."

Harmonized Sales Tax by Andrew Mayeda

Colins still hasn't captured the true impact of what taxes, any taxes, has on us. He's compartmentalizing, he's being selective on this issue.... what the heck is the Carbon Tax, its NEW.

Anonymous said...

Ths HST is the Here to Stay Tax. It is not going anywhere and the so called fight is noting but a huge time waster.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 7:46 am but Hansen is dead on the money. You could remove a hidden 50% tax and replace it with a 10% transparent tax and there would still be uninformed morons that would think they were getting screwed.

It is no different than the HST.

DPL said...

I really don't think that many people who don't support the HST are stupid. It's going to cost the average person more money each month, and anyone actually supporting it are the dumb ones. A number of items that will be included in the new tax are pretty well necessary and arn't luxuries. Now if my pension went up a few percentage points I could consider reappraising my dislike for the damn thing.

Anonymous said...


As much as I support your position on the hated-HST, I understand "we" are sending at public expense Carole (Neville Chamberlain) James to Ottawa to talk-up the anti-HST case to parliament.

"Neville" James will have as much luck and get as much respect as her sad-sack namesake did at Munich.

Could "we" not find someone better?
What a waste of $$$ !

"No HST In Our Time" . . . Carole?


Bill Tieleman said...

Great Satan - while I have been critical of Carole James on some issues she has been steadfast in opposing the HST and is headed to Ottawa Monday to join Jack Layton and Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath in a news conference against the HST - good for her.

DPL said...

Hey Great Saten.

Speaking of people going to other places. I was just wondering who covered Gordo's fare to go over to Copehagan for a photo op. He will have hung around the big girls and boys there hoping people might think he is someone important.