Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vote for Action Team in Van City Credit Union board of directors elections - Saturday last day to vote

UPDATE - VanCity board of directors election results are in and congratulations to Jan O'Brien, who was one of three winners.

Unfortunately Hugh Legg and Tod Maffin did not make it this time.

Congratulations to Wendy Holm and Lisa Barrett, who won re-election.

Full results are at VanCity's website.

I encourage members to attend the Annual General Meeting to vote against the proposed 33% increase in directors' fees on April 21 at 7 p.m. at the Italian Cultural Centre.


If you are a member of Van City Credit Union I strongly urge you to vote for the Action Team today - my friends Hugh Legg, Jan O'Brien and Tod Maffin - on the last day of the election for board of directors.

This election is even more important than most - because Hugh, Jan and Tod are all opposing the proposed - and outrageous - 33% increase in directors fees.

I was elected as an Action Team director at Van City in 1998 and can attest to the value of having a progressive, experienced and dedicated board of directors running Canada's largest credit union.

Saturday April 4 is the last day members can vote in Van City branches - until closing time at 3 p.m. today. And you can vote in any branch that's open regardless of where you have your account.

Don't miss the opportunity to vote for my friends Hugh Legg, Jan O'Brien and Tod Maffin - three excellent candidates who will help Van City not only a leader among credit unions but a vital institution in our province.

For more information click this link to go to Vote Action.



DPL said...

My Gosh Bill. Some of us voted weeks ago for the Action team weeks ago. It's nice to belong to something where the member actually gets a voice in what goes on. No Kinsella in the group either

Anonymous said...

Is Kevin Mahoney on the board of directors?

Anonymous said...

Influence peddling in the NDP government:

100 top operatives to be exposed. 5 exposed so far.

"All in the Family" !

Bill Tieleman said...

Someone who is afraid to put their name to their comments asks if I'm on the website of the wrongly-named "SmartVote BC".

I certainly hope so!

That's because SmartVoteBC is a project of one of the BC Liberal Party's largest financial donors - the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association.

The ICBA is a shameless promoter of non-union construction and right-wing policies that harm unionized workers - it would be a point of pride if they attacked me.

I debated even posting these last two comments because all they are doing is attempting to use this blog to get traffic for their website - but because that struck me as rather sad I did post them.

But as fair comment back, I encourage you to check out the website

which tells you all about VoteSmartBC and its political connections to the BC Liberals.

RossK said...


Don't those fine folks over at (notLib)VoteSmartBC how to write HTML strings in their RatCop Bootcamp?


Bill Tieleman said...

Gazetteer - you are right about the VoteNotSoSmartBC folks - and I should have done it correctly myself.

If you want to find out about VoteSmartBC click on the link.

Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of people that vote for right wing governments, the rich and the stupid. Since there aren't enough rich voters out there to win elections, groups like VoteSmartBC have to work at appealing to the stupid!

Laine said...

Anonymous 10:17

As a BC Liberal voter who is neither rich nor stupid I find it rather sad that people feel the need to lower their political comments to such meaningless drivel.

I do believe there are uninformed voters - on all sides. And just as I take the time to read the thoughts and opinions of those who I do not necessarily agree with, such as Bill, the NDP website and their supporters, I would hope that you take the time to research the facts and thoughts presented by others.

I fully understand the rhetoric will be heightened in the coming weeks, but lets try to include a bit of substance.

Anonymous said...

After reading Laines comments We can't figure out what he likes about the demented policies of Campbell. Lets see is it the fish farms,the handling of the Basi Virk Basi case.Does this turn you on? How about the convention center,and the CN coverup? Then there is TILMA, do you know what that stands for Laine.Maybe you would like to fill everybody in.
Unpresidented building on ALR land.Do you agree with that?
Maybe Les could fill you in. The Campbell gov is the sleaziest group of people to ever occupy the
BC gov buildings. In case your wondering We support the NDP.

Laine said...

how about the highest health care and education spending ever, the RAV line, job creation, transportation investment, low taxes.

i'm suprised you speak for EVERYONE who reads Bill's site - claiming that "WE" all support the NDP. i imagine you have forgotten that "YOUR" NDP government wasn't exactly a source of pride for many British Columbians.

Anonymous said...

Bill, check out the url you list:
I found myself redirected to a cheezy, um, adult site. Probably not what you intended!