Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thursday & Friday are last two days of Basi-Virk till May - Transportation Ministry documents likely up next

For those wondering - no pre-trial hearing today for the BC Legislature Raid case - regarding corruption charges against former BC Liberal government aides David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi.

But the disclosure hearing resumes Thursday April 2 with government lawyer George Copley making presentations regarding documents from the Transportation Ministry and other ministries that the defence has sought through Freedom Of Information requests.

After Friday April 3 court session it is anticipated that there will be no further hearings until May - and until after the April 22 hearing of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Special Prosecutor's appeal of two lower BC court rulings regarding the issue of a "secret witness."

It is unclear when the Supreme Court of Canada might rule in this expedited hearing - regular readers will recall that Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino hinted that the prosecution might not be able to proceed without the secret witness, though that is far from certain.



Anonymous said...

Now that there is solid evidence that links the BC Rail deal with the Premier's office - Gordon Campbell should resign until all the dust settles.

StoneWally seems to think that anything he says will unduly influence the Judge - Doesn't that mean that anytime a judge rules against the province they are dissing the A-G? I mean really... Does that schmuck think that his utterances are so profound that the very foundations of contemporary civilization will crumble under the gentle wind of his word?

If StoneWally's words are so wise, then why did a judge just dump the gag law down the toilet with a double flush?

And why the heck is StoneWally telling the media to explain sub judice to the masses? [Thanks Vaughn Palmer] It is the job of government to be open and accountable for their actions.

Here is a list of all 17 Supreme Court of Canada decisions that use the term "sub judice" (Use the [Highlight Query Terms] for easier reading.) - I could not see anything to support StoneWally.

Anonymous said...

Yawn ...

"grasping at straws"

Z z z z z z ...

Anonymous said...

"Gordon Campbell should resign until all the dust settles."

Hey c'mon. It's only BCRail. It's not like somrbody did work on the premier's sundeck or something serious like that!

Anonymous said...

Yes, BASIGATE is real pile of excrement in a government and party that holds the record for bovine dung BUT . . . the clock is a ticking, Campbell & Wally are a hiding and CanWest ain't-a-reporting so nothin-is-a-happening.

So unless other forces come into play in the courts or the streets in the next few weeks . . .Gordo get his third term.

Ultimately democracy and the rule of law in BC gets flushed down the water closet again.

And the real guilty party the brain dead, hockey crazy citizens of BC get what they deserve and by mid-2010 they will really know what pain is.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the NDP's pro-cop triumvirate - Farnsworth, Kwan and James - appeared together to demand hiring of more cops ("168"). They did that in face of 5 years of plain and obvious failures since the BC Gang Task Force began sucking our money into 9-5 police sandbox schemes. Since 2004, tens of millions of tax dollars have been burned gathering worthless info on nominal criminal organizations. For all that, BC cops haven't stopped a single gang hit, or made any dent in gang activity. More cops means: more sloth.

The NDP should be letting the Libs pander to the parasitical cop-lobby, and take the high road on public safety. The problem with BC policing is: we let people who work towards getting 45 years pay for 25 years of work, define their work environment. Cops are frequently sued for non-performance. I have examined over a dozen Statements of Defence. In every case, our so called protective surrogates denied that they owe a duty of care to their pay masters. The public needs to ask why over three-quarters of Canwest' cover stories are scripted by cops. Truth needs to become the only currency in BC reportage. By definition, a dupe cannot be a journalist.

DPL said...

Garry Masons last two columns in the Globe and Mail plus the Beirman cartoon today( Thursday) are great. Maybe someday we can get to the bottom of the weird deals cooked up under the Cambell government.