Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bill Tieleman leaves the Bill Good Show on CKNW AM 980

I am sorry to report that I will no longer be appearing on the Bill Good Show on CKNW AM 980 and stations of the Corus Radio Network.

I have greatly enjoyed commenting on federal, provincial and other politics every Monday morning with Bill Good and Norman Spector since 2005.

During the time I also had the unique and great opportunity to fill in as guest host on a number of CKNW radio programs, including Nightline BC, the World
Today and the Cameron Bell Show.

I want to sincerely thank first and foremost Bill Good, who has been a colleague, supporter and friend, for his encouragement.

I also want to give my thanks to his producers present and past - Rebecca Scott and Craig Sorochan now, Carly Nicol and Susan Kleiderman Neal before that. Working with all of them has been a pleasure.

CKNW News Director Ian Koenigsfest surprised and delighted me a few years back by asking me to try hosting - something I had never considered and which terrified me at first. Hopefully it was successful and if nothing else, it gave me new respect for everyone who hosts a regular program - it ain't easy.

Norman Spector and I have argued, debated and often surprisingly agreed on many federal and other political issues during our weekly session. While I have many times had fundamental disagreements with Norman it has alwasy been an intelligent, spirited and informed dialogue that I will miss.

Unfortunately, I was not able to come to an agreement with CKNW management to continue appearing on the Bill Good Show but I wish everyone there all the best and hope to appear on occasion with Bill and on the station's other programs.

It's been a good run and while I'm very sorry it has ended, one door closes and another opens.


Ron said...

Sad news Bill.

I really enjoyed the spectrum of views that was engendered - and your positive contributions.

Your appreciation of my poetry and Liberal political slogans will be missed.

You are right. Other doors will open.

Norm Farrell said...

Well, they say goodbye to Bill T but they're saying hello to George Noory and his roster of alien abductees and Sasquatch hunters.

Bill Rea, Frank Griffiths, Bill Hughes, Webster and those other titans will be spinning ever faster.

Won't make much difference to me though. I tossed my radio over the fence a while ago, one Friday morning.

I'll catch B.T. here and avoid aggravation.

Willy P said...

I'm sorry to see that Bill. In my opinion, you represented a less lick spittle and a more common sense approach that seems somewhat lacking in the tail kissing vanilla sludge that passes for talk radio in Vancouver. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Good ,you were the only reason I even listened to that ,show now I can toss it altogether,with no remorse,and by the way,all objective voices are being silenced,notice the trend 1410,now you ,WTF is going on here?A very classy exit I might add sir,good and co.,don't deserve your kind words,although I enjoyed the SPEC!

DPL said...

Bill is far more civil than I am which is why he is good at communication work, and more work will be just around the corner. But it must have been fun to work with Norman Spector.

Anonymous said...

"I was not able to come to an agreement with CKNW management to continue appearing on the Bill Good Show".

I assume that they wanted to cut your pay as a result of the current media financial crisis?

Anyway, that's too bad. You were always interesting to listen to.

Anonymous said...

The only time we listened to cknw was monday morning when you and Spector gave this neocons news outlet a little class. Walking Eagle (Campbell ) is still running the show over there. This Liberal gov is the most corrupt gov BC has ever had . It's quite evident to the majority of BC taxpayers that these news outlets have been told to not comment,on the selling out of BC by the Liberal party.
The Fraser Institution and their Inmates,the chamber of commerce. will be pleased with the position Chorus radio has given Rafe Mair the ax for revealing how corrupt this gov is. How low will some people go to remain with CKNW. The people that will be staying on with cknw must be very low in principals. This must be the only talk show that puts Liberal supporters on hold to cover Walking Eagles corruption.
Now and then you hear a liberal cabinet minister calling in to praise the work of Good and Clark . How low will some people go.
Why the hell would anyone listen to their garbage when we can get honest opinions from internet. And sort out the crap.
It's on to better things Bill
and you don't have to associate with the SCUM that controls CKNW.

Anonymous said...

"e" mail for cknw is news @ and remind them that they are not being listened to and how low will they go for a paycheck. For pro Canadian news go to the CBC and internet.
News outlets in Canada have a lot in common with the news outlets in
communist countries.

Anonymous said...

I believe a lot of heat is being put on the retard Walking Eagle.
He will have his ass turfed out before the next election Who would be sleazy enough to run for the corrupt Liberal party.
It will also be very interesting to see who will put their name forward to run for this collection of scum.

BC Mary said...


Sorry for your loss, Bill,

but from where I stand, woohoo! you'll have more time for the BC Rail trial !

Jack Bennest said...

A lost to NW and radio

but radio is not much any more

soon it will be blogs and podcasts

for our busy lifestyles

Jack Bennest

kootcoot said...

Mary sez:

"but from where I stand, woohoo! you'll have more time for the BC Rail trial !"

Maybe they were having you on so you couldn't be in the courtroom at BVB - cuz I seem to remember many hearings when I was informed by you or Mary that you wouldn't be able to attend due to appearing on radio!

Worst case scenario, they've squashed the entire trial, so don't need to keep you away anymore!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Was surprised not to hear your voice today when I tuned in.

The show definitely suffers your absense.

Crankypants said...

If today's show was any indication of the new "Monday Morning Quarterbacks", then talk radio has taken another step backwards. It was like listening to a debate with only one side represented. BORING!!

Bill, you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Bill I thought you gave those guys way too much lattitude, for the greater good most likely (no pun intended). Just like the public finally figured out who Campbell & Co. are so will they come to understand NW is the same brand.

Any link to your departure and the trial/mis-trial are purely coincidentel I'm sure?

Anyway I'd say your standards have just improved.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand this decision Bill. Why not just take the offer? It’s not like the media world here in B.C. is full of media moguls getting in line to pay up to hear political commentary.

Beth said...

Bill you will be greatly missed, you have no idea!
Your views your intergrity spoke volumes to the many unrepresented in this province I wont be tuning in to nw anymore you will be missed I hope to hear you on the airwaves soon

Anonymous said...

I disagreed with much of what you said on the air, but, I appreciate your views.

I would have thought that the greatest benefit to you came from the exposure that show would have given you for your consulting business no?

Isn't that a lot to give up?

Louis Kiesberg said...

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the rapidly changing media world, which is undergoing radical technological change, shrinking newsrooms and concentration of ownership. Add to this a Twitter audience with increasingly shorter and superfluous attention spans. The economic times don't make things much better for reporters and commentators, who face being dumped for bloggers and social media acolytes all too happy to work for free.

I'm sure CKNW did their focus group surveys in search of ways to shore up ever-shrinking ad revenue.

The station's morning talk segment lost its passion and fight when they kicked Rafe Mair to the curb. I've never really listened much since. I know Bill Good is a friend of your, so I'll mind my tongue, only to suggest that as a host, he is only as good the quality of his guests.

But when I did tune in to catch you (Bill) and Norman, the dynamic was a good one, often funny, usually erudite, always informative.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you go.
Your new horizons will expand exponentially.

In my view CKNW is a Liberal dominated medium.

Sal V

davinkarjala said...

Sorry to hear you leave. The Norman/Bill debates were thoughtful and honest, something that's often lacking in commercial radio. Your voice will be missed.

Unknown said...

Hi Bill,
I want to thank you for two things.
First for this wonderful article today. You understand well. The more we move to the right, the more we not only lose our traditional base, but we lose the ability to draw in thousands of new and alienated voters who are looking for a party that can represent them. All this to gain at best a miniscule number of business oriented people who will switch from the Liberals. One thing will be certain however. If the NDP moves to the right and seeks the donations of business, I can guarantee you that the party's policies will very rapidly reflect this new source of income. He who pays the piper........ Your analysis of why most business people are motivated to vote Liberal was spot on.

Second, I want to thank you for bringing a voice of reason and social democratic ideas to the airwaves these past five years. Your were a breath of fresh air and you will be sorely missed. Thanks, Bill

Anonymous said...

What deal? POLITICAL content or MONEY......? Which is it?

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for the kind comments - I truly appreciate them all.

To be clear, at no time have I been asked to moderate, change or stifle my political perspective.

My departure has nothing to do with that.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bill :
I have been wondering why you were not anymore on the Bill Good show on Monday mornings with Norman Spector.
I am very sad to hear that you left it for good
But I hope this gives you more time to "dig" more under the radar and tell us the truth about what is really going on in politics.
In the meantime I still enjoy your commentary every Tuesday in the 24hours paper.
All the best for your future endeavors.
Lisa S