Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stay tuned for bombshell news out of the Basi-Virk courtroom today

There have been major bombshell developments in BC Supreme Court this morning and may be further news this afternoon regarding the BC Legislature Raid case - totally separate from today's Supreme Court of Canada ruling detailed below.

Unfortunately I am not at liberty to publish any news at this time and am dashing back into court but please check back later this afternoon or early evening for a full update.


BC Mary said...

Torture, that's what it is ... what are they DOING in that courtroom today??

It must be awesome ... haven't heard from Robin Mathews yet either.

This is a BIG deal ... I'm looking forward to your report (understatement of the year)!


Anonymous said...

Is this what is called"The pregnant pause" Some indication of progress sure would be nice.

North Van's Grumps said...

Basi/Virk "bombshell news".....?????

India's Taj Mahal Hotel was bombed and many lives were lost.

To use the same word to describe nothing more than lengthy delay tactics, made possible by the BC Liberal government's Executive Council, by their refusal to release all pertinent documents to the defense team in a timely fashion, well I'm quite sure there are other words that wouldn't leave the impression that there is a "bomb" to be dropped, or placed under a courtroom pew, where death will surely follow in the ongoing court case of ........ the accused, and quite possibly their political masters.

But who cares eh. By the time these three make it to an actual trial the 2010 Winter Olympics will be over.