Friday, November 06, 2009

Bill Tieleman on CBC News Network Politics & Power show today at 3:30 p.m. BC time

I will be appearing today -Friday - on the new Power & Politics show's blog panel at 3:30 p.m. with host Evan Solomon, CBC's Kady O'Malley and Parker Donham of Sydney, Nova Scotia on the CBC News Network.

Check out the CBC Politics website for more information


Ron said...

Hi Bill,

I wonder if you will be discussing Senator Mike Puffie's attack on NDP MP Peter Stoffer regarding the NDP's analysis of Senate costs - including Puffie's $44 thousand in his first 3 months in office - all for Tory dinners and political fundraising?

Harper, in his Reform days, called for a triple E Senate. In office he is building a triple U Senate: Unqualified, Unelected and Unequal.

Liberal Senator Smith is the Fiberal federal campaign manager. Why do the two old-line parties think their hacks can continue to stick their snouts in the public trough? Don' they get enough money from their corporate friends?

Abolish the Senate. Jack Layton's idea of a national referendum on this issue is a first step.

Ron said...

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan suppressed an RCMP report on the effectiveness of the Gun Registry until today.

The attack of Senator Puffy on NDP MP Peter Stoffer - one of parliament's most respected MPs - has, along with Van Loan's perfidy, occasioned considerable blog traffic.

One of the most hilarious comments is from Pakman from the Okanagan, as follows:
"The only thing more obscene than Duffy feeding at the public tax-payer trough would be him and Van Loan at an all-you-can-eat buffet."

Now that is cruel and unusual punishment.

PeterInEdmonton said...

Actually it was on at 3:40 PT, so you'll have to wade through another 10 minutes of Evan when the online video is available.

Still waiting for a right-wing blogger to be added to the panel.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to spend a lot of time on the CBC Bill. I'm sure you will be speaking for the majority.
Is Peter from Edmonton a janitor for Canned west? He might want to check out Hopeless Harper and Numb nut Campbell giving the American mining co's the right to dump toxic waste into our lakes and rivers American oil co's do it.
I believe these American mining
co's get along quite well with the Americans that run and control Alberta's resources.
Is Freddie an American?