Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas comes early! This blog nominated for Canadian Blog Award!

Bill Tieleman nominated as finalist for Best Pundit/Professional Commentator Blog

I am pleased to report that this humble - okay, not very humble - blog was nominated for a Canadian Blog Award!

The good folks at the Canadian Blog Awards listed "Bill Tieleman" as one of the finalists in the category Best Pundit/Professional Commentator Blog - and I am nominated along with some very prestigious company indeed.

The finalist nominees were:

Inkless Wells

Warren Kinsella

Tammy Robert

Paying Attention

Bill Tieleman

Mark Steyn

Kady O’Malley - ITQ

Antonia - Broadsides

Relentlessly Progressive Economics

The Dominion - Blogs

Canadian Dimension - Blog

The Turner Report

59 Carden St.

The voting has now been completed and the winners are:

1 Antonia - Broadsides

2 Kady O’Malley - ITQ

3 Mark Steyn

4 Inkless Wells

5 59 Carden St.

I am honoured just to have been nominated along with some of Canada's best known - and full-time - journalists and other excellent columnists, reporters and bloggers.

Congratulations to the winners and all others nominated!


alayne said...

.............and congratulations to you Bill. Well done!!........and Merry Christmas.

BC Mary said...

Nice going, Bill.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Bill. Being listed is still a big deal. Next year for sure

NRF said...

Sorry Bill, but I think it is pointless to waste space on these awards. The mugs in central Canada always pin the medals on each other because they know so little about what happens in the ROC. I remember one breathless CBC report from a Toronto scribe who reported that the "cream of Canadian journalism" was in Chicago to attend Conrad Black's trial. Some cream, eh?

North Van's Grumps said...


When I go my local library sometimes I'm at a loss as to which Author to move onto after having read every sequel available, but as they say there is "a silver lining".

When visiting blogs, the authors have a tendency to list off their favourites blogs, in no particular order and I find it interesting that there are very few that list of the same ones even though we exist to hash and re-hash the same topic... BC Rail and other BC Liberal Spinned subjects.

However, back to the library, even though it moves at a snails pace compared to what is happening on the internet, the "silver lining" there is the list of item borrowed by the previous...maybe many previous patrons, which has been neatly tucked into the book cover.

I'll gladly take Bill's blog, short listed in no particular order to add to my reading list.... Inkless Wells.... cute title.

Well done Bill, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey NRF, lets all remember the movie about some events in WW2. The tank commander played by Donald Sutherland, had an expression. "No more negative vibes" each time his crew member complained about anything. But they all shared the loot.

Let's share Bill's delight and be pleased for his nomination so let's let him and most supporters be happy for his being on the list. We didn't get nominated!!!

Without this blog we would basically be in the dark about the BB&V trial. He actually goes to the court house and reports back to us who attempt to follow the case. Bah Humbug. Happy Holidays to us all

NRF said...

My point is that we don't need people from thousands of miles away to affirm the value of Tieleman's work. Of the five winners, four write from southern Ontario and the fifth from the USA.

Gary E said...

Congrats on the nomination Bill. Personally I think you should have won but as you say being nominated is an honor.