Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BC Election polling update - one more Ipsos Reid, two more Angus Reid before May 12

There will be at least three more polls on the BC election before the May 12 vote.

Ipsos Reid Vice President Kyle Braid tells me that they will definitely conduct one more poll - after the May 3 television debate of between Premier Gordon Campbell, NDP leader Carole James and Green Party leader Jane Sterk.

And Angus Reid Strategies Research Director Hamish Marshall says his firm will do two more polls before the vote but scheduling has not been decided.

The Mustel Group released a poll on April 14.

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Anonymous said...

Poll results will be skewed if Oppal continues to be allowed to shake scandals. How on earth can people forget that even The Province, Canwest's most reactionary rag, front paged editorial copy when Court Services - read Stonewally and Don Brenner (Supreme Court Chief Justice) - sandbagged one of the "Queen of the North" trials?

I am no fan of reactionary ex judge, John Bouck, however he has posted a memo on secret costs imposed by Stonewally. The memo reveals $600 per day fees for those court sheriffs who rarely budge in a court room.

Is nobody interested in what they pay for in Motions courts? Brenner' management has reduced the number of SCBC trials down to 425, out of 30,000 civil filings. And many of the 425 are government actions, which always have 100% success.

We are in an election campaign where Pat Kinsella is confident to threaten a SCBC action for defamation, and the NDP treats Oppal's management as a sacred cow. That amounts to party negligence.

Everything is not fine in the court system. Justice is being obstructed. Yet, Stonewally is getting a free ride in Delta, and the NDP left Kash Heeds West Van payoff ($40,000) to Canwest, even though they have a candidate in Fraserview who can beat him.

If the Libs get back in because Stonewally and Kash Heed got a free pass, Kinsella will bankrupt the party when he soars through a Supreme Court defamation fix.

For those who don't know, Robert Sommer - the Socred who became the first Cabinet Minister in Commonwealth history to be jailed - delayed justice for 3 years after filing a libel suit. Again, the NDP Opposition deferred to the courts. Fortunately, the minefield of a politicized court couldn't prevent a Sommer' conviction for taking a bribe from Mac Blo.

It is not time to defer to the media; it is time to attack without relent.