Monday, November 17, 2008

Carole James and NDP probably think one more municipal vote is Golden

The old phrase "revenge is best served cold" probably occurred to Carole James on Saturday night when the results of the mayoral election race turned to Golden, B.C.

Likely only political junkies such as the proprietor of this blog would be fascinated to know that the mayor of Golden lost his job in that vote.

Who cares? New Democrats, because the mayor was Jimmy Doyle, former NDP cabinet minister and Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA during the last term of government.

Why? Because Doyle switched sides to the BC Liberals last year and was rumoured to be a possible candidate for the Gordon Campbell team.

What's more, Doyle announced he was joining the BC Liberals just as Carole James was about to address the Union of BC Muncipalities in September 2007, in an obvious attempt to embarrass James and curry favour with Campbell.

"I thought it over seriously while I was shaving a couple of weeks ago," said Doyle at the time. "I think Premier Campbell is doing a very good job."

But it looks like Jimmy Doyle slit his own political throat.

Councilor Aman Virk beat Doyle by just five votes in the preliminary count released by the town.


Anonymous said...

That's a double-edged sword. Virk is even more right wing than Doyle.

"Virk says he has been involved with numerous community organizations over the years, including the Chamber of Commerce, Golden Economic Development Commission and the Rotary Club."

Anonymous said...


Doyle sounds like the kind of duplicitious character who will fit in nicely with the BC Liberal cause.

But what about the snipe about Virk being right wing simply by virtue of his membership in the chamber of commerce and rotary club?

Dontcha think that's a limiting point of view?

Anonymous said...

This defeat does not detract from all the great work Jim Doyle has done over 32 years in politics. Political parties don't (nor need to) play a significant role in small town municipal politics. Some people seem to make a big deal out of Jim switching cards, but the day after becoming a Liberal he worked every bit as hard for the interests of the residents of Golden he did the day before. I wish Aman Virk the best in the coming years as Mayor, but those who worked to defeat Doyle know that he did no wrong in his duties.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Aman Virk was the NDP neighbour to neighbour co-ordinator in February

Jimmy Doyle always counted him as a loyal NDP ally on council. Revenge is indeed sweet.