Monday, February 16, 2009

Former Vancouver NPA Mayor Sam Sullivan sends friends an email and makes a prediction on NPA Councilor Suzanne Anton

Former Vancouver Non-Partisan Association Mayor Sam Sullivan is making the rounds electronically, drumming up support for his rather late defence of the disastrous Olympic Village deal.

His Honour is sending an email - reproduced in full below - to political supporters and passing acquaintances saying he could no longer remain silent.

Sullivan promotes the good NPA-oriented folks at the City Caucus website - where his "editorial" can be found.

And Sullivan interestingly predicts that lone NPA gunwoman, Councilor Suzanne Anton, "may" send you a note the he hopes you will "find useful."

Can't wait for that one!

Here is Sam Sullivan's email message - as received today by one contact:

* * * * *


I have refrained from making political comments since leaving office but felt it necessary to weigh in on the Olympic Athlete's Village subject a couple of weeks ago.

My editorial can be found on, a website that is doing a good job of bringing a different point of view to city issues. Here's my view on this topic...

Councillor Suzanne Anton has a tough job as the only opposition member on City Council. She may send you a note which I hope you will find useful.

Best regards,

Sam Sullivan



Anonymous said...

Why not send Sam (the unwise) off to the Sunset and let him fade from memory.

Twas ever a bad mayor that was, so long, see you later, and good night.

Anonymous said...

Good for Sam. I vote NDP (like you, Bill) but I think the man has a right to offer his take - and you know what? I think it's reasonable. I'm not happy about these costs, but it's too convenient to pin this on Sullivan. Probably wouldn't kill you guys (NDP-friendly press) to give him a fair shake on this one.

My two cents -

Cully R

Anonymous said...

This is further evidence that the local Tory cabal who are toxic to everything they touch are simply winding up the Sam machine for a federal sputter in the fall, or sooner.


And if Suzanne continues to play footsie with Sam, it shows only that her political compass is permanently broken.

They deserve each other then...

Anonymous said...

Well Sam, you weren't too friendly when you were the only city Counciler to vote against holding the Frank Paul Commission, into his death by cops. I heard Paul family members weep when they suddenly learned the truth, that you sought to suppress. Shame on you!