Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tieleman on 5th Anniversary of BC Legislature Raid - CKNW Sunday December 28 & The Tyee Monday December 29

I will be a guest on the 5th Anniversary of the BC Legislature Raid - December 28, 2003 - on CKNW AM 980's The Sean Leslie Show at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday December 28.

And watch for my massive feature article marking the 5th Anniversary with an A-Z of Basi-Virk - with profiles of more than 80 major and minor players - in The Tyee on Monday December 29th.

Hard to believe but it was 5 years ago that police made their unprecedented raid on the BC Legislature - and still no trial for the three former BC Liberal aides facing corruption charges - David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi.



Anonymous said...

As angry as the corrupt actions of the Government, the Crown and the Defence make me on Basigate . . . my hatred of BC's mainstream Campbell butt-kissing media burns brightest.


Anonymous said...

Hey Great Satan.

Have a read of the Times Colonist Editorial today Sunday 28th. Maybe they have turned over a new leaf, or at least part of a new leaf. Wonder just how many folks have actually told the present government what they think about this long drawn out event? Or that they intend to vote non concurrence with that position the government seems to have taken? We don't vote for newspapers, we can quit buying or reading them but if enough folks are concerned, let King Gordo know, he won't be getting their vote.

Grumpy said...

BC Railgate 5 years old? My God, do the wheels of justice grind slowly when the government is in the 'dock'.

I'm afraid the fix is in to exonerate the government, especially with Wally 'Awful' in charge of justice.

But there is another, even more potentially embarrassing (to the Libs.) court case happening at the 'Queens" pleasure. and that is Susan Heyes lawsuit against BC Transit and the city of Vancouver over RAV construction.

We well could see perjury convictions resulting, if the crown has the 'balls' to proceed.

Both BC RailGate and RAVGate my prove to be devastating to Gordo and his pals. Well hey, let us hope so!

Anonymous said...

The 5th anniversary of the Legislature raid, among other cases, shows us that our legal system is is not working. The police, courts, legislatures and press are not independent of each other.
Look at what happened to Glen Clark. The police raid and the press is on hand on a "hunch." Clark is pillared in the press. He is disgraced and there is a speedy trial where he is found not guilty. Campbell is convicted of drunk driving in Hawaii and the press says that it time to move on. (I hope he's having a nice time there now.) He conveniently sells the Fast Cat ferries on the day on his sentencing to give us another news distraction.
Then we have Brian Mulroney. The federal gov't is not having hearings into his collecting of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.
And we have these raids. It is taking so long because the gov't will not disclose information that the defense wants. This sounds like a cover-up. I believe that the cabinet documents should be released. They should not be "whited-out." There should be full disclosure. Gov't officials say that they won't have frank discussions if there is to be full disclosure. I say that if they are having discussions on my dime then I want to know want they talking about. If they are getting very high salaries, then they should show they are worth it. If they are saying stupid things, we the taxpayer should know and they should be fired.
Look at the tasering in the Vancouver airport, the RCMP investigates it and gives a report. There was no independent investigation.
There are too many instances of a lack of independence in our judicial system and justice is not being served.

Anonymous said...

And the worst of it is that come the spring, it will be Gordon Campbell Premier all over again.

Between dirty government, dirty cops, dirty judges and the even more dirty media . . . it will be a 3rd term for Gordo.

Of course, it doesn't help when you have a universe class idiot as "leader" of the opposition too.


Anonymous said...

I am so sick to death of people bashing Carole James. Anyone who hides behind clever nicknames like "The Great Satan" to call her "idiot" obviously has never A) met her and B)never actually listened to her for any length of time.

I'm not an NDP member and I don't agree with everything they've done, but this is the leader who in 05 earned a higher vote share than either Glen Clarke or Mike Harcourt and who is leading a party statistically tied with the Liberals - in a province where the NDP has NEVER WON AN ELECTION WITH ONLY TWO COMPETITIVE PARTIES. Like it or not, the fact that the NDP is competitive in a two horse race is pretty near unprecedented in BC History.

It's pretty easy to hide behind fake names and sling mud, but when you look at the facts dispassionately, the record is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Just went to the cknw 980 website:

and listened to your report.

Thanks for keeping up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

Justice delayed is truly justice denied.

Anonymous said...

What a rotten day it's been for King Gordo. for the first half hour of Sean Leslies show, your colleague Alex Tsakumis beat the premier black and blue over all the issues that have been written about on this blog. Tsakumis actually called him an obliviot on air! I don't know what that means but I love that so much. Finally members of the media with some balls are speaking up. Then you came around Bill and finished the King off. I loved it I have to say.

Anonymous said...

The 'fast cats' were sold for a song to an American firm, as other crown assests. WHY? The crimes that lead to the raid at the BC leg, became a matter of national security awhile back, after American authorities were tracking terrorist activities in Canada... Back to 1988,yeah, Lying Brian! The hundreds of thousands of, CASH IN ENVELOPES, was to direct 'clients' to a 'house of the dead', sex-trade workers! The on-going investigationS, pertains to forced labour! 'Dead', meaning, incoherent! IE: organised rape! CSIS, called for military intervention, it appeared that all the police did was take over a criminal organization! So, if it is a matter of national defence, a former Mulroney cabinet minister's son, will be in no hurry to come to the rescue.