Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where's Wally? Attorney-General Wally Oppal given 30 days to take action on gang violence in Metro Vancouver or face call to resign

Bill Tieleman’s 24 Hours Column

Tuesday February 10, 2009

Stop the gangs


People need to know our streets are safe.

- B.C. Attorney-General Wally Oppal, Feb. 4, 2009

Gangsters killed Kevin LeClair with submachine gun fire and riddled cars with stray shots in a Langley IGA store parking lot Friday in broad daylight.

Raphael Baldini, linked to B.C.'s worst gang massacre, was shot dead in Surrey's crowded Guildford Mall parking lot last Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Breanna Kinnear was shot to death in a car in Coquitlam the same day.

Last Monday, James Erickson was gunned down in a Whalley apartment.

And on Jan. 27, Andrew Cilliers was shot to death in his driveway in Surrey.

Yesterday, a 28-year-old was shot several times in an IGA parking lot at Broadway and Arbutus.

There is a murderous gang war raging in Metro Vancouver, the public is at grave risk and where's Wally?

Does the B.C. government's Attorney-General actually think our streets are safe?

People are being shot to death in public places by criminals acting with complete impunity.

Citizens are at risk - why isn't more being done by Oppal and the B.C. government?

What will it take - because already too many innocent victims have died.

That's why Steve Brown has given Oppal an ultimatum: Do something to end the violence within 30 days or he will campaign for the Attorney-General's firing.

Brown has been deeply scarred by violence.

His brother-in-law Ed Schellenberg was servicing a fireplace in a Surrey apartment when gangsters arrived and shot him execution-style, along with four occupants who were involved in the drug trade and another innocent victim - young Chris Mohan, a neighbour who accidentally happened on the scene.

Ironically, Baldini rented the apartment Schellenberg died in. Now he's dead too and the killers remain free.

"I've lost my patience with Wally Oppal," Brown told me Saturday when he publicly gave Oppal 30 days to find a solution or else.

"If Wally Oppal can't find a way to stop the gang slayings and the murder of innocent victims who are in their way, then he should resign as Attorney-General or be fired by Premier Gordon Campbell," Brown said.

Brown is furious that gangsters facing serious charges are let out on bail and commit more violent crimes.

"We're demanding answers - why are all these criminals running loose?" he said.

I agree. It's time for British Columbians to tell Oppal that the lack of action to make our streets safe again for citizens is totally unacceptable.

You can send that message to the B.C. Liberal government by joining my new Facebook protest group:

Where's Wally? BC Attorney-General Oppal has 30 days to end gang violence.

Just go to www.facebook.com and type in Wally Oppal in the Search box to get there - or click on the Where's Wally? link above.

If you aren't on Facebook, you can easily join.

But please - send a message today: Help stop the killing now.



Unknown said...

You have to consider that the whole of the BC government at present, acts like gangsters, so maybe they are being paid off by gangs for allowing gang activity to flourish. Maybe even the government is LEADING the way in gang activity.


Anonymous said...

The "HONOURABLE" Wally Opall is too busy stone-walling the BASIGATE SCANDAL to take time from his busy ($$$) schedule to deal with gang wars and drive-by shootings across BC.

Now if the bangers start wacking . . . limp-wristed judges and "HONOURABLE" ministers then Wally would be running around crying for the implimentation of the War Measures Act.

Actually, a few less judicial and ministerial porkers at the public trough would save the citizens of BC a great deal of money, since all these clowns do with our money is generate Carbon Dioxide.


Anonymous said...

The subject was in the house today. It's al the NDP's fault according to assorted Liberals. Wally did not rise to defend his position, but King Gordo got up waving his arms around and of course didn't answer the questions. But getting up indicates he has some concern.But his main concern is to stay elected

BC Mary said...

It was a drug trafficking investigation which led police to raid the Legislature in Dec. 2003.

That was our golden opportunity to investigate in depth. But the trial of Jasmohan Bains (overheard on wiretaps talking to Dave Basi) took place unnoticed and unreported.

Over 5 years later ...

And the Crown Prosecutor, and the Campbell Government are still so reluctant to provide the documents required by the Defence team -- we know virtually nothing about the alleged criminality and so have done nothing about it. What a message this sends to the criminal gangs holding sway on the streets now!

Wouldn't you think that a squeaky clean administration would do everything possible to open up the files and start cleaning house?

What cruel weasel words from Stonewally and Three Martinis today about how they're thinking of investigating ways to do something about the criminal gangs who virtually own the streets now.


Anonymous said...

Al Capone was asked why he did not run for mayor of Chicago. His answer was, "Many of my best friends are politicians, and they are doing a great job for me". Sounds like the gangsters and gordo, does it not? He must go. Give us back our province!

Anonymous said...

It seems that the British Comumbia justice system is more concerned with the rights of criminals and perpetrators of violence than the safety of innocent bystanders. The litany of light sentences and lax bail requirements neutralizes the significant effort put forth by the police agencies in this province. Lets all call upon Wally Oppal to start earning his significant salary.


Anonymous said...

I agree with this 100%. WAKE UP WALLY!!!

I will say that Mike Farnworth has been excellent in pushing this issue. I think he would make a great NDP leader.

Anonymous said...

I understand just moments ago another gun-battle broke out in Langley.

It is obvious that Gordo and his legal butt-boy Wally aren't about to do anything other than to open their mouths and spew forth Green House Gases.

Since the innocent unlike the criminals are not allowed to carry guns in BC then I suggest we look at an entirely new BC fashion market . . . BODY ARMOUR.

This would create new jobs and businesses across the province and has great export value. (Fashion BC Body Armour . . . from Algeria to Zaire)

Just picture Robson Street on a Saturday afternoon in July with all the trendy boys and girls parading about in fashionable and colourful body armour. (level 3 in "hello kitty" pink)


Bill Tieleman said...

I have had to reject a few comments that give detailed information about specific court cases or allegations that I cannot substantiate and that I believe may be defamatory.

Feel free to make comments but I cannot personally fact check such information nor is it likely to be relevant to the discussion here.

tinaz said...


I presume that you are referring to my comment I have made regarding the legal profession and the judiciary and the federally appointed judge that fraudulently transferred a property for his law school buddy?

You ought to seriously consider putting a disclaimer on your blog and start letting your readers decide for themselves rather than capitulate to lawyers threatening you with lawsuits. Defamation can only succeed when statements made are not based on facts and every statement about the judge and the lawyer is based on facts and supported with evidence.

You also ought to recognize that the killings on the street of Vancouver, by small criminal gangs, has to do with drugs. The money generated by drugs from any of these thugs usually finds its way in property in order to turn the cash into clean money and I ask you Bill who assist these thugs to buy property?

The property of my friend that was approve for sale by a federally appointed judge at less than what was offered and less than the city tax assessment was a clear case of money laundering on the bench for a lawyer that happened to be his buddy.

Thus you may not like what I am relating to your readers, however keep in mind that money laundering in this province is the cause of what we are witnessing on the streets.

Thus when you do not post certain comments, you deprive your readers from knowing the real truth.

By the way, blogs in the USA or even in Québec, do not have such volunteer censorship as in B.C., leading me and others to believe that this province has a code of silence when it comes to certain issues, which is referred to as "Omerta".

You did the same thing regarding Wally Oppal and his brother's allege marijuana grow operation in Abbotsford, which appears to have been settled out of court without the public's knowledge.

Your readers are not stupid. BC Mary is right on when she brings to your attention the drug trafficking investigation which led police to raid the Legislature in Dec. 2003. The most serious and crucial criminal charges of money laundering were stayed.

Ask yourself the question as to who who stays charges and who agrees with the A-G in staying charges?

There is no separation between the government, the legal profession and the bench and as result none of us are safe, whether on the streets or elsewhere because our officials are not accountable.

Keep in mind that BC and Canada is is the incubator state for the lower 48. How does one dress for Vancouver, you ask. ....Body Armour.

Tina Zanetti

Bill Tieleman said...

No I wasn't referring to anything from you Tina and to your credit you always identify yourself - this was from an Anonymous poster.

I appreciate your frustration with trying to get information made public but having been sued for defamation in the past and having sued others, I assure you that it is an expensive, time-consuming and at times intimidating process.

I am not in the business of being a clearing house for people to make statements that appear defamatory and that I have no time or inclination to fact check.

No disclaimer in the world removes my responsibility for what appears here - I am legally responsible for this blog and do everything I can to ensure that it is factual and fair comment.

It's free to set up a blog and if someone wants to create one where anything goes, I wish them good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

I sent the following to Wally Opal the other day but got no response whatsoever. Did I say something wrong?

I'm sorry I ever moved to this country. I left my place of birth because of gangs and crime and every other sort of offensive anti-social element and now its all here and all you can say is "gangs have been around for 50 years"? We are now compared to NY and LA? What kind of LOSER are you to allow this to happen? Instead of the police murdering these gangsters before they get into the system and defeat it by making a mockery of it, your pussy patrols are busy murdering innocent people like Robert Dziekanski whose only crime was to bustup a keyboard and window? I cannot tell you enough what a disgrace you and your friends are to our community.

If there is one person who should take the lions share of the blame for the increasing crime here in BC it's you pussies who don't care about victims and the criminal judges who make the liberal decisions that ruin this place for law abiding citizens. You are not listening...... people in BC....95% of them...got this? 95% of them hate your innefective so called criminal justice system and the IDIOT judges that administer our sick excuse for laws. You should resign immediately in my opinion. The people of BC are sick and tired of you. I know that I am. More of the same crap from you and those who think like you is simply not acceptable. I'm surprised that our outraged citizens haven't formed their own gangs...of vigilantes to go out and crack open the heads of anyone who even looks like or acts like a gang member.

They don't have this problem in Singapore or Malaysia and other countries that give the death penalty for drug dealing. Do YOU think that YOU know better than the governments of these places? I tell you for sure I'd rather live there than be terrorized in BC...the WORST place on earth.

Please RESIGN, You serve no useful purpose and are next to useless.


Gangland Singapore

"YOU don't disturb my territory, and I don't disturb your territory.

That was how secret societies operated in Singapore in the 1950s and the 1960s. Gangland activities were rampant then.

Mr Harmon Singh recalls "those bad old days":

"When I first joined (the police force) in the beginning of 1959, I found out that secret societies were rampant. Organised crime, secret societies and gangland clashes were almost a daily affair, and there were gangs all over Singapore. Certain areas were worst than others. I got deeply involved in solving crimes and curbing secret society activities."

"In the course of dealing with the underworld, I learned that there were a few major secret society groups in Singapore. The main ones were groups like the 108, 24, 32 and 36, and the triad societies. Each of these major groups had splinter branches under them, for example, the 108 group had gangs like the Pek Kim Leng."

Gangs were divided according to different areas in Singapore. The various gangs and their splinter groups were engaged in protection rackets, vice activities, prostitution and extortion in their respective "territories".

A gang would control many of the businesses operating in its area - like four-digit lotteries, opium dens, brothels and gambling dens. As some areas were controlled by different gangs, violent clashes often broke out between the groups.

Even the "fairer sex" was not left out. All-women gangs, like the Ang Hor Tiap (or Red Butterfly Gang), were very common during the '60s and the '70s.

"They consisted mainly of cabaret girls, bar girls and hostesses," said Mr Singh. "Usually girls who were jilted by their lovers or who had had some unpleasant experiences with men. They were very mischievous and wild."

Mr Singh said that the women gangs were frequently involved in fights, but they usually did not engage in robberies or housebreaking.

These gangs gave protection to girls working in night-clubs and bars. Their favourite haunts were places like Clifford Pier, Eu Tong Sen Road, Jalan Besar, Tanjong Katong, Geylang and the Capitol Theatre vicinity.

PEOPLE became gangsters for several reasons.

Some looked upon gangs as a means of making a living, while others were influenced by friends. Some enjoyed the feeling of power of being associated with gangs.

But every new member had to go through the same initiation ceremony.

A finger of the new member would be pricked and the blood collected in a bowl. All the new members would then be required to drink from this bowl. The members also need to swear their allegiance before the Chinese Warrior God.

Mr Harmon Singh said that the gangs at that time adhered strictly to their "code of ethics":

"For example, when something goes wrong in a particular area involving two different secret societies, the headmen of the gangs will arrange for settlement talks.

"One headman will name the place, the other party will name the time. Then they will meet to talk. One party will bring five people, the other will also bring five people. If all goes well, they shake hands and forget about the incident. But sometimes things couldn't be resolved.

"For example, if someone overturns the table, it means that he is unhappy. A curfew is then declared between the two gangs, and from that moment on, if one member is found in a rival gang's territory, there is a high chance that he will be stabbed or beaten up."

The gangs created a lot of problems during the '60s and the '70s. Gangsters were involved in all sorts of illegal activities, extortion, even murders and arson. Fortunately, gangs were gradually wiped out after tougher criminal laws were introduced.

"When a law called Section 55 came into effect -- it helped put a lot of gangsters behind bars," said Mr Singh.

Under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, or "Section 55" as it is more popularly known, suspected gang members were detained or placed under police supervision without the need for open trials. Victims were allowed to identify gang members from photographs in secret, and not face-to-face.

"Some young kids today consider themselves gangsters but they are no comparisons to those old-time gangsters who did it as a living and who had certain codes of conduct," said Mr Singh. "To me, these kids are just hooligans."

Today, most gang members of the past have already gone clean to start legitimate businesses. Occasionally, Mr Singh still bumps into one or two former gang members whom he had once put in jail. And he even sits down to have coffee with them.

"If not for you," one ex-gangster told him, "I would have gone to prison for much worse crimes, and maybe even hung. I would have been a much more hardened person."

THERE were hundreds of opium dens all over Singapore way back in the 1960s.

And it was easy to detect a den, said Mr Harmon Singh. Just follow your nose.

"All you need to do is to stand at a particular spot, and just breathe -- you can smell opium, and quite easily know that there's a den in the vicinity. But today it's hard to detect in that manner.

"There were hundreds of opium dens all over the island, especially in places like See Kar Teng (Tiong Bahru area), Poh Lee Long (Henderson Road area), Ho Chwee Shua (Bukit Ho Swee), Sembawang, Johor Road, Queen Street and Geylang. "

According to Mr Singh, the opium smokers were mainly elderly Chinese people in those days.

"Some of the gangsters those days used to smoke opium before they went out to commit crime, especially housebreaking. It gave them the needed courage."

Mr Singh recalled how easy it was to carry out raids on opium dens.

"There were hundreds around -- you could see 30 to 50 dens in Tiong Bahru or Sungei Road area easily. Maybe even 50 or 100 in Chinatown alone."

Due to police efforts in wiping out drugs, the opium dens began to disappear in the 1970s.

As most of the dens were located in attap huts, urban renewal also helped to decrease the number of possible venues that could be used as opium dens.

"With newer drugs coming into the market, opium just went out of fashion.""

tinaz said...

I am always worried Bill of censorship because I am a believer of freedom of speech. Thus if you were not referring to anything I sent you this morning, why did you not post my comment on your blog for your readers to read?

In the meantime, while awaiting your answer, I just heard Wally Oppal on the news say that he and the Solicitor General are preparing to go to Ottawa to ask the federal government to give B.C. control of its borders and give more power to wire tap the "gangs". Question is, which "gang" is the A-G referring too? I would presume that the A-G will be using his discretion, as he did on the bench, and most likely won't be directing his subordinates to wiretap lawyers and members of the Hells Angels or even members of his own community, will he?

Wiretapping is dangerous and it should not be in the hands of the provincial government.In effect, the federal government should take away powers to BC because it is apparent that the justice system in BC is not able to assume that sort of responsibility without accountability and transparency.

We just got to look at Ivan Henry, 26 years in jail for a crime that he did not commit and knowing this, the justice system is still keeping him in jail, while the prosecutor having prosecuted Ivan Henry is being protected by the media and the justice system.

Wally Oppal should not be spending tax payers money on going to Ottawa to give him and the Crown more power which they cannot handle. What residents of this province don't know yet, is that many people are in jail for crimes they did not commit.

So, while I appreciate those people wanting stiffer sentencing, what they must realize is that judges on the bench, are biased, and would rather keep the innocent in jail like Henry and others like him, and let the real criminals free.


Bill Tieleman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill Tieleman said...

Tina - sorry, I have now found your comments and did not realize they came from you.

No, I will not post them here.

You make lengthy allegations of fraud and other serious crimes against judges and lawyers - how can I verify any of that?

Sorry - but this is not the blog for that kind of material - again, you are always welcome to comment here but I'm not going to publish material that is obviously defamatory and that to prove otherwise would require hours and hours of my time.

If you want to set up your own blog, print what you like and publicize it here, go right ahead.

tinaz said...

My comment Bill was about my email I sent to Mike Farnworth yesterday and copied to Wally Oppal. We had gone to Mr. Farnworth 's office in 2007, with our friend of 76 years of age, who required some help from his MLA. While Mr. Farnworth remembered our friend from his days with CPR and did listen to our friend, it was apparent then that Mike Farnworth could not help him even though he knew that our friend was a victim of legal abuse by way of bankruptcy fraud and property theft.

I wrote to Mike Farnworth because I was struck by an article in the Province dated Tuesday, February 10, 2009, wherein Michael Smyth wrote that Farnworth laid out a plan on Monday at the BC Legislative Assembly, which included, inter alia, dedicated crown prosecutors for gang crimes and more resources to trace gang money and finances.

I attached a document for his consideration, which had been delivered to a public body that investigates itself, the Canadian Judicial Council, regarding a Federally appointed judge, which I believe and verily believe contributed to the crime seen right now on the streets.

I conveyed to Mr. Farnworth and to Wally Oppal that what goes on outside is only a reflection of what really goes on from inside. This is to say that if the provincial government is really serious about the crimes on the streets of Vancouver, they would look at the problems from within their own walls.

Yesterday, I read on the World Net Daily about an American Citizen who claims he was tortured in the jails of Canada. To date, Scott Loper, is not getting relief from his own government however I suspect that soon he will get relief and when that day comes, it will put the entire Canadian Justice system in shame, including government officials who continue to turn a blind eye to serious crimes occurring on the bench. It begs the question as to how long can government officials sweep dirt under the rug? I suppose having control of the borders and having more prosecutors and wiretapping would certainly keep B.C's dirty little secrets away from Ottawa and bring a new meaning to the Wild Wild West.

It is my considered opinion that what occurred to our friend of 76 years of age, is a silent crime, not reported by the press, but while such crimes are concealed, we cannot deny the serious impact on the citizens of British Columbia and every other jurisdiction in Canada.

Mr. Farnworth would like to see the Provincial Government trace gang money and finances, thus the first place to start is with tracing lawyers trust accounts and also government should seriously consider taking away the solicitor client privilege, the same way as government took away the doctor patient confidentiality.

I had included in my comment to you a complaint I made of a judge, which shows the crime committed on the bench. I won't include it again because it may have been that reason you chose to not post my comment but you must still have it in your file because I did send it this morning.


tinaz said...


Where are you coming off in saying that what I sent you "is obviously defamatory"? when you have not investigated my facts. In order for any comments to be defamatory, means it must not be true or not based on facts.

By the way Charlie Smith, the best journalist in British Columbia, never ran into these problems you refer too. Maybe, with respect, you ought to ask Charlie about the law of defamation and I am sure he would be pleased to direct you in the right direction.

Finally, as a journalist, if you do not have time to investigate certain facts, than maybe you should seriously consider retiring because that leads me to believe that you are not investigating the matter of the Bassi case but rather wish to rely on insiders feeding you the stories. I hope it is not the case because we need our press to be free from any kind of insider trading.

I would respectfully ask you to reconsider your decision because that kind of attitude is not healthy for this country.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
Wally was up and stuttering in the Legislature today. I guess the report the opposition wanted a copy of, got him riled up. He and Ding dong are going to go back east and sort out those other Conservatives. Mostly its the NDP's fault from the 90's which is the standard rallying call from his side of the house. He even claimed the previous government had him write a report with over 200 points, and never used even one of them. And Stonewally actually made it up to the Appeals Court as a judge not a customer

Bill Tieleman said...

Tina - I'm not going to spend any more time on this - in the posting I rejected you refer to a lawyer with a prominent firm as "a prima facie fraudster".

You also refer to "lawyers involved in the fraudulent conveyance".

And then you talk about a Supreme Court Justice and his: "failure to abide by his duties as a judge wherein he acted unlawfully".

You also claim someone: "filed a bogus claim with Canada Revenue Agency".

You state that a real estate agent with a major firm was involved in "the scam of real estate fraud."

And you claim another individual had been: "cutting him a blank cheque for the purpose of facilitating a fraudulent property transfer."

And you conclude by stating that: "Until citizens continue to witness corruption coming from the bench and the bar, the government ought to seriously consider shutting down the courts..."

So you want me to publish all this and say I'm "self censoring" because I won't?

Please - get your own blog, fill your boots with this kind of material and I wish you good luck avoiding lawsuits!

tinaz said...

What I have related to you Bill is already published elsewhere on other Canadian and US sites and everything you have read in the report, I stand by, as it is all backed up with hard core evidence.

Perhaps you should consider asking Charlie about me and whether I make unsupported allegations. It's not in my character to be frivolous.

Thanks for posting the other comments.


tinaz said...

Bill why don't you visit www.justice4you.org



Anonymous said...

In the good old days of the Chretien-Martin Civil War, the BC Martinite operatives used a variety of black-ops to rat-fornicate their enemies.

Frequently they would use cut-outs to do their dirty work, thus giving "them" plausible deniability if things went wrong. (It didn't work for the SPIDERMAN)

I've even heard of wing-nuts being manipulated by Martinites to create the basis for liable suits against reporters or newspapers in order to shut them down for six months . . . the often quoted "issue before the courts."

Looking at some of the off-the-wall comments you have picked up this afternoon, I get the feeling you are on someone's hit list or "they" have looked around for a few wing-nuts to simply bog you down with.


p.s. As you know, I don't play favourites . . . I hate them all!

Anonymous said...


If you have a copy of Paul Palango's Dispersing the Fog, turn to page 300 and read what he has to say in the final paragraph about the RCMP in Surrey, as well the first paragraph on the following page. You might even want to quote it on your blog as it sheds quite a bit of light on why gang violence has reached the proportions it has south of the Fraser.

Anonymous said...

Another HIT this morning in East Van.

These guys are wacking each other at a rate of one every thirty-six hours.

Actually its part of Wally's master plan to get rid of crime in BC and save money on court costs.

Five years BC will be crime free.



Anonymous said...

How can you take a government seriously when it is under investigation for corruption and all manner of questionable if not illegal behaviours, and is taking every measure to ensure the truth does not see the light of day?

The line between organized crime and government is a blurry one IMO.

Anonymous said...

drug charges 'stayed", WHY? When will someone atart talking about GHB, and other hypnotic-date rape drugs!
Talk about secert police,...
slush funds, bailouts!?!
Didn't The auditor general find that former PM, Paul Martin didn't disclose these shares before taking office!?! The shares are in a porn productions co. in Vancouver?

Anonymous said...

The gang problem is the result of sand-box policing. That is: cops define a few targets and waste all resources on same. Police detectives deliver extremely low productivity rates. Generally, their work product is: 5 convictions per year.

But are cops not experts on public safety? Hardly. The Justice Institute prescribes only 65 days of training before a cop begins street patrol internship. In contrast, it takes 700 days plus long internships before a person can apply for membership to a Law Society.

Cops conceal what they do, and post falsified crime "clearance" rates to dissuade public scrutiny. In fact, on the average shift most cops will be crunching worthless data. An East Indian cab driver could identify the entire leadership apparatus of the "Fleetwood Mafia" (Surrey). The average Surrey cop wouldn't even be told same, because the current system restricts disclosure of the lame data that police hold.

Frankly, police service in BC is: garbage.

Neigh-sayers should keep this in mind: in statements of defence, presented by cops in response to negligence service claims, there is NO case in Canada's history where a cop has admitted a duty of care to one of their wage-payers. That is why as many as 19 out of every 20 substantiable crime complaints is intentionally unfounded by our blue "heroes."

As I write, in the past 7 days, 90% of all cover stories in the Vancouver print press have been generated by either the cops of AG. You are being lied to. And the presence of cop doormats like Mike Farnsworth and Jenny Kwan in the NDP, doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

BC Mary:

Railgate wouldn't have had wings unless 2 police services were involved. That prevented the usual coverup.

I don't trust Wally Oppal because of his history of abject servitude to cops. Take a look at the attached case, where Oppal made a rare dissent: http://www.canlii.org/en/bc/bcca/doc/2005/2005bcca88/2005bcca88.html

In "Roy" an Appeals Court majority defended cops who omitted to refer an unconscious man to medical professionals, and the man died. The case rose while Rich Coleman was defending police conduct in the Frank Paul atrocity case. Oppal's dissent occurred while he was under consideration for membership in Coleman's party. Detached from the "Roy" majority, Oppal felt free to appoint someone to study the Frank Paul matter (currently under Commission deliberations).

I stopped posting here after Tieleman spiked criticism of Chief Justice Brenner's brazen personal obstructions of Queen of the North claims, in the "Kotai" case. My MLA, Jenny Kwan (a former Vancouver Police worker), her party and local media have REFUSED to subject Brenner and Oppal to scrutiny. Media gave voice to the victims of Supreme Court politics, only after the notorious FORCED settlement of one QoN case.

The teflon coating will come off weasel politicos, BEFORE the coming election.

Anonymous said...

Wally and his sidekick better sort Ottawa out real quick on the gangs and gun groups. another shooting today. Time for tax payers to get fitted with bullet proof vests just like the crooks.

BC Mary said...

To: Anonymous 4:51,

If Bill doesn't mind a bit of private conversation here ... I find it interesting, what you've just said, because I've just posted something about this topic on my blog. It's at:

and I have about 20 questions for you, beginning with why did Police Chief Paul Battershill get such a hammering in Victoria when (I figure) he'll be an important witness when Basi-Virk comes to trial.

Hope you'll drop by. And thanks for the Bulletin Board privileges, Bill.

Anonymous said...

Are we to believe that the NDP is going to get tough on crime now?

NRF said...

Tina and friends. Back off, the full moon is over.

Anonymous said...

The police seize hundreds of guns each year during random searches of people and or there cars,,I don't know how many if any spend time behind bars for carrying illegal firearms > there should be some kind of automatic sentence of at least 2 or 5 years just for possessing a gun,, this probably could have saved a few lives over the years.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the comments on this issue,while important has missed what seems to be the obvious,what we are seeing on the streets is just the "soldiers" of the drug trade duking it out for control of a rapidly diminishing drug supply,what we all want to know is this,..who are the kingpins in this trade??...dont tell us that the politico,s are not in on it,they have to be,otherwise this type of situation could not be happening at all,not all gangsta,s are street thugs,in fact the worst ones are sitting pretty in well placed positions to help and enhance the drug trade.While we concentrate on the small fry the big time criminals are laughing all the way to the bank,literaly..to the bank!!..gotta clean up that dirty money some how no??..and without "help" ahem at the political level this dirty system just could not be!!...but when do we ever hear of the real gangsta,s...and we have some very bad ones here in B.latant C.orruption,getting any flack whatsoever!...never mind arrested and charged for their crimes against humanity,...Wally knows who this is speaking here,we have discussed..ahem..this before,..dealing with criminal "buddies",..and especialy dealing with their networks,and these are extensive!!,...maybe we should be asking Gordies Hawiian "buddy" what was his name?..Fred wasnt it??..he seems to be "connected",..but for some real nasty gang types,and believe me these are the nasties of this corruption,..ask Mr Anderson at wcb bc some questions,...he knows all the gangsta,s,runs some of them,..regularly uses them for enforcement againt the injured in this province,..lets ask him about his offshore gang connections,..watch him go beet red..again!!..or is it still,..the rcmp have the goods on this guy,supplied by himself no less!!,...names,addresses,e mail ip,s...the works,..think of it,...piles of cash,legal carte blanche,all the rules written by them selves for themselves,...yes indeed,...gang heaven!!,..so dont expect too much from Gordy and his cronies,..they are neck deep in this and sinking fast,..we did warn them all,...no secrets anymore!...NONE!!,...thats the way the world is now,..and also they were warned,...do the right thing,right now!..or go to jail,...it aint rocket science after all,..do the crime??..do the time!...and when not if they get caught,dont come whining at us,we do not want to hear it,..we should be using the gang laws we already have,..3 or more collude in any crime??..thats a gang!..get tagged under the gang laws and whatever rights you thought you had dissapear..poof!!..no phone call,..no warrants needed,rousted at anytime anywhere,...and no sentencing restrictions,..right behind that we can use "proceeds of crime"...grab the perps home,car,truck,motorcycles,furniture,art,savings,...the whole enchilada..take it all!!sell it and use the cash to bust the rest,..now thats dirty money no??..but using it this way will wash it quite thoroughly,..get caught with an illegal gun?...ten years automatic!!..use that illegal gun in any way,..life!...and no time off scams,..life means life,ten years means ten years,..end of discussion,..get caught using a position of influence to further gang crimes,especialy against the injured in Canada,..life!!...there once was a man who complained to the judge that he thought it harsh that he should be hung merely for stealing a horse from the common,and the judges reply was"young man you are not to be hung merely for stealing a horse from the common,you are to be hung so that others will not steal horses from the common"[the notorious judge jeffries no less,ca 1790]...which kinda sums up how many,many of us feel,..not enough consequences for the criminals to take the law seriously,...well,..we can change that cant we??..just do not expect results from asking the criminals involved to investigate themselves....thatsa notta gonna worka,...these are of course just my own opinions,based on facts,as I see it,

Anonymous said...

bill,shocking aint it,dont blame you for not posting,call me if you like but it is not secure,604-483-4213,or cell,better,604-344-0024,have a good day in corruption capitol of canada,bc,real rob lawson,

Anonymous said...

BC Sheriffs are being considered by Wally Oppal. If he decides to use them on our highways and roads, he is making a very wise move. That will eventually free up several hundred police officers to fight the gang problem. It will be a decision that will make business and political sense. It will also provide for safer communities. Alberta has reaped the rewards of handing highway patrol over to their sheriffs. I doubt that Wally is going to pass this up because he knows it already works very successfully in Alberta. Good on him if he goes this direction. I am sure that the public is tired of getting pulled over by the RCMP, who should be using their training for investigating serious crimes.

Anonymous said...

so,the rcmp pull over two guys with guns and drugs in the car and the so called "Judge" lets them go because of a technicality,before this another 3 guys are nailed in abbotsford with guns in the car and because none acnowledged ownership of them they get off,...whats wrong with these stories???...why do we not have laws with teeth??,...the owner of the car should have gotten ten years,the guys with the drugs? ditto?? for each offence,ten for the drugs and ten for the weapons,..this is wally at work,...top cop my aunt fanny!!,..more like the druggies best "buddy",...dont tell me this guy is clean,..he is a dirtbag just like the drug crims and the weapons freaks..,..yeah,..gordie.s best "buddy"...best "buddy" all right!!,..time for some changes in this country,if we do not get a handle on this,at the legislature and on the street,the criminal gangs are going to be running this country,or I should say more than they already are!!